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Marching band, a sport?

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Started: 2/26/2011 Category: Sports
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Voting Period
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The endless rehearsals. The training that starts 2 weeks before school. The number of miles, push ups, jumping jacks, calf raises that we do. Then, we set up the tracking block and marching forward going heel to toe so that people can see "Hi mom" on the bottom of our shoes. Then marching backward so our heels don't touch the ground, WHILE playing 10 minutes of beautiful music on our instrument, that can weight 50+ lbs. This can only be described as Marching Band. Still, people do not believe that it is a sport. What do you think? All opinions are welcome here, but be prepared to get in a spirited debate (hey, this is with me if you say its not.


Being both a musician and athlete, I believe that these fall under two different subjects. In my personal opinion I believe that marching band being music should be a fine art. Also since it is affiliated with a sport, It would officially be considered just an extra-curricular activity which fine arts fall under. These are just to reasons that marching band cannot be counted as a sport. Now on to attack my opponents argument.

My opponent brings up that marching band involves too much physical activity to not be considered a sport. Basically I can negate this entirely by providing another thing that isn't considered a sport that requires physical strain. My example is the all popular subject of cheer leading. This is yet to be considered a sport but still requires aerobatic feats that a band member that wasn't also a cheerleader. So as we can see here is that if cheer leading is yet to be considered a sport then marching band shouldn't.

Thank you and I look forward to future rounds.
Debate Round No. 1


I'm back. Okay, so you bring up Cheerleading. Of course, people always state that cheerleading is not a sport, and i personally believe that it as well, is a sport. I have never done cheerleading, and I most likely never will, but I believe that if the activity requires physical conditioning, training your muscles to adjust to the activity, it should fall under the sport category.

Marching band camp starts two weeks before school starts (i am a freshman in high school). Rookies start one week before everyone that has already been in band. First, we warm up by stretching, and doing "highjacks". The average number of highjacks (which by the way, is pretty much jumping jacks but you end with your hands together at the top of your head) that we do is about 65. if everyone doesn't end EXACTLY together, we must start over. The highest that i have done during a practice is 112. Then we run 4 laps around the field, which is about a mile. Then we take a gush n go (which is an extremely quick water break). Then we get on the field and work on each and every one of the 114 sets of our Marching show. Whenever we reset a set, we must run, or we will have to run or do pushups. We do this for 3 hours. When marching forward, we must marching heel to toe, so you can see "" on the bottom of our shoes. While marching backwards, you must never let your heels touch the ground. Last year i had to do that at 180 bpm for 24 counts. Try telling me thats not hard. I havent even mentioned the music along with it. and you must always keep your shoulders parallel to the sidelines. Then at the end of practice, we run the entire show.

I think, considering we do that 5 times a week, including saturdays, our practices should be considered a sport.


Ok I'm back as well. To define cheerleading by princeton university is cheerleader - someone who leads the cheers to spectators at a sporting event therefore my argument about cheerleading stands, again adressing the fact that many cheerleaders could out-perform marching band members so if cheerleading isn't considered a sport why shold marching band be.

Now moving on to my opponents repeated argument on the physical fitness apect of it and all I have to say is, it takes some ammount of physical activity to anything. If you are not somewhat physically fit you basically can't do anything. And I woul like to bring up a staff writer for the Atlanta tribune saying "Band isn't a sport. I believe it is an athletic activity, but not a sport," basically what he is saying is that marching band is'nt a sport but un his opinion it is an athletic activity.
Debate Round No. 2


BrittneyBoo1 forfeited this round.


Well my opponent has not replied so I have nothing to refute. Noe to attack further into the argumens that they brought up. My opponent has brought up that cheerleading ' in her opinion should be a sport but I have brought up facts from the Atlanta tribune that is proving it not a sport.

Now my opponents repeated and basically only argument is that it requires to much athletic activity to not be considered a sport. Now let me bring up what it is like to condition for a real sport. In baseball we run 3 miles then warm up by playing catch squated down for 30 minutes then we try to drag ourselves down to the batting cange were we swing our weighted bats and do 50 pushups. Then we head back to the weight room to lift a for a regular workout after taking fielding practice. Repeat.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by BenvolioandJuliet 5 years ago
Band is a sport. They're not saying it's more of a sport, but it IS a sport. We work hard, we exercise, we have physical exertion. OH and sometimes we even get SPORTS related injuries! Check out this website!

Oh and by the way, I've gotten the exact same injury from track AND marching band. According to all definitions of a sport I've found, band covers everything it states. Even if you pull the card "band geeks aren't athletes" that's also false because according to definitions of "athlete" marching band members meet those standards too
Posted by boredinclass 7 years ago
Everything is a sport according to this definition
Posted by Jallen289 7 years ago
Aerobatic skills does not mean more athletic. I would argue that a soccer player is more athletic than any athlete for any other sport.

But the main argument here is that by definition, and you can look to my comment below for the definitions, a sport simply requires some type of competition and tough physical activity. So with that being said, theres no reason that Cheer Leading shouldn't be considered a sport as well.

War itself, could be considered a sport.
Posted by Coopaldo33 7 years ago
Im sorry i ment that cheer leaders are most of the time more athletic than band members just because of the aerobatic feats it includes.
Posted by Jallen289 7 years ago
Forgot the sources.

Posted by Jallen289 7 years ago
It is a sport. There should be no debate.

"an active diversion requiring physical exertion and competition" - definition of "sport" (1)
"A sport is an organized, competitive, entertaining, and skillful activity requiring commitment, strategy, and fair play, in which a winner can be defined by objective means." - definition of sport (2)

And the fact that there are competitions just backs it up more. You may not get a opponent, because this is really a easy call, but if you do, it shouldn't be hard to prove your case.
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