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Marijuana Legislation should not pass.

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Started: 5/25/2016 Category: Society
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Medical marijuana as well as recreational use of marijuana should not be legalized in the United States. I do not live elsewhere so i wont include any other countries.
Medical marijuana may have certain benefits, but they are not benefits that out do any other type of medication allotted. Marijuana is a drug. It fogs up your brain and changes your perceptional views of reality; as well as your five sense. Cocaine is also a drug. Cocaine has some benefits. It wakes you up. So should cocaine be legalized in a sense that all professionals are using it to stay awake for work; like energy drinks? I personally don't think so. Medically speaking individuals will begin to find any reason and sore to take the drug. To even have fun and enjoy. That's a little strange if you have a traditional mindset. The world should not go down the wrong path.
Marijuana will usually make a user eventually lazy, paranoid, and slow. It is proven that it slows your ability to learn.
Recreational use, is a big no no. Recreational use makes it look acceptable to children and young adults. Would you like to walk around and just smell marijuana all the time, lets be honest some people may not think its that pleasant. Would you like to go into work where your coworkers are high? Or out to eat and the couple is high behind you? If many people were stoners it would be a major downfall to society.
But in the end it would just weed out the people whom don't fall into social pressure and choices. Children don't need to be exposed to such drugs and them to be embellished and shown as something beneficial.

People used to say it was a gate way drug. Looks like society itself will enter the gate lol.

Many people whom smoke marijuana are usually the people who want it legalized. Those who haven't experienced the drug may have different opinions. Someone who has smoked in the past. (No longer a user) Am happy to have stopped. In doing so life changes, and it becomes more brighter, and honestly more yourself (and cleaner).

There are different choices people can take to ease their pain than taking illegal drugs.

HOWEVER (a whole other piece of mind) There is a chance medical marijuana could benefit certain people. But these specific people who get seizures, and have life threatening issues, that only cannabis should treat should have special access to the governmental system in which they specifically receive medical marijuana. Only to those who have had excessive testing.
People are trying to get certified because they have a scratch or slight back pain, that is not what the drug is for.

Other opinions are welcomed!


I would first like to talk about the line "X is a drug" this line is non-productive, it plays off peoples currently held beliefs on drugs. For many the word have negative conitations, but drugs can have positive or negative effects, and save many lives. Most medicine people take is a form of this drug or that drug. So yes Marijuana is a drug but that does not have any effect on its value to the U.S. of A.

You admit that marijuana has certain benefits but say it is not as good as other medications, if it can do the same job as a prescription pain killer with the same effect why should we only use the pain killer. Many people would rather eat a brownie than pop a pill, so the effects being the same why take away that option.

You personally do not think that cocaine should legal, that how ever is not a great argument for banning something. Ritalin, is a common drug, it is legal, and it is incredibly similar to cocaine in structure and function. So if Ritalin is fine to give to kids with ADHD I see no reason for cocaine to be off limits in all cases. If people are being helped by the weed why stop them. Even if the reason why someone wants to take it is small, it can still be a valid reason.

You said this in your argument "To even have fun and enjoy. That's a little strange if you have a traditional mindset." I fail to see why people wanting to have fun is strange to a "traditional mindset". People drink to have fun, yet doing weed for fun is strange. Also what is "traditional mindset"? People have been taking drugs for a long time to be happier, so wouldn't that be more the traditional mindset. Something' s strangeness also is no reason to ban it. The drug makes people happy, how is that a bad thing? There are plenty of people that take anti-depressants to make them self's happier today.
A hedonist ( defines as "one who believes the pursuit of pleasure is the most important thing in life") would be all for weed being legal, it can bring them great joy but you would force upon them a less enjoyable life. Where does that right come from? that view on life has no more or less weight than anyone's different view. People should be allowed to make there own choices about what they do to, and with there body.
Recreational use does not have to be a "big no no". The reason you give for it being a no no is that it would make it look acceptable to kids, adults can legally drink and have sex, but kids are not told those are not actions they should be doing before they are adults. Once they are adults it is acceptable.

What is wrong or right is subjective, and the U.S. is not the world, so the world will not be going down the wrong path if weed is legalised in the states. You go on to say "Marijuana will usually make a user eventually lazy, paranoid, and slow." those effects often are things that make it into stonier movies, but are not actually noticeable symptoms of the drug for a lot of users. You also gave no reason to believe that those are common side effects. One of those symptoms, the paranoia, many people have said is not the effect of the drug but of the fact it is illegal. The paranoia is associated with the drug may very well disappear when the drug is legalised.
Weed is already recreationally legal in Colorado, and those effects have not caused the state much trouble so far. People still get there work done and they did not all become slow.

You can walk around Denver and not every thing smells like pot. Just as there are different types of drunks there are different types of highs I would not mind eating in a restaurant with a high couple, it is quite possible that I would not even now they are high. I will also call to mind that coming to work high is like coming to work drunk. Being high in many places is grounds for termination, legalization will not change that.

The drug is beneficial in some cases, so why not teach kids about its pros and cons its better than them trying it with a friend.
I also would like to talk about the idea it is a gateway drug, here is a quote from national institute of drug abuse "people who are more vulnerable to drug-taking are simply more likely to start with readily available substances like marijuana, tobacco, or alcohol, and their subsequent social interactions with other substance users increases their chances of trying other drugs." so this idea is not really weeds fault.

