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Medical Cannabis

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Started: 1/18/2015 Category: Health
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Cannabis has been used as a medicine for the longest time. Recently, cannabis has became illegal in many parts of the world. However, I do not believe cannabis deserves it's legal status and it has high medicinal value and is realitvely safe if used properly. My opponent of this debate will try to disprove Cannabis's medicinal potential and show why it should not be used as a medicine. There are no exceptions to this.


I completely disagree with making the decision to make marijuana a legal medication. Yes, it does have many benefits as a medical drug. However this can also be labeled as a mind controlling substance. There are different types of cannabis and not all strains are actually used for medical purposes. I believe marijuana should remain under strict watch among doctors, distributors and health professionals. I must also add the criminal and violence aspect of this as well. U.S citizens aren't out causing voilence over tylenol or aspirins. But there are infact doing so over this cannabis, as it is my literal definition of a "drug". I would not stand firm and call this a "medicine" or "medication".
Debate Round No. 1


I believe that Cannabis is realitively safe if used properly and has many medicinal benefits. Cannabis can treat and even cure many conditions, even cancer. There are many restrictions put in place by the government on this plant which is why I believe that it should be legalized for medicinal and recreational uses. I will be proving my stance in this argument and mentioning some medical uses for hemp.

A. Epilepsy

Childhood epilepsy is a brain disorder which may cause a child to have frequent seizures. The epileptic seizures may result in serious health risks. There are many harsh medications that try to halt epilepsy but have little effect. Charlotte was one girl who had resulted in severe seizures and was close to death many times. The doctors could barely do anything about it, but when she was given hemp with low THC and high CBD cooked into an oil, her seizures were instantly halted. There are other cases of hemp oil rich in CBD supposedly curing epileptic seizures.

B. Cancer

Hemp Oil can also be used as a safe treatment for cancer. The cancer industry makes a lot of money and tries to "treat" patients with cancer. However, there's something wrong when cancer medication causes bleeding, hair loss, cell loss, sleep deprivation, lack of energy, ect. Chemotherapy and Radiationtherapy do not have that high of a success rate of removing cancer in patients. Chemo and radiation therapy kill mostly all cells, not just cancerous cells. Hemp oil leaves normal cells alone and has an anti-tumour effect. Cannabinoids from cannabis force cancer cells into dying wheras the regular cells are left alone.

There are several studies that have confirmed this and there are people who have cured their cancer by use of hemp oil. Rarely do you see people who have had their cancer cured by chemo. The cancer industry is hiding this cure because they make a lot of money off donations, chemo/radiation, ect. If hemp oil was more well known, the cancer industry would be at threat knowing that anybody can grow a plant and cook it into an oil themselves and cure their cancer.

C. Painkiller

Opiates are often for chronic pain, however opiates have high potentional for addiction. Opiate withdrawal is an issue that some opiate users may experience of they attempt to quit opiates. Opiate addiction can even lead to use of Heroin since Heroin is a cheaper and stronger opiate than pharmaceutical opiates.

Cannabis works completely different than opiates do to kill pain. Cannabis alleviates your emotional response to pain rather than alleviating pain itself like opiates do. Many people have calimed that cannabis has killed pain more effectively than opiates have. Opiates do have bad side effects aswell and pharmacy opiates are like a lower-potent form of heroin. The main cause of heroin addiction is due to opiate addiction, cannabis may help prevent this.

Low-THC hemp, (hemp that barely gets you high) may be a safer alternative to tylenol or ibuprofen for milder pain.

D. Others

Hemp also has other health benefits such as weight loss, anti-anxiety, anti-depressant ect. Another is it's ability to enhance creativity. Cannabis may have negative effects also but they are minimal and safer than many legal drugs and pharmaceutical drugs. Nobody has ever overdosed on cannabis, people have overdosed on tobacco, caffiene, alcohol, cocaine ect.

While there are people who abuse cannabis, many things can be abused. Fast food, parties, computers, ect. are all examples of things that can be misused. Cannabis is very easy to get thanks to drug dealers despite how legal or illegal it is.

Alcohol, tobacco, caffiene are examples of legal drugs that may do more harm than marijuana/hemp. If these are legal, why shouldn't marijuana be legal?




KevinL90 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


It seems as if my opponent has forfeited this round. I am still awaiting an opening argument from Con.


KevinL90 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3


My opponent is not even trying to have a debate as they are forfeiting every round. I rest my case


KevinL90 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4


KevinL90 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by triangle.128k 3 years ago

I guess that's fine, only if you believe it has no medical value and there are better alternative medicines.
Posted by error_304 3 years ago
I'd be willing to debate against the medical benefits of marijuana despite being in favor of legalizing it overall, even while I'm ambivalent towards its medical benefits.
Posted by triangle.128k 3 years ago
Sorry if I confused you, in that sentence I meant that cannabis shouldn't be illegal and has medical value.
Posted by LostintheEcho1498 3 years ago
"However, I do not believe cannabis deserves it's legal status and it has high medicinal value and is realitvely safe if used properly. "

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