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Men > Women

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Started: 1/14/2012 Category: Miscellaneous
Updated: 6 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Im tired of girls telling me, "if you can do it, i can." no. no you cant, im an alpha male and you will never be able to do what a man can. Men have, and always will be better than women in every category. Now, as sexist as this may seem, I am just speaking the truth, and need to get it off my chest. I will give money to the person that can prove to me that women are equal, and or greater than men. LEGGGOO!


"Men have, and always will be better than women in every category" - I just have to show categories that women are better at

Men cannot give birth as well as women

Men cannot fake orgasms as well as women

Last I checked women are better at asking for directions then men are

Women can live longer than men

Women are far better dancers then men are

Women are better at growing out the hair on their heads then men

Women on average are more flexible than men are

Women can hold hands with each other and no one would care about it, if men hold hands with each other....
questions get asked.....

Women can carry a purse in public and not look weird, guys sure cant do that...

Women can wear guys clothes and pull it off, guys cant wear women's clothes and look normal (girls can wear jeans
but guys cant wear dresses and look normal)

Women are better at not committing crimes than men are

Women are better at mind games than men are

Women are better at looking sexy in Yoga pants then men are

Women are better at looking hot when coming out of a hot tub in slow motion then men are

Women are better at working for lower wages then men are

Women are better at maturing at an earlier age then men are

Women are better than breastfeeding than men are

Women are better at working out details than men are

Women are better than smelling things than guys are (stronger sense of smell)

Women are better at making sandwiches than guys are

Women are better at keeping their house clean than the men do (on average)

Women are better at personal hygiene then men are

Women dont suffer from laziness as much as men do

Women are much better kissers then men are

Women know how to cook!!!!!

Women know how to maintain a garden

Women back in the day were better at doing laundry then men were

Women can keep track of their children better than men do

Women are better than men at gymnastics

Women are better at talking longer than men are

Women are better at planning out their day than men are

Women are better at getting good grades in school

Women are better dressers than men are

Women can satisfy men better than men can satisfy women

Women are more loyal to their friends than guys are (men dont respect "bros before ho-s" as much as women respect "chicks before d-cks")

Women can read body language better than men can

Women are better at singing than men on average

Women are more caring than men are

Women on women is hotter than men on men (on average)

Women are better at keeping their pants up and not showing off their butts than guys do (sagging)

Women know how to mess with guys better than guys can mess with women

Women smell better than men do on average

Women are better at NOT destroying the US financial system then men are

Women are better at wet T-shirt contests than guys are

Women are better at hiding their mistakes than men are

Women are more loyal to their bf than guys are to their gf (dont cheat)

Women are better at wearing make-up

Women are better at cursing less in everyday conversations

Women look better wearing earrings than men do

Women have a way better taste in music than guys do

Women can have a sixth sense about things


Women are better at giving the silent treatment to people than men do

Ill end here for now.....
Debate Round No. 1


•Men have a higher mortality rate than women. Statistically, you're (very slightly) more likely to be born male than female. This is a Good Thing, because women tend to be more sensible than men and therefore don't go around drinking cider, fighting outside the Walkabout in Bromley, or riding motorcycles without insurance. If there wasn't a natural bias to the masculine, then we'd be running out of men too fast. Sure, we could balance this by getting more women to take up dangerous pursuits, but let's face it - the force of tradition is too strong for many to bear. Women are good at drinking White Lightning and screeching, but when it comes to a good old-fashioned pummelling in full view of two disinterested bouncers and a crowd of troglodyte onlookers, nobody does it better than a couple of lagered up blokes.

•But I'm not dead yet. That is, despite a genetic predisposition to die faster than women, I'm still here and still typing into this keyboard. Surely that alone is demonstration of something.

•Pregnancy holds no fear for me. OK, so I don't get maternity leave, but the cheerful outcome of an EU employment court is that men can have as much paternity leave as they like, as long as they keep putting women up the duff. What's more, they don't have to hang around for any time after the baby pops out, unless they're scared of the moral approbation of those around them. Oh, and Child Support bills, I guess. Hmm. Might have to reconsider that one, although I'm sure a pro forma prenuptial could be proffered every time we go down Tontine Street (Folkestone's own community sperm bank) to impregnate a willing accomplice.

