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Marxism is Worse then Nazism

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Started: 6/7/2011 Category: Politics
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Voting Period
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I propose that we debate this topic. The first round will be for acceptance and definitions.



I wish my opponent a good debate.


I accept the challenge.

Antisemitism-Desrimination against or prejudice or hostility towards Jews.

I wish my opponent good luck in our debate.
Debate Round No. 1


In this debate I will be proving that marxism is in fact worse then nazism. Although they are both very bad forms of government I will be discussing why nazism is not as bad as marxism in terms of morality, economics, and politics. Marxism is worse then nazism for these reasons:

1) Marxism has killed more of its own citizens then nazism.
2) Marxism has made its countries more poor.

My next contentions will explain more in detail.

C1: Marxism has killed more of its own citizens then nazism.

The approximate total of innocent people killed under marxism from 1917 to 1987 was 110 million people[1], while in Nazi Germany only 11 million people were killed. It is apparent that marxism is far more bloodier then nazism while they are both incredibly dispicable ideaologies.

C2: Marxism has made its people more poor.

The marxist countries today and in the past are poor underdeveloped countries. It's people are poor farmers who can only afford the bare essentials, such as North Korea which only has one city. It is having to rely on food aid to keep its people fed. In Nazi Germany however, its people were living in luxuary they all had jobs and they all had food whenever they wanted it. They had giant buildings that towered above anything the marxists ever built.

In conclusion,

Nazism killed less people.

Nazism made its country (Germany) richer and bettered the lies of its civilian population in the time they were in power.

Marxism killed many more people nazism.

Marxism made its people more impoverished then before their revoltution.

Vote Pro!


In this debate I will prove that in fact, Nazism is worse than Marxism. Nazism is worse for these reasons:

1). Nazism didn't just affect the Jews.

2). Living conditions were worse for the victims of Nazism than the victims of Marxism.

(Below I will explain my reasons in more detail.)

C1: Nazism didn't just affect the Jews.

Even if you weren't a Jew and spoke up against the Nazis, if you went to stores and shops owned by Jews, or just didn't want to join the Nazi Army because you had different ideas then Adolf Hitler you could be killed or thrown into a death/ concentration camp along with the Jews, which resulted in many killings also.

C2: Living conditions were worse for the victims of Nazism than the victims of Marxism.

Marxism resulted in its victims living poverty, when victims of Nazism had to live in the ghettos, concentration camps, and extermination camps(otherwise known by its lesser term death camps) where they became vulnerable to diseases, such as Cholera and any moment knowing that you might be sent to be killed by being shot, or. As you can see the victims of Nazism did not luxury but even worse than poverty.
Debate Round No. 2


R1: My opponent does not understand their were 11 million people in all all killed by the nazis and out of that was 6 million jews. This does not refute my arguement in the least bit, so my arguement still stands till my opponent can successfuly counter it.

R2: I disagree with my opponent. Hitler only sent 11 million people to work camps/deathcamps. In marxist countries such as the former Soviet Union, the people as a whole were collectivised up into work farms where the people were forced to work like slaves, and if they did poorly they were sent to the Gulogs (which were death camps). Political rivals and religious people alike were shot. The poor people starved to death by the tens of millions. [1][2] This is just one of hundered of examples I could give concerning how bad marxism really is. This proves that marxism is worse then nazism even they both still are pretty bad philosophies.

In conclusion, Marxism is worse then nazism.




R1: My opponent doesn't understand what I was trying to say in the last round. In the second round of this debate my opponents arguement was "Marxism has killed more of its own citizens then Nazism" I was countering it by saying "Nazism didn't just affect the Jews" because most people think that Nazism just affected the Jews and nobody else when in fact, looking at the statistics my opponent put on the debate there where many other people killed. Gypsies, mentally disabled/ disabled people, Germans, Homosexuals are some of the many types of people that were killed along with the Jews and some with more harsh deaths than being shot or put in gas chambers (Guillotine, Starvation, going insane, etc.) so that I can get the point across to change peoples thinking on Nazism.

R2: Even though Hilter only sent 11 million people to Concentration/ Death Camps many people in places like Poland, France, England, etc. were sent into a kind of depression because the Nazis were constantly taking other citizens food, money, supplies, and weapons/ ammunition and people couldn't take care of themselves or their families so lots of people began to live in poverty or die. Gulogs, or the death camps, weren't as bad as concentration camps. Gulogs only constisted of inadequate feeding amount, bad clothing, and sometimes the prisoners were abused randomly by the guards. Concentration/ Death Camps were of the these things except they had Gas Chambers which was the leading factor of deaths in the Concentration/ Death Camps.

In conclusion, even if my opponent tries to counter my thoughts I e and better. That is why Nazism is worse than Marxism.

Vote Con!!

Debate Round No. 3


R1: My opponent has not refuted my contention, but has merlly elaberated on what I said. My argument still stands. Marxism killed way more people then Nazism and therefore, is worse.

R2: My opponent says that nazism contributed to poverty around the countries they had counquored this is true to some extent, but still Marxism was worse because unlike nazism, marxism had a third of the world's population under it's flag and everyone of those people were starving. If they spoke out about it they were shot. My opponent says that the nazi death camps were worse because they had gass chambers, this is untrue because marxist death camps didn't need gas chambers they just either starved people to death, tortured people to death, or simply shot people in the head. On top of this the number of people that were executed was 10 times as large as that of nazi victems.

In conclusion, Marxism is worse then nazism.

vote pro!


blahblahblah forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by blahblahblah 7 years ago
Sorry, but on my last comment for the definition of Genocide(or Genocidal) I meant "or cultural groups." not just "cultural."
Posted by blahblahblah 7 years ago
I am very sorry but while researching Nazism more throughlyI found another word that will need to be defined for this debate.

Genocide(or Genocidal)- The deliberate or systematic extermination of national, racial, politcal, or cultural.

(All my definitioins can be found at
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