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Marvel would beet DC in an all out war

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Started: 1/29/2014 Category: Entertainment
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Although it is impossible to fully comprehend and know all the factors involved in a war this immense, I am ready to argue that Marvel would beat DC. The reason I say this "immense" is because it easy to forget all the parralell universis and the many alien species etc. throughout both universis that might be a factor. However, i want to prove that marvel would come out on top.


I accept this challenge
Debate Round No. 1


First, thank you for accepting this debate and good luck as this is the first debate for both of us!

My argument for Marvel comes down to this: they would simply outman DC. Marvel has expert fighters (Champion Taskmaster, Captain America, Deathlock), characters possessing unlimited strength (Beyonder, Silver surfer, Skaar, Juggernaut, Hyperion, Hercules), Characters with shape shifting (Impossible man, Magus, Apokalypse), telepaths and telekinetics include (Charles Xavier, Grandmaster, Magus). There are a lot of fighters with formidable durability as well (Wolverine, Blade, Deadpool, Hulk, Nova corpse members). Characters possessing time manipulation and reality altering powers (Franklin Richards, Shaper of Worlds, Adversary, Proteus). Marvel also includes characters with vast, limitless knowledge of the world and all cosmic properties (Dr. strange, Thanos, Dormammu, Mephisto, Abraxes, Sise-Neg)-All those just listed have incredible unfathomable power in addition to there vast knowledge and judgment-they still aren't the heavy hitters. Marvel has many categories of superpowers and more in those categories than DC. I just barely touched on each category. Finally, here are some of the most potentially powerful Marvel characters I will list. These are beings that are not considered entities who are more powerful and would make the meaning of all heroes meaningless and that is no fun so I will leave them out of this. Beings not considered entities include: Akhenaten (create any effect on matter he can imagine), Living Tribunal (the definition of limitless power), Thanos, with his infinity gauntlet, backed down from him. His powers are always increasing with no limitation) Runner, (easily fastest in Marvel, immortal and cannot be killed by any means, controls emotions of others). Phoenix Force (The most feared being, defeated Galactus and all his servants), Grandmaster (immortal and cannot be killed by any means, bringing dead back to life, vastly powerful with supernatural abilities). I may have been misleading with my listing because it appears as though each of those characters only has their one categorized power. For example, I only listed Hyperion under "unlimited strength" but he possesses a lot more powers and abilities like superhuman speed, flight and incredible durability. Also, I'd like to stress again these are only a few of the heroes that could be listed in each category. Now I must get to Marvel's biggest challenges.


Yes, I realize that Superman and his fellow super beings (General Zod, Superboy/Prime and Supergirl etc.) are godlike. Now here are some Marvel characters with overwhelming power, strength and abilities. You can think of one of these beings taking on Superman, the most powerfull DC hero, and winning - Silver Surfer, Galactus, Tyrant, Sentry, Gladiator, Stranger and Mikaboshi. While other heroes are definately on par with DC's strongest as well, they don't have as many powers as Superman. These are characters like Hulk, Colossus, Thor, Terminus and Onslaought. These characters are on the same level of Superman and his fellow Kryptonians. I am also willing to argue that Captian Marvel and Mrs. Marvel can hold there own and deal damage mostly because they have a solid knowledge of science and posses Kryptonian's superhuman powers. So the Captian and Mrs. Marvel might not be as powerful as Bizzaro but can beat him because they are significantly smarter. Besides having these powerhouses taking on the Man of Steel and those like him there are other possibilities in which Marvel can defeat Kryptons finest. The silver Surfer and Thor can, without a doubt, teleport all kryptonians to a planet with a red sun and then we can only feel sorry for the heroes and villains from Krypton after that. Then the obvious solution, omniscient beings that know everything (such as Abraaxes), can become aware of Kryptonite and its effect almost immediately. From there it is only a matter of time before Marvel beats Krypton. All of the beings listed above that posses the power of Superman do not have a specified weakness by the way.