Against this, what can being female offer over being male?
Living a bit longer? Well, my first point covers that off. I'm not very impressed by turtles either - so they've been hanging around a long time - so what?

Being able to multi-task? That cuts no ice either, unfortunately, as I'm well capable of eating my dinner and at the same time reading a book. But never mind. Anyone with better reasons than this should reply beneath. If nobody does, well, I guess it proves who won the gender wars after all...

And for all that other BS that you posted, was completely irrelevant. You basically just said things that women are supposed to do. " The top debater is a woman"? you dont know that. I, also clicked that I have an annual income of 150k when editing my account, but i dont.


1) The reason that men have a higher birthing rate than women is because some countries advocate policies of female infanticide..... This actually occurs in the two largest countries in the world.....

The idea that men are born more than women isnt a genetic thing, its a pre-planned-national-policy-regarding-sex-based-abortion thing....

2) It doesnt matter if your still alive, stats show that women are better then men at living longer. Part of your opening argument was that "men are better than women in every category" and that includes average lifespan....

3) I dont know what your arguing regarding pregnancy and the ability to give birth (which women are far better at) but the argument still stands that women are better at giving birth, which again is an argument i can use against your "in every category" statement

4) "what can being female offer over being male?"
See points below

5) Eating dinner and reading a book may count as multitasking, but raising 3 or more kids while keeping the house in order while trying to make sure they arent hurting themselves while making sure they do their homework while making sure everyone is fed and well clothed while you sit around eating and reading the whole time kind of gives women the ability to multitask better than men....

6) All my points are completely relevant because each point is a valid example of something women are better than men at...

7) Apart from you openly declaring yourself a liar (which i already figured out because no teacher makes 150K a year) I can offer evidence that the best debater on this site is a woman

8) As for the statement " what can being female offer over being male?"

Women can choose their spouse since we live in a society where women can choose their life partners, men can only hope she says yes

Women often get free drinks in bars and nightclubs if they are pretty enough

Women dont usually have to pay the bill at dinner, usually the men have to take care of that one

Women get to be on the bottom during sex

Women get maternity leave (thanks for giving me that info)

Women mature faster and thus are smarter at an earlier age than men

Women also get to choose who they go to prom with in high school, again guys can only ask and hope she says yes

Women dont have to build furniture, that is something that men have to do

Women dont have to move heavy things if there is a man available

Women get to sleep in since men are usually the ones who have to wake up early and go to work in the mornings

Women dont suffer from gambling addictions as much as men do

Women dont suffer from alcohol addictions as much as men do

Women dont suffer from drug addictions as much as men do

Women dont suffer from being addicted to video games, an addiction that effects men far more frequently than women

Sidenote: Women are better at voting in elections than men are since female voters vote slightly more often than male voters

Ill end here for now.....
Debate Round No. 2


AlecLOL forfeited this round.


I extend all my arguments......
Debate Round No. 3


AlecLOL forfeited this round.


It appears the Pro may have surrendered...

Debate Round No. 4


AlecLOL forfeited this round.


I believe I have provided an ample amount of evidence to suggest that women are just as good as men :)
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by Terry123 3 years ago
The truth is that both sex are equal. We woman did made history too and we made it yourself. For example we get to vote and we are proud of it. And pregnant, 98% of work are done by woman. After that, the child has the guys's last name. And at school, the teachers are mostly woman if you didn't notice. Last, if the U.S can have African American President then for sure there are going to be a female president. Is just a matter of time.
Posted by Rafael09ED 4 years ago
I agree with simikinz.
In relationship to the debate, Men =/= Women, however, it does not mean that one is better then the other.
Due to the differences between every person, to compare you must generalize.
Posted by simikinz 4 years ago
you both seem extremely sexist and performed your arguments horribly. add some facts and statistics instead of just spewing things your good at and trying to make the other person embarresed!
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