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Marriage is bad.

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Started: 11/4/2013 Category: People
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Marriage is supposedly the best day of people's lives however the money required to put on this extravagant affair is immense. People spend more than they can afford on what is essentially a relationship status in modern society. 100 years ago a marriage mean't something now no-one can stop you ending your marriage and this, I believe is one of the primary factors of suicide. The average age in Britain for a divorce is around 45 and the average age for suicide is from 44-46, see any links?
If marriage was not a thing a break up would be far less devastating for you wouldn't have to go through legal procedures with the person who has made you feel quite horrid. When marriage was first invented it was an unbreakable promise and as with everything in our society it is quite easy to undo this bond. If the promise of marriage is not a promise then it rather defeats the purpose of marriage so we should soon be done with the whole thing.
Gay marriage is currently one of the world's most controversial and sensitive issues. Before I move onto this subject I would like to point out that I am strongly in favor of equal rights for gay people as the majority of my friendship circle are in fact gay. Everyone should have equal opportunity in our world, there is no reason why someones natural sexual orientation should ever hold them back. This would not happen if the snobs who happen to run our world educated people from an early age on homosexuality but they fear them they fear the gay community and if we get rid of marriage we also rid the world of one of it's most controversial subjects and we would more than half suicide rates.

Thank-you for considering my opinion, I hope you agree.


A recent study from a University in Australia shows that married men are happier than single men. Also they have more sex than single people do, according to another study in Kinsey Institute.
Facts: 23% if non married men have sex every12 months
1% Of allMarried men have sex every 12 months
19% of singles have sex every 2-3 weeks, and 36% of married men do as we'll.

In fact, pros arguments are saying that a person who gets a divorce will be sad. Duh. 50% of all marrages end in a divorce. Furthermore around 50% of the US population (18 and up) are married. Does a quarter of the population kill themselves? No.
If you marry the right person will you be happy?
Debate Round No. 1


The right person is not always easy to find.

10% of people are 100% straight and only 10% of people are 100% gay about 80% of the population are somewhere in-between. This makes the perfect person very hard to find, you may only have one shot and getting with the perfect person and at the time where you briefly meet your perfect match you may already be married. When you are married it makes splitting up harder and emotionally worse, if you were only in a boyfriend-girlfriend situation then splitting up far easier therefore finding your perfect match much easier to get with.

The way society is going a quarter of deaths will be suicide.

Society is making things far easier to break promises, and marriage is a promise. Marriage isn't the soul cause of suicide though it is a prime factor in the suicide rates. Society is currently breaking, with half of the east on verge of war, do you really think if things kick off over there we will have time for petty promises like marriage?

You are thirteen, you shouldn't be worrying about your sex life just yet...

Anyway I'm sure you realize that sex isn't everything and most of the time the happiest people don't have a very busy sex life. Not to say those who do aren't happy, you gave the statistics for singles and married people, people who are in non-married relationships with others have the busiest sex lives of all, if you're really that worried!


DudeStop forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


markmadreio forfeited this round.


Just so a Pro knows I out my last argument in the comments section so it was not actually a forfeit. If he wants to look at I the can, but I did not forfeit.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by DudeStop 3 years ago
Marrage is about commitment. You do not have to get married. It simply is something people choose to do when they love each other. So yes, you can break up with people easier. So what? It doesn't automatically mean that commitment is a bad thing.
As for the statement about how 80% are something in between! I don't believe you. Where did you get this information?
Posted by LAQUAINE 3 years ago
I never got married for a reason. Loved the sex, but couldn't handle the finances.
Posted by JimmyRusltler 3 years ago
please for the love of God put sources!!!
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