Now I am a HUGE DC fan and absolutely love those heroes. But a major point that I should bring up is that they made the most powerful and popular of their characters with a specified weakness. Whether by Batman's data and planning or by the writers of the comics and inventors of the characters there greatest heroes all have a specific weakness. Now Marvel failed to do this with some of their super studs. I say some because of course there are characters that have been shown to have weaknesses. Someone who is extremely powerful and has a unique weakness is gladiator who is not fully confident. Now of course this isn't the worst weakness but its important to be self confident. Now on the flip side Sentry, who's countless powers are overwhelming, has not been shown to have a weakness. This was confirmed when Tony Stark 's Technology failed to find a fault in Sentrys abilities. Now I will deal with Marvel's most formidable and scary enemy threat, the Green Lantern Corps.


The all powerful intergalactic police force. Wow, the whole lantern concept is probably the coolest thing in comics. Power based off of the emotional spectrum! Huge forces with a ring bearing soldiers possessing seemingly unstoppable power!
This is one of the most iconic aspects of the DC comics, and understandably so. Mavels doomed right? The emotional spectrum I mentioned goes like this: rage, greed, fear, will, hope, love, compassion, death and creation. I do not know why death, creation and will are considered emotions but whatever. There are 3600 members in the green lantern corps (will) slightly more than the number of members in the Sinestro corps (fear) and I know theres is significantly less in the other corpses. Now the basic power of each emotion is being able to fly have a protective shield and also create energy constructs of light based off of whatever you want to make at that moment. Theoreticially you could have incredible power...but there is each members limit to how much willpower, compassion, fear etc. he or she has. For example a new Green lantern recruit might barely be able to make a sword and shield while a powerful lantern member could make a jet plane. Some emotion is experienced to such a consuming level that while they should have an increase in power they are overwhelmed by the emotion and barely able to think straight enough to effectively fight. This is common in the greed, rage and love emotions. Also each corps is effected by the other corpses. All hope corps members cannot be effective without Green lanterns nearby to supplement hope with there willpower. Star Saphires (love) and Red lanterns (rage) are ineffective when together, and so are Black lanterns (death) and White lanterns (creation). Also, all marvel characters have to do is recognize there own fears and the Sinestro corpse members attacks become ineffective. Now a common theme in DC is that Superman, Flash and Wonder Woman power level characters are able to match a rogue Green lantern or Sinestro corps members power. This means that Thor, Sentry (obviously) Dr. Strange etc. would be able to take on corps members. Also some corpses do not have their leaders recruiting new members but instead the rings choose them. So whats to stop character's like Hulk, Abomination or Nightmare to become red and yellow lanterns when the old ring bearers die? In fact the Indigo corps rings might find that Spiderman has more compassion than Superman and choose him to become an indigo lantern. This goes for all Marvel characters and is a deep kind of outside concept but can't be proved wrong just the same. These reasons and concepts are true and are enough to defeat the armies of ring bearers DC has.

This concludes my opening arguments.

- kagetaicho's profile on comicvine


Very impressive, I must say. That list of powers you stated for me to see is quite strong in fact and could put up an extremely good fight against the Kryptonians and Green Lantern Corps. However, the the DC characters that you listed only scratched the surface. Since we are considering this to be an all-out-war, then we may consider each and every character to created in the individual universes. However I do feel that the Living Tribunal and Akhenaten can both be considered as all powerful entities which should be left out, as both can technically be considered as Gods. DC has its own Gods, which I could bring into play, but I feel that would get us nowhere as the battle would rage on for eternities, never to reach a conclusion. Now onto my argument. Also, in your argument it seems like you are saying that all the marvel characters would be fighting each group one at a time, allowing for easy victories. Whereas in the title, it is stated that this is an all out war.

