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Masturbation in Schools

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Started: 5/18/2012 Category: Education
Updated: 5 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Ladies and Gentlemen, today I am in support of children having access to informative lessons that they may be too uncomfortable to ask their parents about, and not stupid enough to try and access over the internet, I am in favour of girls learning about a crucial part of male puberty, and I am against our next generation of world leaders potentially harming their genitalia through improper methods of self gratification.

Canada should incorporate masturbation lessons into it's public school grade 8 Sexual Education classes.

How one might ask? That is up to the discretion of the school boards, be it pictures, diagrams, or models/physical props.


Because no real arguments were posted, I will assume this first round is for acceptance. Therefore, I accept.
Debate Round No. 1


Travniki forfeited this round.


Well, seeing as this is the second round and I have nothing to argue. I will present 1 contention.

Contention 1: It's disgusting.

It's disgusting.

Thank you.
Vote Con!
Debate Round No. 2


Sorry about the forfeit mate.

Contention one: Some kids don't know how to masturbate properly

At a theoretical level, we can assume that some children have urges that must be immediately sated, but don't have the knowledge or patience to safely satiate that need. It is all too common that young males will use harmful lubricants , or improper technique that can damage their genitalia. In an ideal world we would just kill any kids that are stupid enough to not know how to properly masturbate (about most of them probably), but our society demands we teach them proper methods. My resolution supports high school teachers ensuring that young boys know that there are many lubricants that while wielding results, can lead to later irritation and damage of the males genitalia.

Why must this happen in school one might ask?

Young children face enormous obstacles when confronting their parents on advice about self gratification. We feel that many children simply don't want to talk to their parents about anything sexual. The internet is also a horrible place to learn about this sort of thing because there is a very thin line between sexual education and pornography on it. Young children could easily stumble on an inappropriate site if they google "How to masturbate". Instead of finding a completely innocuous video of an adult using a diagram or prop showing how to safely do the deed, we fear they will find "Two guys, one horse". In a school environment they will have a safe and supervised place to learn about and incredibly important activity that will effect them for the rest of their lives. There is no distinction between what I propose and the existing sexual education classes.


Just like how boys aren't excluded about learning about girls menstrual cycles, girls will not be excluded from these classes. Masturbation affects them almost as much as it affects the boys. They cannot be kept blind to this aspect of the male condition, knowledge is power, and understanding will bring a familiarity and responsibility with the sexual question.

It's disgusting?

So are girls periods but we learn about that. Sex in general can be disgusting, we are perfectly happy to concede that, hell, I even found some scenes from Romeo and Juliet disgusting when I was in English class. Being absolutely hideous, shocking and unsightly is a reason to include a topic in a curriculum not exclude it. The children must learn about this inevitable process, in a classroom the act will be so much less disgusting and they will have their peers and a teacher to help them through it.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I propose.


Because Pro finally shows up in the last round, this debate will be considered a one-round debate, and nothing said previously will count towards either side.

I will begin by rebutting my opponents arguments.

Contention one: Some kids don't have common sense.

a. Pro wants to base this debate off of assumptions, thereby giving me the right to assume anything I want for my arguments later.

b. Pro has no proof that "it is all too common that young males will use harmful lubricants... that can damage their genitalia." Because there is absolutely no proof in this debate, and that Pro has posed no sources, we can assume this point to be completely false.

c. Pro also says that "in an ideal world we would just kill any kids that are stupid enough to not know how to properly masturbate." I immediately urge a vote for Con just because Pro would rather kill these kids, anyway, thereby not agreeing with his own resolution.

d. If a kid does not know how to properly masturbate, he can easily look it up online without the risk of porn. I curse myself for giving a source here, but there you go, folks. [] User Malodrax has masturbation down to a science. And this is from a bodybuilding website, so it doesn't look as sketchy on your history if you do not read the title of this thread. There are also numerous easily accessed websites like this that can help you. Upon my search, I did not end up seeing any porn. (Except that one picture on Malodrax's post (censored, or course).

e. I have just, regrettably, googled "How to masturbate" and did not see any links to "Two guys, one horse". This ultimately disproves Con's entire point about the Internet not being safe to look up masturbation. You may also cross apply my last sub-point.

f. Sure, it'd be awkward for you to ask parents, but is it that much better to be told how to masturbate by your teacher? In High School, if you haven't already learnt how to masturbate on your own, I'm sorry for you, but it's not okay to ask your teachers. Besides, who in their right mind would do such a thing in the first place? A doctor, maybe, but definitely not in a school environment.

g. I have no idea how to rebut Pros point about making girls be included in the lessons about male masturbation. It's just weird. No girl needs to know what a guy does when he thinks about her, nude. This point makes no sense, I'm sorry for my lack of input.

h. Pro rebuts my point about it being disgusting, but because this is a one-round debate, his argument will be thrown away. I only placed that argument in the case that Pro would be a no-show to this debate.

Vote Con!
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by kyro90 5 years ago
This debate is hilariously discusting. Although, I bet a few people do this. xD
Posted by whyt3nn3rdy 5 years ago
Well, that was interesting.
Posted by anachronist 5 years ago
Yeah we actually have sex edcation in Europe.
Posted by Contra 5 years ago
They do it in Europe I've heard, teach it in schools.
Posted by Ixaax 5 years ago
Posted by 16kadams 5 years ago
Posted by Travniki 5 years ago
Post as many arguments as you want, I put no rules
Posted by whyt3nn3rdy 5 years ago
Note: my argument was not serious, it was simply because of the courtacy rule that you are not to pose new arguments in the last round. I'll explain it in my argument for those who don't see this, but this was made into a 1-rounder by Pro.
Posted by Travniki 5 years ago
Sorry, about ff, Ill post arguments now!
Posted by Zaradi 5 years ago
You see 'ere you just grab that thing right there, and just jerk it. Don't be shy. Here, try it.

God I could see so much pedophilia coming from this. But yet it's just so win xD
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