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Mandatory Student Drug Testing.

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Started: 6/4/2015 Category: Education
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Bullying should not be a crime. I think bullying one for one reason or the other is

extremely cruel. People need to understand that children are developing and can grow out of

things. Some bullies can ruin childrens lives, but a car accident can also ruin another persons life.

What I mean is, we are growing in a population. Which means growing up with more children

around, results in more opportunities for children to get bullied. I think giving children and legal

action for something they look at as humorous because they are children is cruel and usual

punishment in itself. Besides what legal actions could you face with 6"17 year old's for picking on

one another. I think the work should be left in the parenting. Parents should teach their children

picking on people no matter what skin tone, language, or economic class they have. Bullying is not

a matter for the police or court system, its a matter of school, parent, and student.


I believe it is all about the context of the situation. If children are out of hand and are bullying one another physically and parents cannot stop them, then it is a matter for the police. Also some people do not have morals or a sense of just. I was taught by my father that it is okay for boys to hit girls and that since my brother is special needs it is okay to bully him around and call him a 'retard'. This is all of course very wrong but as a child I did not know better but yet no one stopped me except my mother. I luckily was not a bully but I was bullied.
Parenting is not always the answer for a public matter. People are required to act a certain way in public and if we do not learn that at a young age, then that is when you have the racist and cruel people that we have in society. It is certainly a matter when someone is harassing another person when they are an adult so why should it not be a matter when they are a child? Is it not the person who is driving the car drunk their fault when they kill someone in an accident? Of course parenting plays a big role on how a children may turn out but soon enough they will understand that what they are doing is wrong and when they do and they choose to continue doing it, that is when the child is wrong.
On the matter of involving the police, it is often required. An out of control violent child who cannot be restrained by their parents must be restrained by the police. Bullying does not just involve harsh words but often it involves violence. When I was bullied, a group of boys would corner me and push me around and one time they threw metal objects at me and one hit a girl behind me cutting her head open. They knew what they were doing and yet they did it any way, resulting in a young girls head cut open. If they were a few years older they would have been put on trial so why should they have not then? It was not an accident and it was certainly not the first time someone got hurt, so why is it okay? There are no second chances in the real world so why should school and teachers and parents allow their children to believe that they will be able to do these things as an adult.
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Posted by banjos42 3 years ago
I think you wrote the argument for the wrong debate, or the headline for the wrong debate.
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