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Math LoLz

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Started: 6/15/2015 Category: Games
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If you can give a value of X to make the equation I give you in Round 2 correct within 15 minutes, you win. I will provide in the comments an answer to the equation if you don't believe there is one :) This can be done as long as you have a suitable graphing calculator and probably algebra 2 skillz. This is for teh lulz.
Debate Round No. 1


Equation- X^(X/sqrt(x))/(x^x) + x = (x^3)/(X^sqrt(x))

^ means to the power of
sqrt() means square root of
I meticulously placed all of my brackets. none of them are flawed... but some are unnecessary.

Hint: There are 2 answers as far as I know... Remember you only need 1!


TheAvenger333 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2
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Posted by TheAvenger333 2 years ago
Yup I totally got that :)
Posted by FlatEarthSociety 2 years ago
I win!

One answer would be X=3.950918 approximately
Posted by FlatEarthSociety 2 years ago
Hurry! Make sure you do the acceptance round thing!
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