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Marijuana should be legal all across the world

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Started: 2/26/2014 Category: Miscellaneous
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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As this is my first debate and also the first round of such I would like to lay down some rules that I believe are viable towards the situation.
1) Proper grammar and spelling to be used throughout I.e. no text speak
2) If information has been obtained from sources other than your own knowledge please provide link to the source.

Now as this is my first round I would like to explain why I feel that marijuana should become legal all across the world. I feel this way as many people see marijuana as a 'gateway' drug and also seen as a substance that is incredibly dangerous to the human body. I am not going it to much detail as I still want plenty of material for further rounds.


Like you stated I believe Marijuana is a gateway drug that can lead to many other bad things like Oxycontin and Heroine. This debate has been going around forever, it just matters what the drug is, first it is Tobacco, then Alcohol, and now it is Marijuana, this has to stop. Instead of the generation that will be known as the people who just want to get high. The argument is made that if we legalized the use of Marijuana that this would save money and save police officers time when arresting these men and women who use it. I would like to give a situation now of course this is drastic and I'm not comparing this to marijuana but if we legalized murder there would be a lot less arrests, thus the funding would go down, but there is a problem with legalizing murder. In this link there are stats on this subject.

It is reported that 59% of people who smoke pot can't remember a conversation they had a couple hours ago. It is also reported that 41% of students who said they were stoned while reading in school said they couldn't remember what they read. Marijuana also is shown to cause respiratory damage symptoms include
- Daily cough
- Chronic Bronchitis
- More frequent chest colds
- Injured lung structures
- Pneumonia
- and an increased risk of Oral and Lung cancers
Marijuana also causes Immune system damage, reproductive system damage, for women danger during pregnancy, emotional damage, intellectual damage, and psychological addiction. Which can all be found in the link on the side you can also see short and long-term affects. So if you think this should be world wide I would strongly disagree with you very much.
Debate Round No. 1


I have read and fully understand your argument and u along with many others seem to be alluded by propaganda of the bad things that are seen to be surrounding marijuana but infact this is all due to the fact that marijuana as it is at the moment is not regulated by most of the world and yes the main argument is that if marijuana is legalised it shall free up police for more serious crimes and cracking down on harder drugs but not only this the average tax payer would benefit as we would pay less tax towards policing and as it is the government are all ready cutting the police and this could be the little relief on the police needed to maintain the harder sections of the law this is not the only thing that would benefit the average tax payer if legalised or even decriminalised for medical purposes the government would et tax on top of the selling of it and in total would equal 67 million dollars (my source was American) a year and that's just in tax revenue. Money is not the only benefiting factor while debating the legalisation of marijuana there is of course the medical benefits as there are many rare conditions that are able to be tamed or even cured with the use of marijuana there has also been studies and evidence of marijuana helping people with cancer enter remission. As you where saying we don't want to be known as the generation of stoners so to speak but that does not have to happen as there are two main chemicals in marijuana one called THC the one that gets you high and one called CBD and this chemical can cure or suppress certain illnesses such as a rare illness called Draft Syndrome. There is a news article about an American girl aged 5 hat had this disease she had got up to 300 fits a week and the parents were running out of options and although their whole life the were con marijuana it seemed Rio be the only option left this left them no choice but to hunt for a marijuana that was low in THC but high in CBD in order to help there daughter to which they succeeded as they found some registered growers that had cross bread to make such a strain the family bought some to try it and asked a friend to extract the essence and put it into a syringe for them to which she did the parents tried it and to there amazement it had worked their daughter had gone from 300 fits to just 1, without that marijuana she would have died and at a very young age. What I'm trying to say is that we do not need to use it recreational and et high but we can use it medically in order to help people and family's such as the figis. I trust that after I have truly explained marijuana behind the deluded misconception that most people see that you will realise marijuana isn't just there to get high from and it is not all bad infact the good of it outways the bad as yes smoking it gives you bronchitis but eating the essence with food does not so alb you feel I am talking about just getting high I am not I am talking about something much much more and it is not necessarily just there for people to get high from.



I have never disagreed with someone more than you. Explain why Marijuana is good! I personally think that possession of Marijuana is bad and should be a felony. And driving when your stoned is very unsafe and will kill someone, so it's nice to see your 'concern'. And it'll not make it easy for police officers to pull dead bodies away from deadly car crashes that have that God forsaken stench of pot. We all know that pot is good for medical use but that isn't what I thought this debate was about.

1. Marijuana can be used for good but I have seen first hand it being used for destruction in one's life.

2. It is a gateway drug, I know many who have overdosed on it and almost died, one did die.

3. I am not willing to ever support this, truly the best debater in the world would have to convince me.
Debate Round No. 2


Samzyboy forfeited this round.


I would ask you all to vote for me since in the final round the other side has forfeited. Also thank you audience for doing a good job, and thank you for watching.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by liberal17 3 years ago
Or something like that, I am sorry and apologize for calling you uneducated, I don't know why but I typed that.
Posted by liberal17 3 years ago
I want to say as I said in the earlier comment is that it is a gateway drug to death, into heroine.
Posted by kane88 3 years ago
liberal17 it is literally next to impossible to die from smoking weed, please look it up. Also you lied and said you knew someone who overdosed on weed and died. Why lie to make marijuana look worse when actually all you were doing was making yourself seem stupid as can be.
Posted by liberal17 3 years ago
Well Obviously you are uneducated, just because there are no recorded deaths doesn't mean people don't die from it, it may not be the cause but it is the gateway drug in many cases to worse drugs. And I am willing to change I haven't heard a good enough argument yet, so if you have one I am willing to here it.
Posted by kane88 3 years ago
liberal17 I'm sorry, but you are truly uneducated. You said in your debate that you know several people who have overdosed on weed, and almost have died, you even said you knew someone who overdosed on weed and died. There are no recorded deaths of marijuana deaths or overdoses, so clearly you are lying in this debate, and are trying to win a fight you can not. I can tell you are one of those 1 sided, simple minded people who no matter what facts you here you will always stick to your side. If you are going to debate please know your facts, or at least look them up.
Posted by classiccupcakes 3 years ago
Listen, you are all dumb. except liberal17 because that guy is right. Now why cant you just stand the fact that you've lost this one. mkay?
Posted by liberal17 3 years ago
Also it is used in hemp so that's why God put it on the planet.
Posted by liberal17 3 years ago
Yes but God didn't intend on us to mess up our own bodies with it, which is his creation. He did not make sin we did.
Posted by saraschwartz 3 years ago
so what? "god" put weed on this earth for a reason
Posted by Fictional-Reality 3 years ago
You're allowed to "mess" with your body all you want, that's why the government won't stop you if you eat 10 burgers in one sitting, it's when you start endangering the lives of those around you when outside intervention ,like the government, is needed.
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