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McDonald is Ethical

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Started: 7/21/2011 Category: Society
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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1. Give out delicious foods
The addicting taste of the fast foods attracts its customers. But, why is it addicting? Because it is DELICIOUS AND TASTY SO MANY CUSTOMERS ARE EATING FAST FOODS! At least, it may taste better than bunch of green vegetables like spinach or green peppers or the broccoli...
2. Makes jobs for people
Who will grow vegetables for burgers? Who will deliver these stuffs to the restaurant? Who will make foods for hungry people? Obviously, farmers, truck driver, cook and more will do this role. Actually, in Norway there are 2500 people working for McDonald's. Which means that McDonald gives jobs to people. McDonald's opens a new store every 5 hours. Everywhere on our earths, and for now they have opened 30 000 restaurants in 119 countries. If all of these McDonald were closed, the people working at the McDonald might be unemployed.
3. They are replacing the menu
If you think about McDonald, you will only think about huge Big Mac with greasy French fries for the side dishes and cokes for your beverage. But these are just past menus, If you look at the main website of McDonald, Burgers? Get that out. We have pancakes and some fresh fruit salad with walnut sauce. Side menus? We have fresh side salad instead of fries. We can choose water, apple juice and orange juice replacing cokes!
4. Providing food in cheap prices
Can you imagine eating one meal with just 1$? Well in McDonald, it is not impossible! McDonald provides you food with just 1$!! You can eat chicken sandwich, hamburger or French fries. In Korea, it costs about 6000₩ when you it outside like a Japanese restaurant. But in McDonald, you can eat for about 3000₩ or 4000₩!! It is way cheaper!


I would first like to thank my opponent for creating this debate. It should prove to be interesting.

Pro's first point is a relatively simple one: McDonald's is ethical because the food tastes good. However, this argument can be applied to crack as well; it feels very good, but in the long run, is it good for you? I understand the dangers posed by McDonald's food is far less than thise posed by crack or other hard drugs, but eating at McDonald's or eating a fish caught in polluted waters have similar health benefits. For instance, their chicken nuggets contain at most 44% chicken. The rest is modified cornstarch (without this, the nuggets would not be able to hold themselves together, due to the extreme processing of the nugget.), emulsifiers (so that the fats and the moisture in the nuggets do not separate, forming a nasty clot-like knuckle of nugget.), dextrose (it's a sugar.), chicken broth (a source of moisture and some flavor that has been leeched out of the nugget by the processing of the product), and yellow corn starch and more modified cornstarch are added to make the batter. And that is just the chicken. Who knows how they make french fries, or burgers? Not to mention the like or dislike of certain foods is a cultural one. People who grow up in big cities love McDonalds' processed "foods", but people who grow up in small towns like whatever they grew up with. I live in one of those towns in Israel. Do people here eat at McDonald's? No. Israelis eat salad with EVERY meal, including breakfast, lunch and dinner. And they love it. Does that not prove my point?

Her second point was that McDonald's creates jobs for farmers, truck drivers, and cooks. However, I should point out that this is entirely untrue, owing to the obvious fact that farmers can sell their own crops if they wanted, truck drivers are used for everything, another resturant could easily hire them due to their sudden loss of competition if McDonald's was gone, and the same goes to the cooks. Without the competition from McDonald's, other, more ethical resturants would expand and hire more workers, thus defeating your entire second point.

Your third point is that McDonald's is replacing its options with healthier choices; although these don't seem to be much healthier. Let's compare a couple of McDonald's salad's to a BigMac, shall we?

Premium South West Grilled Chicken Salad

420 Calories
15 Grams of Fat
1300mg Sodium
14g of sugar

Premium Bacon Ranch Salad with Crispy Chicken

540 Calories
35g Fat
1500mg sodium
6g sugar

Now for comparison, here is the nutritional value of a BigMac

The BigMac

540 Calories
29g Fat
1040mg sodium
9g sugar

So far, the evidence does not suggest the McDonald's is ethical in any way. But let us examine my opponent's fourth and final point. It is that McDonald's offers food a far lower prices than most of the competition. But is that really a good thing? It is confirmed that poverty is linked to obesity, the obvious conclusion is that poor people, want to spend less money, so they go into the cheapest place possible. So McDonald's makes money off of making poor people fat. Hardly ethical behavior, in my opinion. Besides, is saving a few extra bucks REALLY that important compared to preserving your own health, even for poor people? If you're so poor that McDonald's is your only feasible option, well, you should probably qualify for food stamps.

So I have completely refuted my opponent's claims and proven that McDonald's is in fact highly unethical. As far as I am concerned, the resolution is already negated. Good luck on the next round.

Debate Round No. 1


rtg0713 forfeited this round.


Sadly, my opponent has forfeited round two. My arguments stand.
Debate Round No. 2


rtg0713 forfeited this round.


Darknes forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Darknes 7 years ago
Uh, how did the distances between the names of the salads and their nutritional values get so big? I didn't mean to do that...
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