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Many European countries are importing rape cultures from the Middle East and Africa.

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Started: 12/21/2015 Category: Politics
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European countries like Germany, Sweden and England are causing rapes to increase in their countries with their open door immigration policies.
The first round will be acceptance.
The second round will be arguments. My argument will be in the form of two fifteen minute videos.
The third round will be rebuttals and conclusions.
Debate Round No. 1

Pro These are just some of the many rapes done by recent immigrants in Germany this year.
Here's the two videos.
Thanks for the debate.


Your video has valid points but after doing some research about rape culture in Germany the conviction rate of rape in Germany has actually declined overtime, it was 20% in the 1980's and it was 13% by the 2000's. The amount of immigrants coming to Germany every year has increased and the amount of rapes has decreased. I used Germany because Germany is the country that most people from the middle east and Africa migrate to. Obviously the immigrants have little effect on the rate of rapes in Germany.
Debate Round No. 2


Many of the recent immigrants who have come to Germany this passed year (mostly from Africa and the Middle East) are bringing rape culture. The Gatestone report included a list of rapes done by immigrants in Germany this year only.


This isn't the first year that many people from the middle east and Africa have immigrated to Germany. The number of rapes in Germany Has not been consistent so just because there were many rapes this year doesn't mean that the rape culture from the Middle east and Africa is spreading to European countries.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Dilara 2 years ago
That's right Laughing Riddle . The Cologne attacks just happened.
Posted by whiteflame 2 years ago
>Reported vote: LaughingRiddle// Mod action: Removed<

5 points to Pro (Arguments, Sources). Reasons for voting decision: Con provided no sources, and did not address the rise in rap statistics in many countries like Sweden. Or address the numerous cases of rapes by recently arrived muslim migrants. Pro has provided sources and easily could have provided more.

[*Reason for removal*] The voter has to address specific arguments made by both sides, and not merely state that a lack of response to a given issue constituted a loss. Unless the voter is willing to explicate his views on BoP as well, this requires a comparison of both sides' arguments.
Posted by LaughingRiddle 2 years ago
LaughingRiddle censored the true result of the debate, Europe is clearly importing rape from the ME and North Africa
Posted by LaughingRiddle 2 years ago
I have family in Spain and Belgium. This is entirely true. My cousin tell me all the time many parts of Brussels or Madrid aren't safe because muslim men with knives roam the street threatening to rape women.

In sweden there was a string of awful murder rapes committed by an immigrants.
Posted by UtherPenguin 2 years ago
I have quite a bit of family in Germany, UK and Sweden, I can assure that this is drivel.
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