Major DC Powerhouses that went Unmentioned

Other major DC powerhouses that you appear to be forgetting include The Watchmen, who have Dr. Manhattan one of the most powerful characters in the DC Universe, who has the power to create and destroy entire universes, Parallax, especially if we are considering the one from Zero Hour who had the power to completely destroy and rebuild the Multiverse without batting an eye. Parallax at this power could easily take on and defeat many foes including easily overpowering Galactus. Amazo has the ability to copy the abilities of any foe he comes into contact with, so if he were to say, copy the Sentry or the Silver Surfer's abilities, he would become nearly untouchable. The Flash, who is extremely underrated can run with such speed that he cannot be seen by anyone if he wants to and the speed force can give him limitless power. There are so many heroes and villains that could come into play in this battle and there are far too many to list off.

Major Marvel Threats

To begin, Thanos is one of the most frighteningly powerful characters to face, especially with the IG in his grasp. However he can be defeated as his weakness is simply the thought of failure or the desire to lose can cause him to lose all of his power and motivation making the IG useless and powerful DC telepaths could convince him of this with their combined power. Thanos becomes easy prey without the Gauntlet for characters such as Darkseid who could easily pick him apart from there. Dr. Manhattan could easily hold his own against characters like Sentry and Thor with his limitless might and while the battle could rage on for extended periods of time, with help from characters like Flash and Amazo, as mentioned earlier, they could be defeated. You also mention the possibility of Marvel characters taking rings from fallen lanterns, but the rings choose who wears them, so Marvel characters could not simply put them on if they were to manage to kill off a large number from the spectrum. All though many of the different sides cancel each other out, with the combined power and the Green Lanterns keeping order, they would be unstoppable. You bring up the possibility of yellow lanterns losing power from lack of fear, but by whom? Who would no longer fear them? Their allies? What about Marvel members who become fearful of the might of all the lanterns combined? There will always be fear for the yellow lanterns to feed off of and stay formidable. Without the intervention of other-worldly powers, I feel like the fight would tip in favor of DC as a whole.

This concludes my argument round one.
Debate Round No. 2


Thank you for the rebutal,

First off I should say that I was fully aware that Dr. Manhatten, Flash, Amazo, Parralax and other such characters are in the DC universe and would be present at the clash. I simply ran out of space allowed for my opening argument, so "only scratched the service" is the best I could do. You even said there are far to many to list. Next, I understand and respect your view of Living Tribunal and Akhenaten being god's. Even though I only mentioned them and didn't specifically use them in any of my arguments I will certainly continue to leave out such characters. I also realize that while it is hard to determine who would be fighting who, all the marvel forces can't take on each threat one at a time. You realize as well as I do that we can only speculate where characters would be and only derive what they would be doing based off of what makes sense. I never meant to imply each individual DC threat would be met by all the Marvel forces.

"Major DC Powerhouses that went Unmentioned"
-Again I did not forget these "powerhouses" but simply ran out of characters permitted-
I appreciate you mentioning these characters and while your arguments are fairly vague I will begin by discussing these characters.

Dr. Manhatten

I am somewhat releaved that you legitimized this all out war by mentioning one of your very powerful heroes. When I say very powerful I mean that somewhat theoretically as he has close to no feats displaying the full power he is said to have. He hasn't ever reached his full capability but only is listed with great power. There are few marvel beings that can match him and I noticed you didn't mention any of them as you only listed three Marvel characters. The first is Beyonder. Much like Dr Manhattan he is said to be a god. But let me assure you he hasn't been used to make electric cars or eliminate terrists for the government as Dr. Manhttan has been made to do. Rather he's journeyed to our galaxy from far across another end of the universe and has taken human form to better understand what living with man's level of strength and intelligence is like. And through events and a lot of story arcs he is revealed with his might and how fantastic he really is. For example assuming mind control over the whole planet earth but becomes tired of it and realeses everyone. Also he is the only character who is said to have "eliminated" the entity of death. (killed death itself) It's mind blowing but I would say it makes a strong case for how powerful the Beyonder really is. Another character who is said to have great power like Dr Manhatten is the one and only Sorcerer Supreme of the Marvel galaxy...Dr. Strange! I only mentioned him once but he is pretty similar to Dr. Manhatten in that he as out of this world power yet resides in the middle of America and quietly eliminates threats. He does this by drawing on various powers that rule over the cosmos, that sounds like some major potential power to me. He, like Manhattin, is considered a great leader with major authority and is counted on to make decisions which involve the entire cosmos. Consider Dr. Manhatten matched.


