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Matt Smith was a good Doctor Who!

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Started: 2/3/2016 Category: TV
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Matt Smith was young and not experienced enough to play the Doctor. As he succeeded David Tennant, he had some large boots to fill and failed spectacularly.


Matt Smith was a good Doctor and played the role admirably. David Tennant may have been a better Doctor however he had the advantage of a better story lines as Russel T Davies was a much better writer for Doctor Who that Steven Moffat was. Because of this Matt Smith was seen as an underrated Doctor and is berated by people for it. It is unfair and unjust to view him as a bad Doctor as you always need to take into account the skill of the writer. He also gets grilled more than he should as David Tennant, who player the best Doctor due to his magnificent reprisal of the show, was the Doctor before him so Smith had to live up to the high standard that had been left behind in Tennant's wake.
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