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Marijuana is a healthier alternative for tobacco than E-cigarettes.

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Started: 12/24/2013 Category: Health
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First round is acceptance. I wish my opponent thanks and good luck! Also happy holidays!




I would prefer a well equipped opponent for this debate where as this can be an extremely controversial topic. The first three links should get you started!


I'll happily accept your debate. This will be my first debate on DDO but I've debated on the marijuana topic many times so hopefully I'll be equipped enough. This should be fun!

Happy holidays to you also!
Debate Round No. 1


To begin I will make statements based on fact with reliable sources to back the claims made. I will use the next round to refute my opponent's information.

Let's start out with how E-cigarettes are dangerous and finish with how Marijuana is not. I will use the fourth round to add further points. I would also prefer if my opponent used round 5 to recap and please not use new arguments.

E-cigarettes were introduced into the United States in 2007 after being created by a company is china. They are similar to regular cigarettes in terms of appearance. The e-cigarette uses a mechanism to heat up liquid nicotine which is then transformed into vapor and inhaled and exhaled by the user.

Health experts agree, they may pose a serious threat to the the user of the device and the public. I will list and explain various ways that this is true. Health experts also agree they need to be tested and researched more to be deemed safe or unsafe to our health.

Possibly the worst of the e-cigarette concept is that they are not subject to tobacco laws because they contain to tobacco. Meaning that they can be purchased with identification proof and can be purchased easily, particularly on the Internet. Meaning youngsters who have acquired enough knowledge to know that e-cigarettes are purchasable online might order one for themselves and keep it. These devices also come in Flavors: Chocolate, caramel, strawberry even bubblegum! Celebrities also use them which may attract children also. A couple examples are Johnny Depp and David Letterman. Katherine Heitgl even used one on a talk show and explained the to the audience!

You are probably inquiring what is wrong with something like this? Well, I will get to that in a moment. The reason e-cigarettes are popular among 'former smokers' is because they contain nicotine. An addictive drug found in all tobacco cigarettes. This addictive drug is placed in products like e-cigarettes and tobacco cigarettes so people do become addicted and remain buying the specified product. This product may even contain MORE nicotine than a tobacco cigarette. Yes, more. Also manufacturers continue to deny testing from the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). Ushering us towards a more dreadful conclusion.

Countries have realized the health risks and have banned them from the country entirely and/or made them lllegal. Examples are: Australia, Canada, Israel and Mexico.

The FDA also claims that second vapor can cause some serious health hazards. Individuals have claimed that the vapor burns their eyes, nose and throat. Especially those with health problems and the elderly. These E-cigarettes and also cause damage to the wind-pipe. Scientists from Athens, Greece noticed the problem also.

A test was done on 32 individuals that volunteered to do so, 8 of which have never smoked before. They were given E-cigarettes and asked to use them for 10 minutes. These are the Results.

-raised airway resistance by 206% to 182% Which experts quoted was a significant increase.

-Current and regular smokers
-suffered a 220% to 176% increase in airway resistance.

-Asthma patients
-found no increase.

Now I will explain the health benefits behind Marijuana. I will begin with a very truthful quote by The Economist.

"If Marijuana were unknown, it's discovery would no doubt be hailed as a medical breakthrough. Scientists would hail it's potential for treating everything form pain to cancer and marvel in rich pharmacopoeia; many of whose chemicals mimic vital molecules in the human body.

before I begin I would like my opponent and the voters to watch this video it is very brief and contains a lot of information.

Now with that in mind I will begin my statement on how marijuana has health benefits.

Due to the fact that marijuana does not contain nicotine smokers of the product tend to smoke less because of the lack of the addictive drug. Marijuana also contains THC, a bronchial dilator, meaning it opens up the wind-pipe and lungs excreting dirt and other harmful membranes trapped inside the body. There has been absolutely no cancer resulting from the use of marijuana. Not even a death associated with the herb.

There are also health benefits in the cannabis plant (basically marijuana). Like how earlier represented in the video link I posted that it can reduce the risk of cancer. The Journal of the American Medical association tested 5,000 individuals between ages 18-30 years old that used marijuana regularly."Had no discernible lung impairment in lung activity from non-smokers."

