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Marijuana should be legalized for recreational use in the United States

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Started: 12/22/2008 Category: Society
Updated: 9 years ago Status: Voting Period
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Marijuana should be legalized, taxed, regulated, and have age limits set the same way alcohol or tobacco is in the United States. Legalizing and regulating Marijuana would create jobs and a billion dollar industry in the United States. Marijuana has many health benefits, as well as downsides, but so does alcohol, tobacco and many other substances that are legal today. Many reasons Marijuana is outlawed have been proven to be bunk, such as the Gateway Drug theory. Marijuana is a harmless substance, as long as used responsibly.


It should not be legalized because Police would lose money and could get hurt when they chase after real criminals. The DEA would stop making money off of taking bribes and going after licensed medical users. The CIA would lose money from trafficking.

Hell everyone would lose money.

The oil industry, clothing and paper industries, drug companies, doctors, attorney and courts, anger management professionals, food companies (mainly ones that work with grains, animal bedding, etc...), breweries, devoice specialist, alternative energy companies (mainly those based on ethanol), as well as many other types of industries and companies, even hedge funds! Everyone would lose way to much money and be effected extremely negatively if their collected and invested interest in keeping marijuana illegal was disrupted.

What about drug dealers or the people who own all the big grow ops that the man watches?

Think of the third world countries which would be able to quickly find many footholds to stand up and gain economic ground and advantages against our economy here in the USA and Eastern Europe, Especially warmer Climates in South America and Africa.

Try buying a cup of coffee every day after other countries currencies have grown in value. Or try buying a fancy laptop. It would be like it is for us now importing the best stake: prices for best cuts are out the roof because Japan, who's currency is worth so much more, just pays more and its problem.

Not only would we end up having to compete with others living over seas who could pay more for many things we take for granted, but many of the jobs of our top earners (many of your parents) would be altered drastically.

Business as usual would be disrupt and it would bring our quality of living even lower (then you would really need pot).

Drug companies a could collapse with in years of its legalization. Drugs like anti-depressants, pain killers, apatite boosters, things for people with insomnia, drugs for people who are crazy, drugs for concentration could become obsolete.

Maybe oil dose not make sense to you: Well if we legalized the recreational version of pot than we would most certainly have to legalize the industrial version as well, which the DEA has tried so hard to eradicate off the face of the planet. The industrial version being one of the best sources for renewable green bio-fuel on the planet. That means the oil and energy racket we slave to month after month every day of our lives could completely disappear leaving us stranded for some time until a new infrastructure could be developed.

Weather modification projects like Harrp would find less economic binafit except to heat land so that we can grow more food which would lead to over population of earth and unless everyone stopped eating meat that would be a huge problem!

Hell we wouldn't have to cut down trees anymore and that would alter the course of global warming! Climate change and mass extinction and the green machine which feeds off of it, which really took off making money with Al Gore's film, would never reach its full earning potential.

Think of all the future industries we have no current need for yet which would be disrupted should our era of mass extinction end. Clean air technologies, artificial trees, etc...

You would know all of your neighbors and find entertainment other places than TV or the Internet - Thats like a billion billion dollars right there.

Political ideological conspiracies would fall apart when people start talking to each other, that means no NWO protection.

We might even have to find new currencies should pot ever become more valuable than the crap we use now, people would just start trading it.

There would be many types of farms that would be obsolete when one of the easiest crops to grow would just be grown in every backyard there is.

The celebrity wearing, name branned designed, over priced and mass produced clothing racket would fall apart would people buy a pair of blue jeans that last 100 years with out holes.

OMG and the smell of all the Hippies!!

Let me recap.
People lose money
More people lose money
We restructure our infrastructure
More people lose money
Price of weed drops
You know and talk to people
More people lose money
No NWO protection
Long lasting clothing and healthy people and planet
More people lose money
Hippies smell bad and don't care about it
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Debate Round No. 4
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