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Manchester united is better than Chelsea; and they will be champions

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Started: 4/25/2010 Category: Sports
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Voting Period
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Manchester united is most powerful team in the world, on everything like the have a lot of money and great players, you only have to see their roster and right now they are leading the league, back in the days Manchester united has beated Chelsea always...


Seems like an interesting topic so I'll be playing Devil's Advocate here.

My opponent made only three arguments:
1- Players
2- Money
3- Beating Chelsea many times previously.

First of all, in the beginning of this season Manchester United lost Christiano Ronaldo. Christiano Ronadlo was arguably Manchester United's best player.[1] After he left Manchester United failed to perform as well as they had in previous seasons. This season, Manchester United lost both their league matches against Chelsea and managed a draw in the community shield. How many times Manchester United beat chelsea before this season counts for nothing seeing their performance after Christiano Ronaldo left.

Also quickly, Having more money doesn't make a club better.

Debate Round No. 1


having money makes a club better because they have all the money to do what de they want like sign more players or buy the most expensive equipment for the practice, cristiano ronaldo is not the only player who played for manutd there are many good players if you see the roster; and the most reliable source is that Manchester united has a very easy game to close the season and Chelsea has Liverpool that is not a easy game...


Pro asserts that Manchester United has large amounts of money but does not give any sources. Manchester United actually has debts above 716.5 million pounds which is just over a billion dollars[1]. This has affected their ability to invest new players[2].

Christiano Ronaldo may not be the only player in the Man Utd but as I said he was arguably the best and his loss has affected Man Utd. This season they were beaten once by Chelsea and drew their other match and Chelsea is currently ahead of Manchester United.

Debate Round No. 2


mrdebate1 forfeited this round.


My opponent has failed to respond. I forward all arguments.
Debate Round No. 3
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