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MassiveDump VS Imabench Round 1 of the DDO member themed Rap Battle Tourney

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Started: 6/22/2013 Category: Entertainment
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Welcome to Round 1 of TUF's DDO member themed Rap Battle Tourney! This in this rap battle, both of have picked a DDO member to impersonate, and will battle as that DDO member.
Judging should be based on:

1. Flow of the lines
2. Rhyme quality
3. Sensibility
4. Accuracy of the insults
5. Humor
6. Cleverness/Wittiness

Fast attempt at a transcription:

Accept the battle and accept you lose
One last chance now and what will you choose?

Massive Dump, here I am, on the mic
One two test, this is gonna be tight
Gonna keep it real, that's what I'm like
Gonna get underneath ya, gonna mess with ya psyche

You got paired with me, sorry but you have to fight
But still I will thank everyone for coming out tonight
I destroy all my enemies who come into my sight
I even won a rap battle while trying to be polite

Rapping for me is just too easy a feat
I'm the very last opponent that you'll ever want to meet
You know you can't prepare, yo, for what I've got in store
That's why I've never lost a battle on this site before

I'll leave you coming back for more in this lyrical war
I'll keep rapping till my throats getting sore, I'll wipe the floor
with rhymes galore, that none-so-other heretofore
Would swear they had allure, till my mouth made them hardcore

I'll acquiest to your request, so do your best
My lyrics will still send you into cardiac arrest
My points in my debates they stand completely unaddressed
In fact if you say anything you can count me impressed

Are you ready? You sure? On the edge of your seat?
I want there to be an audience to witness your defeat.
Prepare yourself loser, I won't stop until you're beat
A bitter pill to swollow sure cause you can't take the heat

Victory is sweet, I'll prepare to celebrate
I know you will accept because I'm bestest bros with fate
And if you try to win, I'm sorry, you're only just too late
The board has been set up, and you're already in checkmate

My foes they all say "NO!"
The girls they all say "WOAH!"
I'm the king of "DDO!"

And that's not even one percent of the facts that I know
If you knew what I knew your lyrics might actually flow
It's not too late to back out now if you want to save face
No disgrace to know your place against my lyrical mace

You're a bench, that's it, you're tiny and fat
And who knows on how many dirty asses you sat
Your planks are flat, my lyrics better nail them away
So what you say, you wanna play, okay, I'll leave you in disarray

You're among the biggest losers of all time, no crime
but shows you're out of line, though it's fine
I know, you had a little too much wine,
Check out my percentile. Ninety eight - eighty nine.

Haters pulling s**t on me, they'll learn, give them time
Sanspareil no other rapper has this sense of rhyme
Sense and sensibility say just bow out now
But for your pride and prejudice you've gotta hear me wow

My audience, every voter, on the edges of your seats.
Cause I'm not even half way done with all my lyrical feats.
Come hear my beats, straight from the streets, render your rhymes obsolete
Your flows deplete, there's no conceit, you're a cheat, beat a retreat

You're like the Titanic, a one-liner gonna sink
You're at the point of no return, you're standing at the brink
This is your very last chance, you accept, then you lose
You only have yourself to blame if that's the path you choose

The greatest ginga, yeah, that fact I can boast
My face is so pale that I'm pretty much a ghost
Like Danny Phantom, I'm handsome, come and hear my anthem,
Write it down and file it as a memorandum

Rappers? I beat them. I give debaters education.
So be prepared cause you'll be dealt a bout of condemnation.
Cause nobody can beat me in the art of communication.
I'm keeping it real with my oral interpretation

My heart has got more winning than even Charlie Sheen
My heart is super brave 'cause I stem from Aberdeen
I've got the sweetest lyrics that your mind has ever seen
And that's just being honest, gee, not even being mean

My lyrics unending, my flow condescending
Resounding, rebounding, sounding, and downing
gleaming and steaming and breaking and shaking
And making your ears say "All hail the rap king"

My lyrics so awesome, check the books, it's a fact
My lyrics flowing smoothly like Lodore's cataract
My lyrics so good, I'll be surprised if you can speak
It's not always that I agree to battle with the weak