There was also a test conducted at Harvard! It revealed the active ingredient in marijuana cute tumor growth in common lung cancer in half and significantly reduces the ability for cancer to spread.



I'll start by highlighting why nicotine is a beneficial component of e-cigarettes and then finish with reasons why e-cigarettes are a healthier 'alternative' than marijuana.

But first I will point out that young people are susceptible to copying most things they see older people doing regardless of what it is. Also the fact that e-cigarettes are not subject to tobacco laws doesn't really do much in terms of preventing young people from getting them. If a child or teenager wants something they'll find a way to get it. The large amount of underage smokers and drinkers in the US and UK would be an example of this.

It's natural that an e-cigarette would contain nicotine; they're tailored towards smokers. The vast majority of e-cigarette users are either former cigarette smokers or people who are trying to quit smoking; in addition there is little evidence to suggest that non-smokers take up e-cigarettes.

Now, if a tobacco smoker were to attempt using marijuana as an alternative there is a relatively high chance that they would relapse back to smoking tobacco once again. A tobacco smoker may not even give up tobacco even if they were to begin smoking marijuana thus becoming a "dual user" i.e. they would smoke both tobacco and marijuana. The latter point in itself would defeat the object of marijuana being used as an alternative (since the negative effects of the tobacco smoke would negate any positive effects marijuana presents).

On the other hand, if a tobacco smoker were to attempt using e-cigarettes as an alternative the chances of a relapse are relatively low. A study showed that among former smokers who were regular used e-cigarettes, only 6% relapsed back to tobacco after a year. More importantly, among the "dual users", an amazing 46% quit smoking after a year.

So actually it's the fact that e-cigarettes contain nicotine that makes it a healthier alternative than marijuana. This is because switching to a non-nicotine alternative would most likely lead to nicotine withdrawal and the symptoms of nicotine withdrawal include a series of negative effects:
- feeling irritable
- feeling or being aggressive
- dysphoria
- restlessness
- poor concentration
- increased appetite
- weight gain
- urges or cravings to smoke
- night-time awakenings/sleep disturbance
- decreased heart rate
Thus by using e-cigarettes one still receives their 'nicotine fix' without the added negative effects that comes with tobacco smoke.

A final point is to address the fact that nicotine is not a carcinogen. This means that it does not cause cancer. So the chances of a person acquiring cancer, of any sort, from smoking an e-cigarette would be the same, if not less, than smoking marijuana.

Debate Round No. 2


braffle forfeited this round.


I will add only add one more point in this round.

A study found that THC, the main psychoactive substance found within cannabis, may actually strengthen one's nicotine addiction. In essence, if a person tried to wean themselves off of tobacco using marijuana, they would be more inclined to relapse and return back to smoking tobacco, thus defeating the object of using marijuana as an alternative.

Debate Round No. 3


braffle forfeited this round.


For now all rebuttals to Pro's points have been addressed, and woven into, the points I made in round 2.
Debate Round No. 4


braffle forfeited this round.


Unfortunately it seems Pro was unable to continue the debate for whatever reason.

Since I have no further points or rebuttals to make, this debate is now over.
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by Ryuuikari 3 years ago
@QuothTheRaven Any substance that is ingested or inhaled into the body can serve as a potential risk for your health, even oxygen. Obviously there are some substances that are just bad from the off but if you ingest/inhale too much of any substance, it becomes a problem. It's all about moderation.
Posted by QuothTheRaven 3 years ago
Any substance that has been inhales into the lungs other than oxygen can serve as a potential risk for your health. cigarettes, e cigs and marijuana should all be given up.
Posted by braffle 3 years ago
If you cannot follow this line

please youtube search Dr. Taskin-What if Cannabis cure cancer?
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Reasons for voting decision: Well, it was disappointing to see that Pro lost interest in the debate, since this looked like it could get interesting. Con gets conduct because of the forfeit. As for argumentation, Con simply does the better job. The harms for marijuana are better known, and he states them explicitly with citations. Most of the harms Pro cites are uncertain, and the few he does state have been tested weren't tested long term (though admittedly they couldn't yet have been tested that long) and are likely to occur with marijuana as well. Con also does a good job explaining the propensity for relapse, which is a convincing argument.