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Master Chief would defeat Marcus Fenix in combat

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Started: 5/18/2012 Category: Miscellaneous
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I believe that Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy SPARTAN-John-117 from Halo could defeat Marcus Fenix from Gears of War.

1. We are using all forms of canon for each participant (Games, Novels, Movies, etc.)
2. Game mechanics are not to be considered canon
3. Extending an arguement via link to another post is allowed (I encourage it)
4. First round is for acceptance and declaration of the equipment that will be used
5. Weapons and equipment must be able to be realistically carried
6. Weapons and equipment must be considered standard weaponry (A SPARTAN Laser is not standard for Master Chief like the Hammer of Dawn is not standard for Marcus Fenix)

The battle takes place in a 2 mile by 2 mile area that contains urban and woodland environments. The combatants start at opposite ends of the area. Unlimited time is given, but the starting time is 12:00PM, and as time goes on the daylight changes accordingly.

Each combatant is trying to kill each other. They are not given any preparation time and have very limited knowledge of their foe. No other people are in the area and there are no drivable vehicles. Outside help is also forbidden.

I shall begin by announcing John-117's gear:
  • MJOLNIR Mark VI Armor: This is his current armor from the Halo games
  • UNSC Military Specialized "dumb" AI: MJOLNIR Mark VI allows the use of an artificial intelligence. It is inserted into the back of the helmet/skull.
  • MA5C Assault Rifle: This is a standard UNSC assault rifle serving beside the MA5B and MA2B. It is commonly fielded by all soldiers in the UNSC.
  • BR55 Battle Rifle: This is the UNSC standard Battle Rifle, and is commonly fielded to both regular Marines and Special Forces.
  • M6D "Upsized" Magnum: This pistol is a larger version of the M6D magnum specifically designed for the larger hands of SPARTANs.
  • M7 Caseless SMG: This is the standard SMG for UNSC forces.
  • 4 Fragmentation Grenades
  • 1 UNSC Combat Knife: UNSC Forces, especially SPARTANS, are commonly equipped with a knife.
  • 1 LOTUS Anti-Tank Mine: SPARTANs throughought the Halo novels are almost always equipped with these mines (Along with tactical nuclear bombs).

The Master Chief can carry all of this for three main reasons.
#1. Master Chief is a SPARTAN-II in MJOLNIR. He can lift weights of 200kg with ease with a single hand. The gear will not be of any burden to someone with such strength
#2. MJOLNIR has magnetic holders. This allows him to attach his gear to both of his thighs and onto his back.
#3. Game mechanics were the only things stopping you from carrying this much in-game. Otherwise, the game would have been unbalanced.



My argument is simple. Marcus Fenix would chainsaw a fool.
Debate Round No. 1


I'm happy that you have accepted this debate, though I am a little let down with such a short reply. I came to this website hoping to avoid posts like that. Nevertheless, I'm sure you'll provide more in-depth arguements later on (I'm looking forward to it).

"Marcus Fenix would chainsaw a fool"

I'm assuming you read the rules, in which case Round 1 was meant for acceptance AND a list of equipment being used. Since you have not provided a list, and only imply that Marcus Fenix will use the chainsaw, I assume Marcus Fenix's loadout to be the Lancer and nothing more (The most commonly found gun with a chainsaw on it from Gears of War).

Now onto your "arguement."

