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Mass stabbing at Texas college - Should there be a cry for knife control laws?

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Started: 4/10/2013 Category: Politics
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While there are numerous and repeated cries for gun control laws after each shooting spree...there have never been calls for knife control after a stabbing spree.

I would argue that this is more of a case against gun control laws since the logic seems to be similar.

There is no evidence suggesting that the knives are dangerous....just those who wield them. No laws should be considered in knife control.


Though we may not see reports of knife stabbings often in the news, there should be some push for some type of knife control laws. I am not talking about an extremely strict law but more needs to be done to monitor the buying and selling of knives in the United States, especially of people who are "at risk." Just like guns, knives are weapons capable of killing people and restrictions should be placed on them.
Debate Round No. 1


While on the surface...the logic of controlling knife sales may seem is not.

For argument sake....let's say all knives were banned for sale to all people:

1) What happens to all the knives that are already in distribution?
2) What stops criminals from attaining knives through black market channels?
3) What stops criminals from manufacturing knives?
4) Possibly most important - what stops crazy people from using other weapons? Hammers, crowbars, rocks etc.

There is no end to this 'controlling' as there will always be another way to cause death.


I realize it would be extremely difficult to monitor the sales of knives and I'm not saying we need to ban any knives but just more restrictions need to be placed on the sale and more proof of ID needs to be present as well as background checks on certain types of these weapons. I'm not saying there needs to be background checks on every little pocket knife but on some of the larger ones there could be. There really is no way to completely control these sales but if these rules were to save one person's life, isn't that worth it?
Debate Round No. 2


In summary... there is no way to control the death of a person by anothers' hand...regardless of weapons being involved or not. If death or murder cannot be controlled....why attempt to control knives? If people are the issue....sick people....merely removing one weapon will not prevent them from committing crimes.

To answer the question of whether saving one life would make it worth it or not.... I would suggest that it depends on what life it is that is being saved. Is it a violent criminals life?


I will make my summary brief. It is true that it would be very hard to control death but, anything we can do to help control it should be done to prevent any unnecessary loss of life.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by jrezin 4 years ago
Good point!

I believe there are knife control laws. I'm thinking the debate should've been titled stricter knife control laws.

I think knives are not allowed in schools (similar to guns)... yet the crazy criminals don't abide by the laws to begin with.
Posted by po.osullivan 4 years ago
Don't many places have "knife control" laws? You know, laws that say a knife can't be carried in public if it's too long, or switchblades that come straight out are illegal?
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Reasons for voting decision: Whether Knives are banned or not, criminals will always get them if they want.
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Reasons for voting decision: Knives are dangerous, and just like guns require laws for safety.