Recently - folks been confusing me - with CP - well I disagree
I'm me, you see, I'm the most me I can be
To a T, incredibly, behold my philosophy
I'm the MC to the MD, with energy impressively

But still don't me and CP make the very bestest pair
Besides, I was even creeping me out with my stare
And all those who say otherwise are just spitting out hot air
I don't care, cause my words, will never wear nor tear - I say I'm

Marvellous, magnificent, I'm setting up a precedent
I'm pretty much heaven-sent, Thank God I'm not malevolent
Awesome, great, no stopping there you see
Superlatives are perfect if you want to battle me

And what about you? You go and call your self a troll?
Are you afraid to show your face cause your wanted on parole?
Take a poll, let's rock and roll, your flow so out of whack
Nobody on this site knows what you even mean by nac

Man to man, let us fight, this battle here of wit
Come on, best prepare, this ain't some crazy drama skit
The battles just begun but it seems its almost over
You better ask your lucky stars to send you a three-leaf clover

But don't you worry I'll be back, riding atop Applejack,
I'm not a rapper to be slack, behold the crack of my attack,
There'll be no need for a round two, I have already beaten you,
That's what I do, beat you anew, with my voodoo you ain't got no clue

My rhymes leave you impressed, like you'd never have guessed
Invest them in your nest, get paid back with interest
This ain't even a contest, I'll leave you so obsessed
You'll have nothing to say, if you stay, your rhymes depressed

I'm MassiveDump, sugarlump, where I go the people jump
Stumped when I krump if they're pumped then they're dumped
You'll get trumped with a trumpet, cause this site's infected
Three months of rhymes collected, awesomeness detected

Like Sherlock Holmes, I'll shake your bones
my flow ain't slow it pones, Like you got beat by Davy Jones,
you're as dumb as the Flintstones, Hear my lyrical cyclones,
My style owns, you groan, you moan, you just step into the zone

But be warned that rhymes that I have got are many many more
And when those are exhausted I've got even more in store
My rhymes so rich and fluid I ain't never got rhyme-poor
So prepare yourself there buddy, I'm a force you can't ignore

Accept the battle and accept you lose
One last chance now and what will you choose?


Yo, Imabench is in the hood,
You can suck my fVckin' wood,
I'm a liberal see and I'm about to smack a b*tch up,
I have no moral values so what makes you think I give a fvck?

I'm the best in the world at what I do,
No even knows you,
I been here before,
You ain't nothin' but a whore.

I got paired with you don't make me laugh,
How long did it take you to think up your rhymes, a day and a half?
You see I'm the world,
You can even ask Tuttuturlte.

I'm the best at even rappin' polite,
So let me introduce you to the light.
Just like that 3 Days Grace song goes,
"It's all over for you." while your blows.

You see the voice in your head is just me in your headphones,
Let me introduce you to the ghost zone.
You see I'm Jack Sparrow, I've been there done that,
And you aren't nothing but the sh*t I shat!

I go to school at Miami,
Bathe in the shade beneathe the sickamore tree.
It's gonna be over quick, I can tell,
What's this I'm slippin' in your drink? Sh*t I can't tell.

You see I'm the reason people lock the door,
Cause this sh*t that I'm spitting is just that hardcore.
You see I ain't got an opponant over there to debate,
Man you just stepped into the ring with fate.

Everytime I debate I don't have to try,
Everytime you debate you only cry.
I invented all the sh*t you do so you think your the original, why?
Sh*t I'll just wip out my sabber, good-bye!

You see I'm so wirery,
You can't fire me,
Just take a look and see,
You'll be hangin' from that tree.

Come on I'm Imabench, a troll god, a collage student, and I can spit a rap.
Your a ginger with no soul and you aren't even worth a crap.
You're tryin' to checkmate me, this is the wrong game,
We're playin' Checkers, but I'll win all the same.

So listen while I spit this,
I'm scorin' me some b*tches,
You'll wind up in ditches,
I'll drown you like witches.

I'm the King of,
You are just the prostitues' cyborg.
I'm the Lord and King of the world,
You just being here makes your mom hurl.

