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Marriage is about love, not gender.

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Started: 11/15/2017 Category: Religion
Updated: 8 months ago Status: Debating Period
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Acceptance only, first round.


I accept this debate
Debate Round No. 1


Thank you. Like some of my fellow Christians, I believe that God's will for marriage means two consenting adult humans who are not related to each other. Read this:


Ok, first, here are my rebuttals. I am a christian myself, and I know bibles too. It was written that when MEN and WOMAN gets married and does some "sexual movements" (sorry if you think this is inappropriate, I think so like that too...) they merge together as one, but it never said two men or two women can.
Now, for my points, as for the 1st round of the whole debate match, I will first define what is marriage. According to bible, marriage, is two people from opposite genders merge together as one. Although in America, gay marriage is allowed, but there are reasons why we should not have gay marriage (same genders marrying each other)
According to traditions, girl and boy marriage is the true tradition, and we should preserve traditions. We have to preserve it so humankind can truly be the heirs of their past generations, leaving bits and bits of clues of history. We are heirs of the past generations! We should do the way they have. That is simply common sense! If your mom taught you to eat with a spoon while drinking soup, will you drink soup with hands? No! right? same thing with gay marriage.
Also, marriage has another use, to create a next generation. If there WAS gay marriage, then how can we produce the next generation? How can we save humankind? You might think like" nah, one or two less is fine" but I highly doubt that. A famous quote from Mother Teresa," The ocean is made by uncountable number of water droplets." If everyone thought that its fine for their selves to marry same gender because there must be someone ELSE to do all the generation producing, what would happen? There would be no next generation, and humankind will be extinct.
I hope all these points can let our fellow voters believe that this motion MUST NOT stand.
Debate Round No. 2

Pro From God made Adam and Eve - Not Adam and Steve!? Maybe, but let's look at the issue. As a progressive Christian, I believe the King James Version supports marriage equality. I have done the research, and written this: This list several Bible verses that affirm same sex marriage. Here: You can use these links to find proof. What are your main Biblical objections to same sex marriage?

We've all heard someone say that as if it should be engraved in stone.


Rebuttals: as you said, God created one man Adam and one woman Eve, not two men or two women! There is a reason why he created a girl and a boy! It is to produce humankind. That is the main thing marriage was for, as I've said, it is to produce the next generation. If everyone thinks others can do it, than there would be no heirs for human kind!
So here are my points. everyone knows that children needs care, but if there was gay marriage, the child, can be a girl or a boy. Maybe they took him/her from children's home, and stuff like that, but if they got a girl and their selves are boys(or the other way around), How can they take care of the child?
Debate Round No. 3
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Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by ccfungclare 8 months ago
We are not FORCING others, we are just trying to say it is not that right.... There are really something not good of gay marriage OTHER THAN bibles.
Posted by YeshuaIsTheOneTrueGod 8 months ago
Religious people don't have the right to force their OPINIONS on other people
Posted by SimonSmasher 8 months ago
I never understood this whole argument, why do you care who OTHER people choose to love? In what way are they harming others? The answer is : they aren't! Leave these people alone to love each other. If they are in love, why try and stop them?
Posted by FanboyMctroll 8 months ago
I always thought a marriage was between a man and a woman, that is why they always say "I, Joe Blow take this woman to be my wife, through health and sickness etc etc.

It doesn't state I, Joe Blow take this guy to be my husband

It doesn't state "I Laura B take this woman to be my wife" It's I, Laura B take this man to be my lawful husband"
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