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Mars One is a great step for Human therefore everybody should have a chance

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Started: 8/13/2013 Category: Science
Updated: 5 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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For challenger who may not know what Mars-one is, Mars one is an organization which plan to send human being to mars in by 2023 and establish a human settlement outside Earth.

I believe the Mars One Project was a great idea and a big step for human beings. However, I believe the candidate for the project should be carefully picked rather than an equal opportunity for all human to proof their ambitions and win the public. The task of establishing human colony in another planet should be carried out by well trained professionals but not anyone who was favor by the public.

I believe this project had created unnecessary hope for many individuals and some of these individuals may not really understand the difficult of this task. My debate position is I agree with the idea of settling human in another planet but I believe the task should be carried by well-trained professionals which understand their risk and challenges they may face for this task.

First round is for accepting and Debate starts on the second round


I accept and believe that everybody in this Mars One project should have a chance at enlisting, provided they have basic training, but not necessarily be heavily trained professionals. Good Luck!
Debate Round No. 1


Thank you Mananlak for accepting the debate and good luck to you too.

First I want to start my argument with the describing the current candidate selection model. As their website stated, there will be 4 rounds in the selection process.

First round; a list of candidates chosen from the application list base on their video and application form.
Second round; a medical check.
Third round; selection by the public on TV.
Round 4; ability to survive in harsh environment.

The current model of the candidate selection will only favours the one who can win more popularity rather than actual skills which fits for the task.
As Mars one believe this is an important step for humankind; but their way of choosing the right candidate seems to be a marketing tool to gain publicity rather than selecting the right person for the right job.

Here come my first point of argument, these "chosen ones" may not necessary understand what real challenges they will face for this task, their mental ability or physical ability may causes the failure of the task or even death of themselves.

My second point is the pressure from the public may force these chosen candidates to make the wrong decisions. After years of training, some candidates may have second thoughts for this venture, however because they have been on the news and shown faces to the public, it will make them feel pressure to quit but have to keep going for this task.

My third point is the task should be carry out by professionally trained militaries or agents. It is because in terms of carry out orders, these professional have been trained to control their emotions and are carry orders as they were told. It is much easier for Mars One to manage and more likely in success of the project


I would like to thank my opponent for putting forward this interesting topic.

I plan to prove that while completely untrained civilians wouldn't be appropriate, I will argue that the chosen applicants will be able to do the task with relatively basic training, such as two years.

1: They may not know now, when they first apply on the site, but the training will definitely prepare them for what is ahead. If they are not up to the task, then they would be washed out before entering the voting process. If indeed, they are not the "marketing tools" you described, and the project is truly scientific and reasonable, then I am sure that they will disqualify unfit candidates.

2: What exactly do you mean by pressure? To be shown to the public isn't pressure as much as it is fame. That may be the motive behind some of the applicants (they already upload pictures of themselves on the website). This all comes down to the state of the chosen applicants. And besides, just as all other lunar launch crews, there will be backups (that also receive training) in case a crew member "quits under pressure".As I said, this all comes down to psychology of the crew and those that break or back down can easily be replaced.

3: It is right to have one or two of the crew members that are from the military (there has to be law and order in the colony after all!) and to take care of the piloting. But why exactly do they need to control their emotions? Throughout the flight process, they will sit in the cabin and harnesses, no action needed. And obviously they already had their mental state checked. Provided that Mars One is serious, people who have the possibility of losing it simply will not be on the crew to begin with. In this day and age, everything will likely be automatic during take off, so there aren't orders that crew members need to follow "as they we're told". And they probably will receive training on that, if it is necessary, anyway


1. Who wants to do this anyway? When you wash out all the people who aren't actually serious about leaving behind everything they've ever known behind, what's left behind probably isn't half as large as the original pool. And then you add in all the disqualifications due to mental and physical health problems, and you have few actual candidates up for the voting nonsense. To support a actual colony (which is a bogus idea in this day and age anyway), you need to have more than say, a few people. And you need specialists like teachers and doctors and farmers. Military men would hardly be of use here. In fact, this was shown in most of the space shuttle crews, many of which were ordinary scientists or aviation men who went into rigorous training, the same which will happen to the Mars One applicants. You do need professionals and skilled people, but open application to get as many people on board as the spacecraft allows us.

2. Your argument is absolutely valid. Or would be, provided that the entire selection process is based on the voting. But that is not the case. In the first two rounds, all the applicants that can't possibly get on won't even have a chance to go to the voting process. The voting is only another way to get rid of any surplus applicants, and only proper applicants will ever get there.

In conclusion, the open application is a tool to only broaden the range of the right people to sustain a serious Mars colony.
Debate Round No. 2


alanli713 forfeited this round.


As you can see, this debate has come to an end by a forfeit.

I extend all arguments.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by alanli713 5 years ago
To Oromagi, the debate is about the selection process, rather should everybody deserve a chance to go to mars or should only selected few professional trained astronaut to carry out this mission
Posted by Ragnar 5 years ago
Posted by Oromagi 5 years ago
Hi, I have followed Mars One with some interest. I believe that human exploration of Mars with a long-term goal of settlement is accomplishable and should enjoy a higher priority than present interest levels.

However, I don't see Mars One as realistic or sustainable and I'm concerned that the project may diminish rather than promote interest in Mars. I am in agreement with you that Mars One should set higher standards for candidates and should pursue recruitment rather than open application for participants. I can't tell if you want to debate the candidate selection model or the Mars One project itself. If you'd like to debate whether Mars One is a realistic and sustainable model for Mars colonization, I'll take that challenge.
Posted by leonardlewis4 5 years ago
All I know is, "Mars ain't the kind of place to raise your kids... In fact, it's cold as hell."
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