I know that you will never think of Marvel deafeting DC if I do not present a strong case for the zero hour Parralax being overcome. First off you should forget about zero hour Parallax taking on Galactus because well, big G isn't up to par with Hal Jordan consumed by Parallax. I think you already know who I am going to bring up here but avoided it by only mentioning Galactus. The Dark Phoenix. Parrallax and the Dark Pheanix are fairly equal, Dark Pheanix eats suns and can destroy universes, Parrallax can also eat suns destroy universes. Although we must assume each being knows that this will accomplish nothing as it will leave nothing but each other left. Now Dark Pheonix is only a part of the whole being The Pheonix, The darker, more power hungry side. I will be the first to admit I cannot know for sure the outcome of this clash as I have an average intelligence. The one factor (more like theory ) I can claim might give the Dark Pheanix an advantage is the fact that Parrallax feeds off of fear and when dealing with Dark Pheonix there is very little fear for Parrallax to utilize as his power source.


Wally West can have seemingly unlimited speed, but certainly not unlimited power. And running so fast that he cannot be seen only applies to some Marvel characters as other Marvel hero's possessing super speed can see him. (Quicksilver, Whizzer, Makkari, Northstar, Mercury).


I appreciate the fact that you said if he had the powers of Sentry or Silver Surfer he would be untouchable. You are essentially saying Silver Surfer and Sentry are untouchable. But Marvel has its adapters as well(Super Adaptiod).

In regards to the lantern corpses my argument is already stated clearly and I would encourage you to reread it carefully. I do not wish to take the time to restate my reasons. But her are a few I should touch on.

"Who would no longer fear them."
I was simply saying in my first argument if you recognize your own greatest fear you take away the Sinestro Corpses power.

"Marvel characters taking rings from fallen lanterns"

All I said was that corpses like fear (Sinestro) and rage (Red) have rings with choose characters based off of how much rage or ability to cause fear they have. Regardless if they are good or bad guys (Super girl recently became a Red lantern I believe). So when there old bearers die they might recognize (or just leave there old bearers right away) that Hulk and Wolverine are full of rage and choose them. Or characters like Nightmare cause extreme fear and a yellow rings might choose him.

Major Marvel Threats

Thanos's thought of being defeated comes from deep down he knows he doesn't deserve to win. But why would he think he doesn't deserve to beat Darksied or whoever he sees and starts fighting from DC? Also I doubt that that thought can be placed in his mind using Telekinisses as this hasn't been done before.
Sentry may hold his own against Doctor Manhattan because he has greater matter manipulation, speed and such. But the Dr. never can be fully deafeted just like Marvel's Sentry, Runner and Grandmaster to name a few.

They were a little rushed but this concludes my arguments for Marvel.


Keshish forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by mackis2193 3 years ago
I couldn't agree more! In my opening paragraph I stated the same thing and made known that I will leave out all "entities" for marvel because yes, all other heroes would be irrelevant. As did my opponent.
Posted by mackis2193 3 years ago
I couldn't agree more! In my opening paragraph I stated the same thing and made known that I will leave out all "entities" for marvel because yes, all other heroes would be irrelevant.
Posted by SirReal 3 years ago
This is all irrelevant as it boils down to the outcome of the gods of the respective universes.
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Reasons for voting decision: Conduct for the forfeits. I didn't feel Pro really fulfilled his BoP, though--the comparative powers analysis felt lacking, and Pro seemed unaware that the current Flash is Barry Allen. Of course, Con didn't seize on that, and Con forfeited, so it's not as though I'm awarding arguments to Con, I just felt as though Pro could have assessed things better to get arguments. Everything else seemed equal enough. As always, happy to clarify this RFD.
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Reasons for voting decision: Interesting debate. I thoroughly enjoyed both sides of the debate. However, Pro wins arguments and conduct since Con forfeited the last round which sucks. :(