You say that not even one Percent of what you know,
Well sh*t you know less than my ho.
I crush my enemies by just being pure awesome,
I'll strike you down like what Scar did to Mufasa.

Imabench that is for God,
You're just nothing but a fraud.
See I'm Yaway's right hand man.
When I jerk off you're my right hand, man.

You think that percentile is any good,
Check how my 99-99 is hanging in the hood.
If Yoda was here he would say, "Forfeit you should,
Why you here, I never understood."

Check my raps, you can't afford,
Cause I'm kickin' your a$$ just like Chuck Norris,
You're startin' to bore me now,
You're just copyin' and pastin' all of the rhymes you got schooled with, wow.

Ain't no one tell you to not to count you chicken before they hatch,
Cause after this debate you'll wind up with an eye patch,
You won't even see me swing this hatch,
B*tch this is over, set match.

You think your sh*ts cool,
B*tch it ain't even worth my stool,
Man you ain't going no where and do the whole world a favor and drown yourself in a pool,
Cause, man, you know this sh*ts a jewel.

See since I run hell ain't nobody around,
See if you don't be watching yourself I'll be draggin' you down,
Your loosin' so bad that your dead grandparents, upon you they frown,
Yah, that's right my sh*ts making you depressed and puttin' you down.

I see your all talk and no action,
But your the reason we have a fvcked up nation,
You see my rhymnes are settin' your cremation,
Yah I here for your enternal damnation.

You're goin' to here the rap tap tapin' on your door,
I'm goin' to break it down and rape your sister like she's my whore,
All the stuff your spittin' is just folk lore,
After your dead my ego will soar.

I can see the sh*t you be spitting,
I can see now that you're quittin',
But you just be a hatin' b*tch,
Man you just need to Vote to Lynch.

You think your the best in America,
I'm the best in the world, huh,
Yah you didn't know that sh*t didn't you,
Now your screwed.

In this world it's kill or die,
And you think that your better than I?
Back up before I bust a cap in your @$$
Forget it your @$$ is grass.

You don't know what it's like to fight the storm,
It's goin' to rape you inside your dorm,
You know all your skills are a hoax,
Just as Porky Pig said, "that's all folks."

Now when you remember my name your family is struck with fear,
Yah, I'm the reason your sister has that tear,
I wasn't jokin' about murderin' you,
That's just to show you on how true.

Debate Round No. 1


Probably not the best transcription:

If you think your lyrics are any good, you're sure of a big surprise
Cause you'll be so emabaressed, you'll have to go in disguise
Cause every rapper ever there was
Has more common sense because
They know that nobody else here can beat me

I know it's kind of hard to believe
But I've got plenty more tricks up my sleeve
You better not leave what you've chosen to recieve
Better not have misconcieved what you should have precieved

But I'd never guess you'd thieve all of my rhymes
But I don't blame you, my words are like a goldmine
And it's probably good for you, cause my rhymes are sublime
Hitting at you like a jet, leaving you no time

And then you claim I be copying and pasting
When at the time you hadn't even started rapping
As if anything you say would ever amount to anything
Why would I steal your rhymes when you're my underling

You so out of ideas, you are in rhyme debt
You got so many debts, you can't afford a cassette
You can't afford a cassette, but you'd not forget
I'll stomp you out, like a cigarette, you bet, no sweat

My rhymes are so fast, you can't follow along
My rhymes are so smooth, you could make them your theme song
You say you can beat me, like your lines are so strong
How does it feel to be so utterly wrong?

Half your rhymes are like EXPLETIVE DELETED
I didn't even think things would get this heated
I didn't even think you would be so concieted
Maybe there's a premonition you will be defeated

You claim you are for God, I'd be using caution
You go against your own religion on abortion
I'm sorry but Chuck Norris is considerably more awesome
Your rhymes are nothing but a most fanciful concoction

Not only that, but you're gay, see your boyfriend's name is Stan
And I know cause when you jerk off I'm your right hand man
You're being crushed like a beer can, better have an escape plan,
Your rhymes are way more dry than the republic of Sudan

Maybe run off to Japan, you gotta increase your knowledge
You'd think this kind of thing you'd learn in college
Maybe you were like Goldilocks, too busy stealing porridge
Either way my honesty you'd gotta adknowlege

