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Master chief would beat up on noble team

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Started: 3/29/2013 Category: Entertainment
Updated: 4 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Well, good luck to my opponent. While the nobles have manpower, master chief has hundreds of marines to back him up.


Dude, they're both on the same side so they'll have hundreds of marines to back both Noble Team and Master Chief John-117. For readers unfamiliar with Noble Team, here's a brief description before I start.

Noble Team is the main Spartan II/III team in the game HALO REACH. Noble Team consists of 5 Spartan IIIs and 1 Spartan II. Each member of Noble team specialized in a different tactic, with the exception of Noble six (the player character's Spartan III, Spartan-B312) who is comparable to the Master Chief. This is not an opinion since Doctor Halsey agrees with the following quote, "Noble Six. The team's most recent addition.... Hyper-lethal: there's only one other Spartan with that rating..."— Catherine Halsey. Spartan III Commander Carter-A259 designation Noble 1 is the leader of the Noble Team. Spartan III Lt. Commander Catherine-B320 designation Noble 2 is Noble Team's second in command and the intelligence specialist. Spartan III Warrant Officer Jun-A266 designation Noble 3 is Noble Team's sniper. Spartan III Warrant Officer Emile-A239 designation Noble 4 is Noble Team's assault specialist. Spartan II Jorge-052 designation Noble 5 is Noble Team's only Spartan II and is the heavy weapons specialist holding a custom modified heavy machine gun. Finally the player character Spartan III Lt. Spartan-B312 designation Noble Six, the hyper lethal vector of Noble Team. (by the way Noble six's gender can be chosen by the player). For further info just visit it'll go in depth.

If this fight was Noble team against the Master Chief it wouldn't be a fair fight.
Carter and Kat would have Emile, Jorge, and Six beat Master chief while Jun snipes the Master Chief. Since Noble six is comparable to Chief it would be dead even between Master chief and six (regardless of gender). Kat and Carter are the brains of Noble team so the chief would be hard pressed to beat an unusually cohesive unit like Noble Team.
Debate Round No. 1


For this lets just master chief went rouge with 20 marines. Your counterargument caught me of guard so kudos to you. The way I see it is this: Jun snipes at the marines, marines countersnipe and give the chief a distraction, the chief flanks and noble six and George move to intercept, cortana tracks there next move and the chief moves in, jorge turns, marine sees a opening and bam! Jorge is dead. Kat runs to help and the chief mows her down. Its now 11 to 4, and noble six and master chief engage in hand-to-hand. In this fight chief has the upper hand with cortana to predict what will happen, six lunges and chief sidesteps and stabs down. It is now 5 on 3. Jun gets engaged by the last few marines and doesn't see the chief. His throat gets slit. Emile takes two marines down but gets taken out by a lucky shot and a grenade. Carter kills the last two marines and its just him and master chief.... and that's based all on stats.


I think you're underestimating Noble Team. See Jun would have Six as a support in the beginning with the two of them picking off the marines making it 6:14. The remaining 14 marines might countersnipe, but I doubt they can even touch Noble team when the members of Noble Team like Master Chief are equipped with the Mjolnir Mark V armor (which is complete with shields). Carter would fire up the M319 grenade launcher and kill 3 more marines while Jorge distracts Chief with a hail of bullets. Emile moves in with his Shotgun to eliminate 5 more marines before pulling back to Kat. Meanwhile Kat is busy hacking the UNSC network to isolate Noble's comms to prevent Cortana from predicting Noble's next move. Emile is then ordered by Carter to eliminate the remaining 6 marines before they reach Kat. Emile then runs out of ammo after killing 4 more marines before pulling out his kukri's to dice the remaining two marines, Jorge distracts the Chief, while Carter, six and Jun move into position. However, Cortana notices Jun's movement and directs the chief into an area where Jun can't snipe the Chief. Six then tackles the Chief and fights him in hand to hand combat, but Six is beaten back by Chief and is disarmed when Carter intervenes. Carter and Chief also fight hand to hand combat, and Carter is seriously wounded as a result. But, while Chief was battling Six and Carter, Jorge was slowly moving into a good position and mowes down Chief after Carter disables Chief's shield at the cost of being stabbed.
Debate Round No. 2
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Posted by masterchief12 4 years ago
Dude noble team is in Halo reach pretty fun
Posted by Ragnar 4 years ago

I think this is video game related, I remember playing Halo... But what video game is this Noble Team?
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