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Media/Technology Use in the Setting of a Classroom

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Started: 5/5/2015 Category: Education
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Media and Technology use in the setting of a classroom should be more accessible for many reasons. Technology is a growing force in today's culture, why not implement it in earlier stages of education ?


Although technology has many useful features it serves more as a petty distraction in a school environment. SInce the pro is arguing her statement that "Media and Technology use in the setting of a classroom should be more accessible " It is expected of her to use viable facts and sources to thoroughly support any evidence that she wishes to use. I will conclude my opening argument by saying that we are not inno need to use something simply due to its popularity because it is not always the best choice.
Debate Round No. 1


A distraction you say? Is not why one can enable safety mode and firewalls to computers/laptops/ipads/etc so kids only do what they are asked to do? Distractions, yes can occur, but know that they can be fixed and never happen if one takes PROPER precautions.

And now, Fellow Debatees, I ask you all, Who here uses technology?

Now I ask, who here wishes technology was available when they were in School?
Although my opponent states, "We should not use technology based upon popularity", How does this prepares us for adulthood? How does this prepare us for a future filled with technology? By using technology in a classroom setting, one is subjecting the youth to life skills they will need to pick up for adulthood.

Using technology in a classroom setting can enable great opportunities for the adolescence. For an example, technology use can open the doors to countless resources which enhance the education of the young ones, making learning more fun and EFFECTIVE.


I still stand by my argument that technology will prove to be more of a nuisance than it will be helpful. When the Pro stated " ...enable safety mode and firewalls to computers/laptops/ipads/etc so kids only do what they are asked to do." i was quite curious as to whether She truly believed that putting safety modes on computers could even be considered a solution for the distractions that come with technology. I feel this way because there are so many things that can serve as distractions, therefore it would be impossible to block everything out. So to wrap up this rebuttal i would like you to read the following statement that the pro wrote earlier."they can be fixed and never happen if one takes PROPER precautions.( when i read this i noticed the word that she emphasized which was "proper"). This means that without "proper precautions" technology can be more distracting than it is helpful. Since most school districts don't take proper precautions( i would think its because it would take too much time) technology would not be effective.

Now i will be addressing the next argument that the Pro decided to use which was " By using technology in a classroom setting, one is subjecting the youth to life skills they will need to pick up for adulthood."this is a statement that I can bring myself to agree with because as time goes on many career paths will begin to integrate with technology. Although it may seem as if i have gone against my viewpoint, i haven't. I believe that preparing for the future use of technology in school would be pointless because of the blocks placed on the computers and if you were to take these blocks off a large number of students would become distracted.

I can see why you believe that technology can be good for resources which it is, but if kids only get resources from the internet all the time while growing up they will not know how to get information from anywhere else because of their dependency on technology.(unless they were to google it.) with this final rebuttal i will conclude my arguments for round 2.
Debate Round No. 2


In the previous round, it has come to my attention that my opponent has agreed with one of my claims, as stated "This is a statement that i can bring myself to agree with because as time goes on many career paths will begin to integrate with technology." Just to point out, the con has become the pro in the debate... (Maybe)

Now that that discussion is over, I have more to confirm to my opponent. I ask you, my con, If you find technology pointless in the classroom setting, then why are you using it right now? I mean you would have had to use it sometime in college, maybe even high school, right?

"Improved Retention Rate: Student perceptions in the study believe that technology helps them retain information better. According to different a study, these students may be on to something. Eighteen 2nd grade students were challenged to complete a Power Point project about an animal. Sixteen out of the 18 students remembered more facts about the animal after completing the presentation. These results show that technology indeed helps students remember what they learn."
Whole paragraph found on

I will finish the Third round with also saying how technology in the classroom can boost self esteem and motivation to work in the class. By letting students sit in a comfort zone, they will feel more relaxed and up to do the given task.


I would like to clarify my statement in which the Pro stated that i have become the pro. In this statement(which you can find in my round 2 argument) i said that technology will be useful in the future but that is not what this argument is about. This argument is about technology in schools.I believe that students won't need to learn how to use technology at school because they have or will learn at home because many students already own electronic devices. The Pro also asked the following " If you find technology pointless in the classroom setting, then why are you using it right now?" which is completely irrelevant because i'm not in a classroom setting while doing this. Also this debate is not some type of school project. THe answer to her follow up question would be yes i have used technology for school but it typically wasnt at school, which meant it was not disrupting my learning time.

