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Meaningful Rap Battle

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Started: 11/16/2012 Category: Philosophy
Updated: 5 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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As a poet in my spare time, there is something about meaningful raps that takes me me to an emotional high and low that the average person cannot experience. They blow my mind. I love them and want to share it with the world.

Time to see who knows the most meaningful ones and voters to vote as such.

Voters should vote on the meaning of the rap's lyrics not purely on flow and rhymes.



I'm down.

You start.
Debate Round No. 1


I was actually going to do a competition of posting vids. However, I can understand how it might have misled you that I said I was a poet. So I'll just freestyle my own as they say xD.

Judge Ya' Reflection

While people think,
They know more than enough,
It just takes one little thing,
And they begin learning stuff.

People once said say 'gays be stupid',
Now they say 'gays be cute',
Gays be just like straight people hit by cupid,
No need to refute,
That homosexuality,
Is a sexuality,
That there's no need for illegality,
For gay sin this reality,
People come back down to Earth by gravity,
Think they can confirm their own sanity,
All blinded by their vanity,
A man kisses a man and he,
Would be,
Discirinated against mercilessly,
But time moved on,
Gays stayed strong,
Went on to sing songs,
To prove the status quo wrong.

People want to judge,
Liek they know who you are,
They say 'he too shiny', 'he too dull',
He not like a normal star,
They say 'ha he be drivin' a tata nano'
He can't afford a decent car,
Meanwhile that man is working his a$s off,
Just to bring home some food for his starving father,
He has to work like a dog,
Gets used like a lab rat,
He an animal so deperate,
To succeed at just that,
Just at existing,
And persisting,
And resisting suicide,
He has nowhere to run,
He has nowhere to hide,
So he drives in his rusted vehicle,
Tata Nano to you but you simply be delusional,
To him a ferari would not mean as much as that rusted car,
Cos fact is that man,
That car, his life plan,
Are proud to be a freaky star.

Who was eminem?
A whie boy in the ghetto,
Did anyone think he would go anywhere back then,
Just ask them, they'd say Heck no!
Fact is he's a multi millionaire,
Got his words to the world out there,
He could rhyme,
He had some luck,
He rhymed all the time,
To his goal he stuck,
Now nobody would judge as a failure,
As an abomination or a distateful freak ,
If anything,
they envy him,
His flow, life and body are far from weak.

Next time you wanna give somebody rejection,
You want to mock them and take advantage of their complexion,
You want to abuse power, in every form, shape and direction,
First of all take a good look in the mirror,
Judge ya' reflection.


Yeah, this one goes out to all our boys overseas, giving it all for the people who hate them for what they do.

Check it.


Land of the free and home of the brave.
Yet he who fights for this life to you is just a silly knave.
Why? What must y'all misbehave?
They've gave to save us all from being someone evil's slave.

Come on, man, respect.
What's the disconnect between us and those who protect
And don't collect a cent, a percent, and then has to pay the rent?

This dissent,
without relent,
it's intent to torment
Those who can actually represent
us well.

Listen, they are the ones who giving it all.
They answer the call to brawl and fall
'cuz they're in it for the long haul.
Above all, after they crawl to the wall and are left in a sprawl,
and you're wanting to spit on the burial shawl?


When you grow the stones to go into the warzones
and listen to the well-known moan of those who died
so that you can sit on your throne, alone, and shout
"I'm holier than thou!",
Don't bother to condone
and let your thoughts be overthrown.

Semper Fi, HOORAH!
Debate Round No. 2


Cycle of crime

Do you know what it's like,
To come to school on a bike,
And not know for sure,
If you'll ride home or take a hike?

To come to school with a little bit of money,
That you stole from you imporverished father,
Yet big boys find it very funny,
To force you to find another,
Source of income,
So you resort,
To shoplifting,
Then you get caught,
You get put in prison,
Stuck in a cell,
Dreaming of one day having risen,
Up from this living hell.

You get buttraped,
You head feels like,
Its dented,
The bullies surround you,
Don't care if you,
Get fed,
They just want the power,
The glory,
The name,
They'll use you,
Abuse you,
And put you to shame.

You grow so distasteful,
Juvie was hell,
You're eighteen,
And aching,
To get out and tell,
The world of the horror,
You went through in there,
But when you get out,
Scream and shout,
There's no one to care.

You've been bullied,
Pushed around,
Left to rot in your own blood,
Your heart's fallen to pieces,
It breaks every 'thud thud thud',
Your fury,
Your anger,
Your hunger within,
It know no,
It squeezes your moral code thin.

You're alone,
You've got no one,
Bullied you one were,
You're wishing that someone,
Would here your pu$sy-quality purrrrr,
But there ain't on one out there for you,
You scream,
and your rage,
Just goes on,
And stays strong,
Now your nineteen years of age.

You're broke,
It's no joke,
You drink,
And smoke,
You're addicted to coke,
Barely got money to cope,
Every moment your sober you wanna go grab a rope,
And end all the suffering but somewhere in you is hope,
So you go out beat little kids,
Get money and run,
You steal much better than,
Than you were young,
You know where the CCTV,
Is and avoiding it is so easy,
You steal,
No guilt,
Don't feel,
You just wanna get richer and sleasy,
A rich snob,
No job,
That's your dream.
Life in the ghetto,
Ain't building your self esteem,
So you use it and abuse it and hurt the people that are in it,
Guess this cycle of crime must be infinite.


Yeah, my inner black man wants to keep going, but my inner (and outer) white boy doesn't really give two f*cks and doesn't want to. So I'll forfeit. But to spread the wealth of meaningful raps, I will post videos of my own and just let my opponent do whatever he wants with his remaining rounds.

Hands Held High - Linkin Park

(yeah I know, not an actual rap group, but I don't listen to a lot of serious rap groups and Linkin Park is as close as I go to listening to rap).
Debate Round No. 3



It is about a society where everyone wants to be the same.


Youth of the Nation - P.O.D
Debate Round No. 4


This one's about how power can corrupt you to the point that you forget the simple joys of life like not riding with no handlebars and could end up betraying the friend you felt that freedom with.



Vote for the madman.
Debate Round No. 5
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Zaradi wtf is utahjoker doing?
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o.o white boy about to get whipp'd by someone who actually knows what they're doing.
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