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Mayonnaise is better than Miracle Whip (and any other condiment, for that matter)

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Started: 3/10/2016 Category: Funny
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The debate title speaks for itself.


There is no way miracle whip is better than ketchup. It is a disgusting lumpy white substance that has a resemblance to semen. It is mostly made up of egg yolk; imagine putting egg yolk on a burger. Sometimes I just deal with it because fast food chains dont even ask they just put it on. For my taste buds it doesnt really enhance anything; it kind of just drowns out the taste of the food a bit. I suppose everybody has different tastebuds but everyone loves ketchup. If you do not love ketchup you are obviously a commie. Ketchup is still the number one condiment in america. I think most would agree mayo even if they like it is in the top 20, not the best. As for miracle whip, have you tried it on strawberries?
Debate Round No. 1


Ok first of all, the title of this debate was not "Miracle Whip is Better Than Ketchup". It is "Mayonnaise is Better Than Miracle Whip (and any other condiment for that matter). Really I intended the debate to be only mayonnaise vs. Miracle Whip, but I just had to throw in that last part- that's how much I love mayo, sorry if it confused you! I am not a fan of Miracle Whip at all. To each his or her own, but in my opinion it is just an overly sweet, artificial cousin to mayo. But anyway, I will accommodate you and change this debate to Mayonnaise vs. Ketchup. Let's go!

To begin, yes- egg yolk is a primary ingredient in mayonnaise. My opponent says "imagine putting egg yolk on a burger". Well yes... I CAN imagine, in fact, putting an egg on a burger has been quite the rage lately. I've seen chefs such as Bobby Flay do it many times!

Next, it certainly sounds like our taste buds are very different- because mayo DEFINITELY enhances the flavor of any food I put it on- sorry you're missing out on this wonderful experience!

You state "I suppose everybody has different tastebuds but everyone loves ketchup. If you do not love ketchup you are obviously a commie". Well that's a pretty ignorant and ridiculous thing to say, because some people's taste buds HATE ketchup! I have a few friends who think ketchup is disgusting, and they are definitely not "commies". Geez, I would never even say that about somebody who hated mayonnaise!!

Lastly, you say that "Ketchup is still the number one condiment in America." Well, according to, mayonnaise is America's favorite condiment! Now, check this link out from Quartz- Mayonnaise is the KING of American condiments! "The US now consumes some $2 billion worth of mayonnaise each year. The ketchup market is worth less than half that"around $800 million."

Well my friend, I guess you learn something new each day!

And no, I have never tried Miracle Whip on strawberries. Have you?


ok ok.. Bobby Flay has some weird taste buds too then. Tell ya what leave this to the voters. If you think mayo is better than ketchup mustard relish ranch italian and hot sauce etc, then vote for my opponent.
Debate Round No. 2


Alright, that's fine by me. Vote Pro, mayonnaise is the King of American Condiments! (Plus, ladies and gents- the condiment that will also do WONDERS for your hair!)

Good luck, and may the best opponent win!!



But before you vote for her try putting mayo in your hair! see how that goes... and c'mon hot sauce folks
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by StilettoStomper 2 years ago
whanna4d21- it was fun debating you! You can forfeit the last round since I didn't make round one acceptance only. Or if you have any last words, feel free. Good luck!
Posted by ItsSnowingInColorado 2 years ago
Better than the presidential debates...
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Reasons for voting decision: The debate was mostly assertions. Both were mildly amusing with their responses but, only one factual point was rebutted, mayonnaise being the # 1 condiment. The citation source for this could have been easily contested, it was not. On this point alone, debate to PRO. S&G tied, both had command of the language. Conduct tied; calling catsup haters commies is not enough to warrant a point to one side over the other. Sources tied, though only one source was used to ensure the debate win, it was not sufficiently substantial within the scope of the overall debate.