You watch your tongue boy, or else you'll need a plaster
That rap was no way to address your master
This battle's like Cannae, a one-sided disaster
My rhymes just getting stronger, better, cooler, smarter, faster

This beat is courtesy of Winnie the Pooh
That bear so awesome he's like part of ma crew
I've used him in every single rap that I do
And kanga, and eyore, and piglet, and roo

I know you can't bear the bear, with his flair and his stare
Say a prayer, be aware, that the bear's without compare
All his raps are really rare, leave you confused, fair and square
Maybe that's why you don't know the color of your own hair

You say I'm all talk, you say I'm no action
I'm sorry but my talk just has so much attraction
Didn't want a reaction, didn't need a distraction
From your rhymes, more dated than Andrew Jackson

You're a killer and a rapist, dude what's up with that?
I think you and a psychologist need to have a chat
Something tells me your head is not screwed on straight
Oh wait. You're a bench. You don't have one. It's too late.

Check my Youtube series on international relations
Where I talk about the limitations of the other nations
I will rock your foundations, with allegations, accusations,
demanding great explanations for your many violations

I'll be known for generations, every rapper's aspirations,
Every radio station will play to my specification
That's just for your information, I'm the future civilisation
So send me congratulations, you don't need big calculations

I'm incredible, unbeatable,
my rhymes are not repeatable
I can't believe you're with us still
You'd think you'd need a little skill

Go to school, go to school, you've a lot yet to learn
The title of world champ is something you gotta earn
You can carp all you want, it's not my concern
prepare to be detitled, you're past the point of no return

You accepted the battle, you've accepted that you've lost
You be wishing you could rhyme like Robert Frost
But he lost when he crossed me, he was quashed
I'm as hot as Lara Croft, you're as screwed as Microsoft

So far I've been going soft, I'm the lyrical devil
I think it's about time we took this up a level
Got the mettle for my metal? I'll just sting you like the nettle
Win a medal, I'm a rebel, Take away the break pedal

It's not really worth it, better save it up for rap two
Cause it's embaressing that I even have to beat you
Cause the evil Dr Skidmarks using you as a seat, eww!
that's not coming off, that be stuck on there like glue

I don't joke, It's not fun, it's a fact, I'm number one
Under the sun, better run, don't wanna wait until I'm done
I'm second only to none, lyrics firing like a gun,
My words heavy like a ton, bet you wish you were my son

So you could always be around me, and not hiding in ya hood
I be rhyming ten times better than you wish you ever could
I hear your planks be made of cheap-cast balsa wood
That's not good. Do you hear me? I hope you've understood

As you should. I'll have you so lyrically subdued
You'll regret for evermore that this path you persued
I don't need to conclude, 'cause you are already screwed
There's no need to delude, 'cause I'm just not in the mood

My words you can't elude, my flows you can't exclude
There's no need to brood, just get my rhymes tatooed
So you can always view them, my rhymes are never crude
If you dispute that you'll be sued, for this feud that has ensued

You said nothing of worth,
you think you're king of earth?
Well welcome to my turf,
Where you're just a measly serf

If you think your lyrics are any good, you're sure of a big surprise
Cause you'll be so emabaressed, you'll have to go in disguise
Cause every rapper ever there was
Has more common sense because
They know that nobody else here can beat me


Yo, yo, rap solo, this is Winnie the Pooh
From the hundred acre wood, with my lyrical brew
I be stepping one-two, I be getting all the honey
With MC Chris Robin, I be rolling with ma money

This is the perfect embodiment of the Dao
My raps are more famous than even Chairman Mao
I'm gonna bear you down, that I'm gonna vow
We can stop this beat right here and now

We can do this a capella, like they do on 8 mile
I sold more of my rhymes than eminem, I'm versitile
I don't mean start a trial, I won't be hostile
Cause my style make you smile, it ain't worth my while

I be cruising down the nile, with my crew and my skeeters
I don't waste my time with you or any cheaters
Why am I even rapping now? Coming out of ya speakers?
I'd better run away, let me put on my sneakers


