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Medical Trials

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Started: 12/23/2011 Category: Health
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The motion:

THW grant those diagnosed with terminal illnesses the right to access treatments that have not completed clinical testing.

This will be based on an actual BP debate i.e. first,second,extension and summation.
I flipped a coin for who got prop and opp so it's pretty fair.
I would kind of like this to be as close to short prep as possible so like no big list of websites with graphs. Is this ok?


Hey, this sounds like a really intereresting debate. I can't wait to see the arguments that you come out with. Good luck i look forward to hearing your opening.
Debate Round No. 1


As the British government we have the right to offer people diagnosed with a terminal illness the best care possible. For this debate I define those that are terminally ill as those who have been diagnosed as having a life threatening illness that confirmed medical procedures cannot cure. Only those who are 18 and have been declared mentally fit enough to make logical decisions for themselves will be eligible for these treatments. Patients who are eligible will be offered treatment carefully selected by the patients doctors and a family member or friend over the age of 18 must sign as guardian to the patient as while the treatment takes place. The patient must receive regular check ups, a minimum of one a month, with their GP to monitor the effects of the treatment. Clarification will be given on request if needed.

In my substantive I will look at two main points; hope and scientific improvement.

My first point is simple: this gives hope to the families that have a chance of being affected by these terminal illnesses. It also gives the families of the volunteer strength to grieve if the sufferer does succumb to the illness even with the untested treatments because the families see that the sufferer has chosen to fight to stay with them as long as possible and even if they cannot be together someone else may get the chance to fight the illness and live. As I have said in my mechanism it will be consenting adults who will be supported by medical staff and family and I don't see this as that big an issue. As the government we allow consenting adults to drink and smoke, even if it's restricted, because we respect that consenting adults have a right to make their own decisions about their health. Nobody will be forced to take any medical treatments that have been untried if they do not want to. Nobody is guaranteeing any miracle cures either but we maybe able to tend the time people have left or just make that time more comfortable. By allowing these consenting adults to take part in trials that can help them and other sufferers after them the government takes an active interest the well being of those who have no other chance left showing that they still care and want to help. As I mentioned these people have no other chance left, not much time left and fighting an illness that is taking them to an early grave. If we can give these people just a little bit of hope or perhaps make them and their families feel a bit better by giving them honour from fighting an illness even if their own survival is not at all guaranteed. This is better for the families and it shows the government does has not forgotten the importance of these poor people's last days.

Not only can we try our best to make it better for suffers today we can endeavour to get better medical care on the market quicker to do more for suffers in the future. Although we are not suggesting that cures are going to turn up out of the blue instantly but nothing will happen if we don't give it a chance. Remember this will be carefully monitored we are at no point going to leave anyone to suffer unnecessarily and we can use these records to monitor future use in advancing our technology. We have seen before that some of our best technological and medical advancements have been made either through a miraculous accident, absolute necessity or years of hard work. For these people and their families it is now an absolute necessity and we can give what will still be years of hard work a head start. Miracles don't happen unless we give them the chance to happen. We don't expect miracles but we can always hope for them and this is what this motion is all about. We don't have that much of a problem with the way things are the now we just don't believe that we are working at our best capacity the now and this is just a way of improving the pretty good system we have now.
For these initial reasons this motion should be proposed as our best way forward.
Thank you.
I look forward to your reply.


TheSpaceCadet forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


Fluer forfeited this round.


TheSpaceCadet forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3


Fair enough.
I'll put in a small extension.

To extend I will bring up one point; the social contract.

We are allowed to test on animals because they cannot respect our rights and therefore we cannot make any natural social contract with them. Humans can make a social contract but we should have the right to choose to leave this contract when it causes no harm to anyone else. As the government we still respect their rights and these will be upheld but we believe that as consenting adults who are dying we should allow them to wave this part of the contract in order to try and help them further.

If there are any developments from my opponent I will include all my rebuttal in my summation in the last round.


TheSpaceCadet forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4


Oh well.

I will sum up my arguments for those that bothered to read them.

Hope is offered to victims and families that they may die more comfortably and have the chance to use their last remaining years in an unselfish and heroic way to seek to improve medical help for future sufferers.
With doctors keeping a close eye on their patients vital information can be learned about the medical treatments in order to better improve services and gain more information about the illness itself.
We should respecting those dying patients wishes to remove them selves from part of the social contract in order to gain better medical care because we should be striving to help them as much as possible to make the last part of their life comfortable.

Thanks for reading the debate.
Vote pro.


TheSpaceCadet forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 5
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