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Marriage is outdated

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Started: 1/10/2014 Category: Miscellaneous
Updated: 4 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Debate Rounds (3)
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First Rounds for establishing rules and acceptance.

1) no stats (even with citation) points should a personal view on Marriage
2) Winner must prove their point completely (If voter is in not completed convinced to either pro or con they should not vote)
3) must prove that the current form of legal marriage is outdated(or not), not that legal union is not useful
Round Break down
2) Main Point(s) + rationale
3) rebuttal and closing remarks(no new remarks only clear rebuttals)

In first argument please ask any questions you have about rules or clear up definitions . This will be handled out of debate through messages before the second round begins.


Thank you!

I gladly accept your proposed challenge and look forward to a mature, relevant, and friendly debate with you, Mitchell27.

Your rules are perfect but I have inquiries regarding definitions -

'Marriage' means a bond legalized between a couple. Are we analyzing and standing for the legal aspects of marriage exclusively (financial pluses, combined policies, etc.), the factors and activity involved between a married couple exclusively (marriage to have/save children, honeymoon, anniversaries, renewals, etc.), simply any couple wanting to be legally married for love exclusively, or a subset/all of these combined?

By 'outdated' do you mean 'no longer in regular use', 'old-fashioned', or 'falling into disuse'? (or a subset/all)?

I appreciate your competition and very patiently await response. Thanks!
Debate Round No. 1


Clear up for definitions-

Outdated - No longer useful in society and/or falling out of use. (one usually follows the other)

Marriage - as a legal bond between to people is outdated(needs to be changed), marriage for love and children is in decline

Lost Propose
Marriage was used for many years as a way to bind two households together, no love was evolved. This type of marriage has gone out the door people marry for love now but is society still at a point were two people need to marry for love.
Disregarding spiritual marriage(as in marriage by the church) as marriage is deeply routed in some religions why can't two people who love each other simple enter into a household binding contract not for love but for loyalty to the house. The future will not have single family homes, yes within this home their may be a couple but also maybe two and the home would still share assets and work together for advancement.
Combined policies and financial pluses are not the reason that most people marry yet marriage is not a love contract it's a "Work together and live together for the rest of time" contract.
The Future job market will mean people will change jobs more often and move more as well. This will make it hard for "families to settle down", the birth rate is going, marriage to raise children will not be done since most families will have to two, three maybe four members of the house working and may one child will be born but no member of the family will be able to stop working to care for it so a nannies or a day care is needed during the day.

Marriage as a legal contract is not useful to people( an updated on might be).
Love is not a good reason to agree to spend the rest of time with some one. You can love but do you need a paper that says your in love.
Children will not be as important with future generations.


Thank you for your response and for clearing up definitions.

Marriage is a Settled Social Institution:

Marriage has undergone many changes in theory, legality, and intimacy, but the basic aspect of two coming together in a cultural matrimony has remained a constant in our communities. Though history, consistence in joining a couple by marriage has structured our world to what it is now, from kings and queens of superpowers in the world to anonymous office-mates having a small ceremony. People who love each other get married: this is settled into most cultures. However, no two who love each other have to get married. It is and has been. an option to flaunt your marriage to your peers and families. I'm sorry, not flaunt. Flaunting would be to have a marriage of a few hundred people, which has become a reasonable and regular option. Another would be to have one witness and a three-minute ceremony. Both are sound in an idea to show your love in the most public way possible, but again, two who love each other do not have to get married. It has just been set that two who love each other can be legally joined together by an ordained 3rd party, which would give them benefits in family orientation and a loving relationship with your best, warm friend.

A Marriage is Faulty by Participants:

Over half of all marriages end in divorce or separation, but this simply doesn't mean that it is outdated as a practice. This means that there are broken functions in relationships, and many (over half!) sadly marry the wrong people. Either this is the case, or, broken marriages are the fault of the 'bedroom' relationship. So much is expected of intimacy these days, and many of the components of marriage are damaged by sexual endeavors. These endeavors should occur only between a married person and their spouse, many say. This does not at all make marriage outdated. That is saying, as I stated before, simply, that public (or legally recognized) love is outdated. What do people strive for in any relationship? Purely sexual relationships don't work. The 'next level' must be marriage, and its not outdated.

Purpose of Marriage Now:

The purpose of matrimony has always been to bring two groups together: a family, nation, or culture. Now, perhaps just two people who's love is so deep that they can commit themselves to each other can get married with one witness. Marriage now will happen between two people who know that they can wake up every day next to their other and say 'I love you', and it will happen in any way possible. Some couples marry now simply to look ahead onto a lovely family picnic with two children while others look ahead to living side-by-sad laughing at everything with one another. Many marry for their children, which is unfortunate in its own small way, but this is another purpose: to give the appearance of a normal relationship for the kids' benefit, so that they can grow up to live a happy life and have normal relationships. Parents might do this for their kids, a life's sacrifice, and a life's sacrifice is simply saddening and heartwarming, yet still, not outdated.
Debate Round No. 2


Mitchell27 forfeited this round.


incredebater forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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