Yo yo, I'm on the crew too, this is Matt Romney
Got a bible here too, but I'm ya enemy
You vote for Obama? You choose the path of pain
It's you to you America won't be ever great again

Leadership means not making excuses
But your words just sound like lyrical abuses
MassiveDump's rhymes are just so heaven-sent
I'm giving MassiveDump my full endorsement

I wish he could be the government, then we would be set
I would never run against him, or else I would regret
Pin the tails on the donkeys, that's why I'm blaming you
I pray to God that you will never be part of this crew


I am puss, in boots, I'm here, are you surprised?
You are? Then zounds! I should have surmised!
Yes its true! Really here! Just as advertised!
Um - Cause MassiveDump's so great he just left me mesmerised!


Woah there puss, I think this rap just got slightly hotter
I should know all about that 'cause I'm Harry Potter
Avarakedavra! Did you hear what I said?
Now your muggle bench can know that your lyrics are all dead!


Hear my flow, hear me go, from long long ago
You are speaking to the Pharoah, from yu-gi-oh
He may be a ginga, and he may be without soul
But since he solved the Millenium Puzzle, mine's been making him whole

(continued in the comments due to character count restrictions)


(sorry I had to cut it sort, it's my only computer day for the next few days and I had to cram it into my lunch brake.)

Hell you think your so tough but you get beat by Chris,
You think you got me beat, but you your sh*t ain't worth p*ss,
Appartenly you never faced somebody who's won in Los Angeles,
I'm like the weather in the US of A, on fire, freezin', and by the end you'll be sayin' God help us.

Man you got to be joking,
Cause dude your croaking,
This will be hard for you to digest,
You're failing at your ego crushing quest.

They say gingers have no souls,
But you better watch out for me, a$$ hole,
Cause I kicked the devil's @$$ and now he ain't sh*t just like a mole,
No one can stop me, just kill yourself, pills in a bowel.

Who the fvck do you think you are?
Your sh*t seems so far,
you see I'm laughin' at you, har, har,
Now get out of here before I hit you with my car.

That's just to show you on how true,
They'll be gone, all of them in your crew,
I'm going to chop them up and turn them into stew,
Then I'm going to dump your grandparents ashes in the lou.

You'd be jealous of my style,
Cause I'm kickin' your a$$ like Gyle,
Yah, I'm just pimpin',
Yous just trippin'.

When you're lest expecting it, boom! I drag you down to hell.
Then I lock you in a cell.
You see I've been to hell and back.
I kicked the devils @$$ and Count Drac.

The only thing you've done is sh*t on this site.
I should do the whole world a favor and impale you on a pike.
Your screeming I don't wanna die.
I'm just smiling and saying bye.

Why's the confused look on your face.
You brought a knife to a gun fight with an ace.
You're staring down the barrell.
Death at the first bell toll.

I can drag you to hell when you sleep.
Yah I'm a fvcking creep.
But when it comes to fights I'm the champ.
While you you ride your sister's a$$, just gettin' a back cramp.

I'm better then the Yankees and all the other teams that think they're game.
Man you won't be the same.
This is going to be over before you know its.
Sh*t I'm going to pot a cap in your @$$ like you when you popin' zits.

You're trying all this for glory,
But that sh*t won't fit this story,
Cause I'm running you over with your mom's god forsaken lorrie.
That's it yah see.

You think I'm like ET at a zoo,
Back up man before I probe you,
So if I ever meet you,
I'll control atl, delete you.

Look at this, my opponent can't even show up.
Bro I'm so bada$$ I stink angle p*ss from a glass.
He can just sit there and suck my jong,
Yah that's right I won, so now you vote con.
Debate Round No. 2
24 comments have been posted on this debate. Showing 1 through 10 records.
Posted by RocketEngineer 4 years ago
I would vote, but my cell phone doesn't work confirming my identity.
Posted by RocketEngineer 4 years ago
Larztheloser definitely won this. Awesome lyrics. Utterly Awesome! I've got the teddy bear rap stuck in my head lol. I am going to be singing this all day

