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Mars colony

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Started: 12/9/2016 Category: Society
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Thanks for the challenge.

I think that we should have a Mars Colony or at least attempt to because of two big reasons. The first one is population. The Earth's population is rapidly increasing especially in underdeveloped nations. Even in countries in Europe that are well developed with a low birth rate it is still very crowded, and eventually humans will run out of space on this planet if the current growth trend continues. The second reason is the environment. We are currently declining our environment, and this also correlates with population too. We will need to burn and find more resources for more humans, and if we burn more and more fossil fuels we will melt all of our ice, and we would end up with even less space for a already huge and growing population. We will eventually run out of our non-renewable resources as well.
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I think Mars colony will use lots of resources and money,with which we can do some more realistic projects such as education,society construction and economic development.Besides,living on the Mars is not secure and convenient.The environment isn't suitable for human's live.Although the high technology can give the possibility of living on Mars,human don't just want to survive on the Mars and they want to have a better life than on the Erath.If human live worse on the Mars,why we should make so many efforts to build Mars colony.
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