I would like to take this time to point out that in the studies that The Pro used many of the results could not truly be examined. for example in the first study she used she stated that Students "believed" that technology helps and i don't think i need to say this but things don't become true just because you believe in them.(millions of kids around the world believe in santa claus but..well you get the point). In another one of her surveys she stated that 16 out of 18 kids remembered animal facts "better"(remember this word) by using powerpoints But she never says what it was better than. for all we know the original teaching method could've been a teacher saying facts once then handing out a test.(we don't know).Also i would like to say that anytime you do something by yourself you are bound to remember it better, whether it was writing facts on a powerpoint or a piece of paper.(most of you know this from experience).

Last i would like to conclude my round 3 argument by countering or rather going farther into detail about one more argument made by the Pro. This was the argument that students feel more relaxed while being able to do task using technology. This is a situation that i can put myself into i because if i had an opportunity to play games and goof off while i was suppose to be doing an assignment i would take (and i don' know about anyone else but i am quite relaxed while playing games). So from a teacher's view point or anyone else who has been observing these students behavior with technology it would appear that they are very relaxed and more lively too. Before the Pro attempts to use this as a counter i would like to say it right now so i won't have to in my next argument. IT IS IMPOSSIBLE to block every game/fun activity on the internet.
Debate Round No. 3


Touch" My opponent.
I would like to say thank you for debating with me on this topic, it was truly fun.
Enough with the childish games though..

Media should be allowed in the classroom for many reasons.

"The increase in worldwide computer usage and the need for computer skills in today's workforce have pushed the US government to create guidelines, such as the Core Curriculum Content Standards, to ensure that students are prepared to meet the demands of the twenty first century. Maintaining a citizenry that is well versed in the STEM fields is a key element of the United States' public-education agenda. Through the implementation and integration of Web 2.0 computer technologies into the classroom setting, students are able to have new authentic and meaningful learning experiences. Another advantage of using technology in the classroom is its flexibility and adaptability to differentiated learning."

(STEM fields, or STEM education, is an acronym for the fields of study in the categories of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.)

Access to information
Technology gives a huge access to more information than a normal textbook. It gives students ore opportunities to learn more about one subject, more than the average outdated textbook.

Help in protecting the environment
The use of technology in classroom also cuts down in paper consumption, and helps save the environment. Paper and pencils will no longer needed due to a screen and keys to type.

Increase the popularity of distance learning
Students who also do not have the opportunity to go to college, or not able to commute to it, can easily access technology to learn. This can also happen in rural countries as well, to the less unfortunate.

And lastly, Technology makes education enjoyable. Students seem to enjoy technology more in learning due to faster/slower learning. Technology and learning can also go outside the classroom setting.

Thankyou, TBSomthers.


Before beginning my final argument i would like to thank the Pro for putting a compelling argument as to why the use of technology should be increased.
Unlike my other arguments, my round 4 statements will be brief and straight to the point.

On the usage of stem programs:Due to the fact that the pro truly didn't clarify how these programs are helpful there is nothing to debate on this topic

on getting Access to information: as i have stated earlier technology can be useful for research but can also be a distraction to many students. So on this topic i believe that it would be better to research from home.

Increase the popularity of distance learning: technology can be helpful for students to apply for colleges and scholarships but there would be no time during school for students to do these task(unless a new class was made). This would be a task best meant for home where there is much more time.

Lastly i would like to say that although using technology in school would be a much more enjoyable for students, the amount of students that would be off task would outweigh the amount of students that would benefit. With this i will bring my final argument to an end, thanking the pro for a good debate. I wish you the best of luck lexxxxxiwexxxxxi.
Debate Round No. 4
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Reasons for voting decision: In terms of conduct and S&G I found both debaters to be tied. The real distinction falls on the arguments and sources. In regards to arguments, I believe Con won. To start, both had a strong back-n-forth in terms of arguments and rebuttals. However, Con was able to rebut each argument presented by Pro, whereas Pro dropped Con's last argument in R2 regarding children becoming too dependent on the internet for information. As Pro, she needed to counter each challenge raised by Con, thus this tipped the scales in favor of Con. The real debate seemed to take place in the final round, in which Pro brought out all the guns. She made some compelling arguments, but Con was able to rebut each one. This essentially sums up the whole debate: Con was able to effectively rebut each argument whereas Pro didn't. Since Pro had the main BOP as instigator, failure to maintain it cost her the arguments. Sources - Pro. Pro utilized a source in the final round to support her arguments; Con never did.