If you think your lyrics are any good, you're sure of a big surprise
Cause you'll be so emabaressed, you'll have to go in disguise
Cause every rapper ever there was
Has more common sense because
They know that nobody else here can beat me
Posted by BlackVoid 4 years ago
"You're a killer and a rapist, dude what's up with that?
I think you and a psychologist need to have a chat" Awesome comeback.
Posted by larztheloser 4 years ago
That has to be one of the most in-depth RFDs I've ever seen. Thanks!
Posted by TUF 4 years ago
Jesus christ this RFD took me over an hour to do lol
Posted by TUF 4 years ago
Side note: I won't include this in the RFD, do to conduct reasons, but Larz you did very well with the audio part. Kudos for that. You had great timing your beats, rhythm, and flow. Your beat drops were symbolic of a real rap song, and I was thoroughly impressed that you were able to fix that into your rap, especially under such a time constraint. Anyways, the rap was great, You turned an average beat into something poppin' with your lyrics, and speed. Also big commendations on the speed. You didn't really stutter a lot when going fast, and if you did, I barely noticed it, or I could still understand what you are talking about. Great job with that, and good luck in future rounds mate!
Posted by TUF 4 years ago
6. Cleverness/Wittiness -Larz

Larz actually had his entire raps full of clever and wit, or at least one overly clever saying in every block. To go through and to point them out individually would be strenous. I could only imagine that this must have taken a lot of time for Larz to accomplish, to kudos for the apparent great amount of effort you had to have put into this rap battle. I can't wait to see what you have in store for a more talented opponent.
But like I said, I was actually impressed with a few of lannans lines:

You're tryin' to checkmate me, this is the wrong game,
We're playin' Checkers, but I'll win all the same.

If Yoda was here he would say, "Forfeit you should,
Why you here, I never understood."

You know all your skills are a hoax,
Just as Porky Pig said, "that's all folks."

He can just sit there and suck my jong,
Yah that's right I won, so now you vote con.

These weren't all that great even, but they had enough context and cleverness to them to make me go "Eh, i'll give him that".

While larz had quite a few expert. He had so many gold mines in his rap, that it would take me an hour to go through and point them all out.

But Even with all those subjective points to the side, I would still have to give this to Larz. Lannan displayed horrible grammar, and spelling throughout this entire debate. There were several points of the rap where because of the grammar, I had no idea what he was trying to say. The spell/grammar check option is a very useful tool, even in a rap debate. Lannans influx of rhymes were also sporadic. He would commonly mis-match large blocks with small Blocs. Larz did the same, but he was more smooth with them, and made sure to add pace changing in his rhythym to make up for it.

Lannan also made a few mafia references which would be clever, but they were out of context, and made no sense. I don't think many people would have gotten the sycamore tree reference, for example, but maybe they would under
Posted by TUF 4 years ago
focused more on just the rhyme itself.

3. Sensibility- Larz

Going a long with the second point, A rhyme that makes sense is a good rhyme. Lannan was rhyming just to rhyme, while Larz was able to pull off meaning with the raps he was dishing out. His rhymes ultimately made sense at the same time as they were dishing out dirt on his opponent.

4. Accuracy of the insults- Larz

This was one both rappers could have focused on a little more, but again, I think overall Larz was the best here. Larz near the beginning of his raps seemed to focus a bunch on dishing out the heat on imabench, while also mentioning massivedump a couple of times. Though he did also tend to stray away from the topicality aspect, and get into straight rhymes. This was okay though, considering his rap was largely aimed at Imabench, and even an idiot viewing this debate could tell this. Lannan on the other hand I was a little dis-appointed in. The main insults he used were just repeats of some that Larz used IE he was using the same scenario in a different context. This shouldn't have been an issue. There is a lot of context from Imabnech over the past few months that could have been used against massive dump. I noticed more than a few ginger jokes, etc. But Either way, I think there is much more you could have done in regaurds to dissing MassiveDump. Most of your insults seemed to be directed at IDK his sister? Him?

5. Humor- Larz

Larz was funny, and mood lightening. His insults were stuff to be taken seriously, and taken all in good fun. I am sure anyone could come to the same conclusion reading this rap. On the other hand, lannan's choice in talking about murder and rape, and making threats was kind of out of nowhere, and didn't coincide with the spirit of this tournament; to have fun, and battle it out with clever and wit. I was a little dis-appointed that lannans side was a little more gangsta style, than actual clever humorous witty lines.

