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Mechanical Pencils vs Pens

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Started: 2/10/2013 Category: Miscellaneous
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Note: In this argument, Pro/for = Mechanical Pencils and Con/against = Pens.

Hello fellow debaters!

I'm Oskar, and I'm new to To start my debating off, what better way than to create a debate?

I collect mechanical pencils, however I know a lot of people collect pens. So here's my question,

Which are superior, mechanical pencils, or pens?

Mechanical pencils are THE writing utensil! They are erasable, and you don't have to buy a certain refill for them! Lead is always smooth, what's your excuse Pens?

Happy debating!


Hello. I too am new to I would like to thank my opponent for the opportunity to debate.

I will be contending for the con/pens side. Since my opponent has not set a structure for this debate I will begin by refuting his arguments.

My opponents arguments are as follows:
1. They are erasable.
2. You don't have to buy a refill.
3. Lead is always smooth.

Argument 1 rebuttal.
Yes, mechanical pencils are erasable but is the benefit of erasable better than permanency? Markings of a mechanical pencil can ware off quite easily. Pens are also erasable but not quite as well as mechanical pencils.

Argument 2 is false.
Mechanical pencils require a refill of lead.

Argument 3 isn't a contention towards pens.
Pens too are always "smooth."

Case for Pens
1. Pens are the standard for formal signatures.
2. The benefits of permanency outweigh the benefits of being easily erasable. Imagine two thousands years from now, archaeologists find two papers from our current time. One was written with a mechanical pencil and one was written with a pen. Pencil markings on the paper written with a pencil have nearly all worn off. The remnant of markings that are still visible are grammatically correct and there are no words scratched out. However there are no complete sentences. The other paper with pen markings is complete. No markings have worn off but there are grammatical errors as well as words that were scratched out. Which paper would be more significant to the archaeologists? Obviously the paper with pen markings because it contains more information.

The obvious benefits of permanency with the con of difficult erasing easily outweigh the benefit of being easily erasable but no permanency.

I again would like to thank my opponent for the opportunity. I am awaiting his next argument.

Debate Round No. 1


I did not think this argument needed an outline as such.
With my 2nd argument, I were talking about the fact that if, for example, I had a pentel pencil, I would not need to replace the lead with pentel lead refills; I could get uni lead if I wanted. It only goes by width, not brand. Pens, on the other hand, have to have specific refills.
To your counter against my argument 3, pens aren't always smooth. The ink dries after a while and makes the pen not work, and you have to scratch away on a piece of scrap paper.If you found a mechanical pencil and a pen(both with lead/ink inside) in a drawer that had been closed for 50+ years, the pen would've dried up while the mechanical pencil would still work.
Argument 1 shows that pens are too overused and mainstream.
Pens are standard; it's same old-same old to use pen. Pencils make things more exciting, well, as exciting as writing utensils can get, which in my case is quite a lot :-D
Argument 2 is invalid.
You obviously didn't check your facts. Pencil does not fade. this article. Joe Thorn even got ancient documents, written in pencil, from the national archives and there was no sign of the pencil fading.
1. When it gets wet, pen smears and ruins the page. Lead on the other hand, stays put.
2. Mechanical pencils are a piece of art. It's amazing how many ways there are for mechanics to push out a tiny piece of lead. Pens are boring in that sense.
3. There is a certain joy in buying new lead, and choosing the best, most expensive, amazing lead. What ink you can get depends on what pen. If you have a cheap pen, only cheap inks are available.
Awesome debate so far! Thank you!


This debate has been forfeited by both pro and con and is being re debated here:

Debate Round No. 2


I confirm this. Misterme, keep posting all the rounds, as I will too, so we can end this invalid debate.
Debate Round No. 3


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Debate Round No. 4


Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by bridgetg 4 years ago
Mechanical Pencils cause you can erase
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