Marcus Fenix will accomplish nothing against John-117 with the chainsaw. There are four main problems with using the chainsaw.
  1. Master Chief, in conjunction with his outstanding skill with ranged weaponry, will be using guns. The MA5C fires a 7.62x51mm FMJ round at a velocity of 905m/s, with a range of 300 meters ( This weapon will allow Master Chief to kill Marcus Fenix far before he gets within "chainsaw range." Even more, the BR55 Battle Rifle fires a 9.5x40mm High-Powered Semi-Armor-Piercing round, with a commendable range of 950 meters ( With such a high-powered round and with such a range, Master Chief could eliminate Marcus Fenix FAR before he closes a significant distance. Even the M7's range of 50 meters ( is more than enough to prevent Marcus from closing in. The M6D has a little trick up its sleeve, as it fires a 12.7x40mm Semi-Armor-Piercing HE round, which causes severe damage after impact and detonation (
  2. Master Chief's armor has energy shielding. You can't cut energy shields. You need to deplete them first, which takes energy (Whether it be through heat, kinetic, etc). MJOLNIR Mark VI has shields that can withstand 5 Megajoules of energy. Even with ridicoulus numbers like 13m/s and 20kg for the velocity and mass of a swing with the chainsaw, only 1.69 kilojoules is applied. Marcus would have to swing at the speed of a world-class boxer while holding a weapon that weighs more than most high-caliber antimaterial sniper rifles 2,959 times to deplete Master Chief's shields. All while Master Chief only needs one stab to Marcus Fenix's throat or one punch to the face.........
  3. Master Chief wears armor made of extremely dense Titanium-A alloy (Used on UNSC Starships) plating and a Titanium Nano-composite body suit. Not only is it resistant to small-medium caliber rounds, it would also be nigh impossible to cut this with a chainsaw. Imagine that you have a reinforced plate of steel multiple centimeters think. Now imagine trying to cut it with a chainsaw. It won't cut it. Now make that steel significantly denser and coat it in an energy shield that can withstand 5 Megajoules of energy.......
  4. Finally, we have Master Chief's martial skill, reaction speed, and strength. While unarmored and only the age of 14, Master Chief accidently killed multiple Special Forces soldiers in a H2H sparring match. Since the age of 6 he has been trained extensively in multiple martial arts. Going against someone with far less martial skill should almost be elementary. Out of armor, John-117's reaction time is 20 milliseconds. This is 12x faster than a Human. Not only this, his MJOLNIR Mark VI armor speeds up his reaction time by a staggering factor of 5. This gives him a reaction time of 4 milliseconds. In otherwords, he can react 60x faster than Marcus Fenix. "SPARTAN Time" is the name given to their insanely low reaction times in combat. Time seems to slow down around them while they themselves seem to speed up. Effectively, Marcus Fenix will be seem to be moving in slow-motion through the eyes of Master Chief. This is a HUGE advantage in any H2H fight, as you can see, evade, and counter-attack before your opponent even realizes what is happening. Then we combine this with Master Chief's massive strength advantage. Weighing 200kg on his own, he can lift 3x his own weight without assistance from his armor (600kg). Already, Chief can easily lift Marcus Fenix. However, Master Chief's armor enhances his strength by a factor of 10. This is 6,000kg. Master Chief could, with little effort, pick up and toss Marcus Fenix multiple meters, with one hand. Additionally, SPARTANs have been known to utterly pulverize the bones in their foe's arm, simply by grabbing the arm and squeezing. On top of it all, Master Chief, in armor, weighs nearly 500kg. This will make it almost impossible for Marcus Fenix to move Master Chief, while Master Chief can throw him around like a rag-doll.

Master Chief has ranged weapons, nigh-invulnerable shields, ultra-dense armor, and an immense advantage in the fields of training, speed, and strength. Each one of these, on their own, would make any attempt to attack Chief with a chainsaw suicidal, let alone all of them together.

Each of these are also reasons as to why Master Chief is clearly a superior combatant than Marcus Fenix. I eagrly await Con's response.


ConformistDave forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


Since Con has not responded, I shall restate my points and provide a video that demonstrates Master Chief in action.

1. Powerful ranged weaponry compined with superb accuracy
2. Megajoule level shielding
3. Ultra-dense titanium armor
4. Immense training, reaction time, and strength advantage



ConformistDave forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3


I see where this is going...


ConformistDave forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4


For the final round, I shall give quotes to further reinforce my previous points.

Halo: The Flood pg 70-71
The dropship disgorged another contingent of troops-including a trio of Jackals. their distinctive, glowing shields flared as Sergeant Johnson’s men open fired. bullets ricocheted as the bird-like aliens crouched behind their protective devices, like medival footmen forming a shield wall.
Behind them, more grunts and a blue Elite spread out in an enveloping formation. It was a good tactic, particularly if there were more dropships inbound. eventually, the covenant would wear down the Marine defenses and overrun the position.
There was just one problem with their plan: he was in a perfect flanking position. he crouched, then sprinted forward into the Jackal’s line. His assualt rifle barked and bullets tore into the exposed aliens. they had barely hit the ground as the Spartan spun, primed a captured plasma grenade, and threw it at the Elite, almost thirty meters away.
The alien only had time to roar in surprise before the glowing plasma orb struck him in the center of his helmet. The weapon fused to the alien’s helmet and began to pulse a sickly blue-white. A moment later, as the alien attempted to tear off his helmet, the grenade detonated.
After that it was a relatively simple matter for Master Chief to move through the ruins and hunt down the remainder of the covenant reaction force.

Halo: The Flood pg 282
The slug caught the ex-elite in the chest. The combat form didn't even flinch as the bullet passed through its spongy center of mass. A tiny spurt of gray-green ichor trailed from the entry wound, as the creature swung a vicious blow at the Master Chief.
He ducked the attack and dropped his rifle. He dived, tucked into a roll and came up with his sidearm in his hand. He emptied the clip into the beast. one round blew its left arm off, and the final round made a foot-wide exit wound in the flood's back.

Halo: The Flood pg 307-308
The storm of gunfire put out by the MJOLNIR-clad soldier was too powerful, too well aimed, and the Flood started to wilt, stumble, and fall, many giving up their lives only inches from the Spartan's blood-drenched boots, clawing at his ankles. He gave thanks as the last combat form collapsed, relished the silence that settled over the room, and took a moment to reload both his weapons.
"Are you Okay?" cortana asked hesitantly, both grateful and amazed by the fact that Chief was still on his feet.
He thought of Captain Keyes.
"No," the Spartan replied "Let's get the hell out of here and finish these bastards off.'
he was numb from creeping exhaustion, hunger, and combat. The planned escape route back to the shuttle bay was littered with Flood and Covenant alike. The Spartan moved almost as if he was on autopilot-he simply killed and killed and killed.