Posted by TUF 4 years ago

Lannan, don't get me wrong, I think you are better than DDO's average rapper, and I was actually impressed with a lot of the stuff you dished out in this battle. However, I think Larz highly outmatches you in the skill area, no offense.

Larz was able to succesfully fill every attribute that this rap tournament was looking to accomplish. For future notice, there is a slight discrepancy in voting, given that I stated that the debate rounds had to be in the same style IE Text to Text, video to video, audio to audio, etc. So automatically this made it kind of unfair for lannan given that Larz used audio in this one, but lannan did still agree to do the battle through text in response. None the less, I will give lannan the conduct point for this small principle.

1. Flow of the lines - Pro

There were a lot of points within this rap battle that lannans rap didn't exactly flow, and the symmety of his rhymes didn't fit. I will pull a line out for an example:

"I invented all the sh*t you do so you think your the original, why?
Sh*t I'll just wip out my sabber, good-bye!"

This is one of many lines he had like this, but it distrupts the flow of the rap when you read this, and try and put it into words.

The first line has 19 syllables, while the second one only has 10. If there was a beat rolling in the background while this lyric was being played, it would destroy the flow of the rap. Audience would have to think harder than normal to try and place the song back onto the right tracks, and overall it sounds un-pleasant. On the other hand, I don't think Larz had many of these at all. I might have noticed maybe one tops, that kind of almost falls into this category, but still doesn't, so kudos to Larz on this point.

2. Rhyme quality- I've already provided some examples of each rappers quality of rhymes in my previous musings, but overall Larz defnitely wins on this point. His clever lines rhymed, and made sense at the same time, while lannan focus
Posted by TUF 4 years ago
Anyways, onto the RFD
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Vote Placed by MassiveDump 4 years ago
Agreed with before the debate:Vote Checkmark--0 points
Agreed with after the debate:Vote Checkmark--0 points
Who had better conduct:--Vote Checkmark1 point
Had better spelling and grammar:--Vote Checkmark1 point
Made more convincing arguments:--Vote Checkmark3 points
Used the most reliable sources:--Vote Checkmark2 points
Total points awarded:00 
Reasons for voting decision: Well, I got a bias here, guys.
Vote Placed by thett3 4 years ago
Agreed with before the debate:--Vote Checkmark0 points
Agreed with after the debate:--Vote Checkmark0 points
Who had better conduct:--Vote Checkmark1 point
Had better spelling and grammar:--Vote Checkmark1 point
Made more convincing arguments:Vote Checkmark--3 points
Used the most reliable sources:--Vote Checkmark2 points
Total points awarded:30 
Reasons for voting decision: Wow. Very dominating performance by Larz/massivedump. I now know I never want to have a rap battle with him. Great flow, unique disses and rhymes, coupled with background music and an Aussie accent just blew Lannan/imabench away
Vote Placed by TUF 4 years ago
Agreed with before the debate:--Vote Checkmark0 points
Agreed with after the debate:--Vote Checkmark0 points
Who had better conduct:-Vote Checkmark-1 point
Had better spelling and grammar:Vote Checkmark--1 point
Made more convincing arguments:Vote Checkmark--3 points
Used the most reliable sources:Vote Checkmark--2 points
Total points awarded:61 
Reasons for voting decision: The Bulk of my RFD is in the comments section of this debate. I want to give my congratulations to both debaters on a job well done, and hope to see each of you progress in this tourney. While most of the points are going to Larz, I just want to let lannan know that he did a fantastic job as well, and I was actually surprised at how well he did. I think Larz was a really tough match for him though, and it was a bad circumstance that he got matched up against such an expert in the first round. I do think lannan still has the potential to go pretty far in this tourney though, if he heeds some of the advice he gets from this match, and turns up the heat in the next round. Conduct goes to lannan for the videos, but everything else goes to Larz in this brutal dish out of rap epicness. Great job to both of you, I can't wait to see what you will have in store in future debates. Both of you put a lot of effort in, and made the raps longer than I expected. Good luck in future rounds friends!