There are different choices for pain relief but there are reasons why weed might be the best choice for some people, why limit people's options.

I will also like to talk quickly about money, the money made in weed sales is good for the states, the tax revenue is very large.

Weed does not need to be illigal.
Debate Round No. 1


LifeLightI forfeited this round.


I will just go over some quick points.

I would like to talk about the stigma around smoking. Many people agree that smoking is bad for human lungs, and that is used to make arguments against legalising weed. Those arguments should fall flat on the grounds that smoking is one of many forms of to benefit from weed's effects. Some alternative methods include edibles and pills. With more methods are being studied the smoking is bad argument becomes less important.

There is also a common argument about it being addictive. Caffeine is vary addictive, and many people have more of it than they should in a day. There is caffeine in a lot of drinks, but there are not many people fighting to ban coffee.
Debate Round No. 2


When you say me saying marijuana Is a drug is not neccesarily permissible is incorrect. Marijuana is a drug regardless of its effects. Whether it helps or not it is still a drug. It is a schedule one substance that shows its value and where it stands.
Some pills used for pain such as Tylenol even though it is not extreme will take away your pain, and not alter your brain. It won't alter your senses or your perception. Marijuana does. The effects are similar not the same, and the effects at completely diffrent.
Banning and something being illegal is pretty much the same thing? The argument I made that you spoke on and tried to break down didn't make since. However it is a good thing cocaine is illegal as well as other drugs because it is helping the community and the people whom don't know any better. Sure you can say it's a freedom of choice. If someone didnt know any Better or we young, they would be not prone to try it, and even more at that if it was legalised. Cocaine shouldnt be used, it's not the same as Ritalin or else that would be illegal as well. Cocaine makes you ugly :/.
When you say if someone wants to take it for a small reason makes it acceptable, then you are also for recreational use. Because if someone went into a dispensary to get cannabis with a scratch, and got some. That's not medical use.
A traditional mindset means that if you are destroying your body to have fun and enjoy at an expense that you are ruining your body is not very smart. Right have fun and get hurt. There are other ways to have fun. But hey their lives and outlooks. I'm sure however grandparents in the older generations were not going out and getting wasted and intoxicated.
In the end it is free choice of the states. If people want It that bad, then it will be legalized. The world did people a favor out of education and knowing right from wrong. Just like a mother not giving her obese child a candy bar. free choice right :)
However once it becomes legal professionals will regret the decision after seeing the consequences. Maybe the government is doing themsleves a favor to get nor money. Yes it has a big impact on the economy but it is unnecesary.
I believe smart people will refrain.
Don't indulge in worldly pleasures and you will see the garden -to religious people is this quote.
An excessive user does eventually become slow. And this I noticable. Chemical dependency one. It's harder for them to learn things that would be easier to other people.


I was specifically addressing the line that "x is a drug" is useless, I stand by that, it gives basically no information. Its like saying something is food it does not really say much. Where saying it is a schedule one substance does give information
Speaking of drugs ratings the DEA defines schedule one as "drugs with no currently accepted medical use and a high potential for abuse" It treats pain, and would be acceptable if it was not illegal. making it more of a schedule two, and plenty of schedule 2 drugs are legal.

If they are similar they are not
completely different, they are similar. Also the hole point of taking a pain killer is to alter you perception so you are not in pain. For a lot of people they want there perception changed.

You are right in that I will say freedom of choice, because it is one of the most important things people have. Back to the schedule 2 drugs, both cocaine and Ritalin are schedule 2 drugs. you said "it's not the same as Ritalin or else that would be illegal as well." this tells me you did not understand the point I was making they are funcataily and chemically very similar but one is looked at as this horrible and criminal, but both are legal for medical uses in the united states. Ritalin can be prescribed and cocaine can be used in surgery's, thought ritalin is far more prevalent. If cocaine has its legal uses weed defiantly has its uses that should be legal

I also thought I made it clear I am fine but if now here it is now, I think people should be able to do things that make them happy. If they are not endangering any one else then it is fine to do something that makes yourself feel good. many people say it helps them with there creativity Jason Silva has a great big think talk about the entertainment value of weed. People drink for fun, people eat for fun there is no harm in them getting a little high for fun

I will also inform you that older generations did indeed get wasted, there have been drunks for a very long time. There where plenty of vets who did drugs after the Vietnam war. basically if there have been drugs people have wanted to do them.

"In the end it is free choice of the states. If people want It that bad, then it will be legalized." This is a line of yours that fully agree with and in Washington, Colorado, and Organ they have made there choice and many states will follow in there footsteps.

Wright and Wrong are subjective. Free will let people make stupid or smart decisions but the important thing is they made there decisions

It is legal in the before listed states and the consequences seem to be small.
there are still plenty of smart people in theses states some of whom still most likely use cannabis

For people how do not believe in an after-life worldly pleasures are the best thing a person can seek after. The states have freedom of religion so religion should not play a role in the law. If your religion says that you should not do a thing do not do that thing you don't have to stop other people.

"An excessive user does eventually become slow. And this I noticeable." the key word is excessive the same can be said for alcohol or painkillers.
People are chemically dependant on caffeine, antidepressants and many more.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by David_Debates 2 years ago
Funny, I just debated someone on the exact same topic. Good luck to the person who debates Con!
Posted by KRTxBallistic 2 years ago
You're supposed to be pro. Your position as con implies you are against keeping marijuana illegal.
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