Halo: The Fall of Reach pg 241
There was a dot on the horizon, and the faint rumble of thunder.
In the blink of an eye, the dot had wings and the Master Chief’s thermal sensors picked up a plume of jetwash. In seconds, the SkyHawk closed—then opened fire with its 50mm cannons. He jumped. The wooden poles splintered into pulp. They were mowed down like so many blades of grass. The Master Chief rolled, ducked, and flattened himself on the earth. He caught a smattering of rounds and his shield bar drooped to half.
(By the way, 50mm rounds are crazy powerful)

Halo: The Flood pg 134-135
It was a rhetorical question. The Marine shook his head. “I don’t know, sir, but I know this. More than twenty-five years ago, When I was a second lieutenant, the people who invented the Chief thought it would be fun to test their new pet weapon on some real meat. They engineered a situation in which four of my Marines would run into your friend, take offense at something he did, and try to teach him a lesson.
“Well, guess what? The plan worked perfectly. The plan sucked my people in, and the freak not only kicked the hell out of them, he left two of them dead-beaten to death in a goddamned ship’s gymnasium. i don’t know what you call that, sir, but I call it murder. Were there repercussions? Hell, no. the windup toy got a pat on the head and a ticket to the showers. It was all in a day’s bloody work.”

Halo: The Flood pg 314
Once again the spartan made use of a grenade to even the odds-then crushed the head of an Elite with his fist. The alien's head was turned to pulp and its body collapsed like a puppet with no strings. The armor gave him enough strength to flip a warthog over.

Halo: First Strike pg 2
The few remaining Naval personnel on the deck turned pale and averted their eyes-a Spartan wielding a knife was generally accompanied by the presence of several dead bodies.

Halo: First Strike pg 16
A fist sized rock whizzed in from the aliens' left. It slammed into the lead Jackal's occipital crest with a wet crack. The creature squawked and dropped to the ground in a pool of purple-black blood.
Fred darted ahead and in three quick steps closed with the remaining Jackal. He sidestepped around the plane of the energy shield and grabbed the creature's wrist. The Jackal squawked in fear and surprise.
He yanked the Jackal's gun arm, hard, and then twisted. The Jackal struggled as its own weapon was forced into the mottled, rough skin of its neck.
Fred squeezed and he could feel the alien's bones shatter.

Halo: The Fall of Reach pg 270
Dr. Halsey immediately recognized one of them, although he was dressed entirely in black, save his open eye slits—Number 117. John. John landed, braced, and kicked one guard. The man landed in a heap . . . eight meters away. The other Spartan jumped off the bunker; he flipped end over end, evading the stun rounds that filled the air. He threw himself at the farthest guard and they skidded together into the shadows. The guard’s gun strobed once, and then it was dark again.
On top of the bunker, John was a blur of slashing motions. A second guard’s exosuit erupted in a fountain of hydraulic fluid and then collapsed under the armor’s weight. The last guard on the bunker turned to fire at John. Halsey gripped the edge of her chair. “He’s at point blank range! Even stun rounds can kill at that distance!” As the guard’s gun fired, John sidestepped. The stun rounds slashed through the air, a clean miss. John grabbed the weapon’s armature—twisted—and with a screech of stressed metal, wrenched it free of the exoskeleton. He fired directly into the man’s chest and sent him tumbling off the bunker

Halo: The Fall of Reach pg 112
He leaped over a three-meter-high wall. He punched at concrete targets—shattering them. He threw knives, sinking them up to their hafts into target dummies. He slid under barbed wire as bullets zinged over his head. He stood, and let the rounds deflect off the armor. To his amazement, he actually dodged one or two of the rounds."

Halo: The Fall of Reach pg 264
They had all heard the Captain, however. The sound receivers in their armor could pick up a whisper at a hundred meters."

Halo: First Strike pg 141
Kelly skidded to a halt in front of the locked elevator doors. She gripped one of the panels; Fred and Vinh gripped the seam of the other side, and the Spartans pried them apart as if the fivecentimeter steel alloy were no tougher than the rind of an orange

Of course there are plenty more quotes, but I feel no need to extend this arguement via link when faced without any arguements from Con. I have provided ample evidence and reasoning as to why Master Chief would defeat Marcus Fenix in combat. Honestly, it is like comparing a hard-core war veteran to a biologically and cybernetically enhanced super soldier 30 year veteran, wearing shielded power armor, that was beating entire squads of special forces at the age of 12.


ConformistDave forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by SuperiorArsenal 6 years ago
Considering that in the video I posted, Chief was going from headshot to headshot while running 20mph+(Which is nowhere near sprinting speed for a SPARTAN. They can run faster uphill on sandy terrian....) with fully automatic weapons. Even with the pathetically inaccurate M7 Caseless SMG...I find a quick headshot the most likely scenario.
Posted by bossyburrito 6 years ago
Posted by OberHerr 6 years ago

Head shot.
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Reasons for voting decision: Amazing debate, although Ober is just biased.
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Reasons for voting decision: Con had an almost complete FF, no real arguments, and even if Con did have arguments, I doubt he could have defended against pro's. Pro wins.