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Men are more exploited than women

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Started: 10/16/2015 Category: Society
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This argument is a debate which I believe will help foster an understanding of both sides of the gender equality debate. It is often reported that Women are treated less equal than men and should receive more support and assistance to balance their roles in society. This debate will undoubtedly talk about other issues, but the main topic must be consistent throughout the debate (no tangents, or heavy side arguments). The first round is acceptance. Any data used must be factual, and referenced in some way shape or form. Common knowledge is only a basis for general statements. Any exact/fact statements must be cited, not implied.


I accept.
Since there are no definitions provided, I propose that they should be debatable throughout the course of the debate.
Debate Round No. 1


Gender inequality is a real issue, there can be no argument against it. However, it is in my belief and understanding that Women are viewed as the ones who are less equal than Men. According to a study done by Peggy McIntosh, she observed that " also tend to be unaware of their own privileges as men." Some of the arguments include (paraphrased): Men will never be judged for lack of promotion based on Gender, Men will never be questioned on their ability to make decisions depending on what time of the month it is, Men will never be asked or questioned to change their name in a marriage, etc.[1] These are all things that are stimulated by a predominant opinion, and in some countries around the world harsh truth[2], that Women are viewed as inferior to men. However, just as society has somewhat created this philosophy; it ignores how Women are viewed in many cultures as positive and strong. In Greek Mythology, there are numerous Female deities with extraordinary powers and the most common ones: Aphrodite (Goddess of Love), Artemis (Goddess of the Hunt), Gaia (Mother Earth), just to name a few [3].

If you ask a lot of men, as Shawn Smith a Colorado Psychologist who writes for a blog called "The Iron Shrink" He wrote about "What Men Love about Women," when interviewing Men on the subject. It offers a resounding positive statements from Men concerning their thoughts of Women; none of them degrading or minimizing their impact on life. Men cherish Women, men appreciate strong Women, Men love the comfort from Women [4]. So when focusing on an individual level, and a cultural level it seems that Women are highly valued in both past and present.

With that being said, I argue that Men are exploited much more heavily than Women. In the United States all Men over 18 are required to sign up for selective service [5]. Male children are exploited just about 50% of the time as female children in sex trafficking [6] Male children are recruited for purposes of war in the Middle East and south Africa [7,8] Men are more likely to get a heftier sentence for same crimes committed [9] Men of all races recently are less likely to go to college over Women [10] Fathers are not essential to the raising of children beyond supplying a percentage of their paychecks to the mother of their children, and perhaps a couple of hours a week of "visitation" with their children [11] Suicide rates are higher for men than women [12] All these points to me conclude that Men are viewed, from the same society that women are viewed, as expendable and mostly unnecessary.

So while the value of Women has, I believe never been in question, the value of Men is less. Therefore they can be exploited more. Society views Men in a strong light, but also an expendable light. You can't devalue the life giving of a Woman. You can't devalue the companionship of a Woman. Women cannot be devalued, though they do suffer some inequalities when it comes to labor, and civil rights, a Man always has to prove himself. This is from the same society that women believe they are being repressed, or held back. As Man you have to assert your value. Men are worthless, until given value by something. Strength, Wealth, Intellect, Looks. So when it comes to unequal things, who has the greater disadvantage in society?



Observation 1: The resolution does not call for a certain location in the world, so it must be assumed that we are talking on a worldwide scale; talking about only one country or area is ethnocentric and does not apply to the resolution at hand. Thus, my arguments will focus on a world-wide scale instead of a US or Western one.

Contention 1. Technology increases the exploitation of women.
In the hunter-gathering days of human civilisation, women made the key staple of human diet - they gathered foods from around where they lived at the time, and some estimates even say that they may have made up 70% of the human staple of diet; the men of these societies viewed women as their equals in their band of people [1][2].

But today, it is well known that women are not viewed as the equals of men, making only 78 cents to the dollar that a man makes in the US, 80% of all trafficked people in the world are women, and women are seen as disposable toys that can be discarded when people feel as though they should be [3][4].

So, what happened between now and the hunter-gathering days? What made us see women as inferior and men as the dominant sex?

Lenski contends that the reason that over the last 12000 or so years, we have had a huge increase in the amount of technology that we have access to. He says that having technology widens that gap of inequality, because it makes women a less important factor of the workforce [5]. He says that the trend that we are seeing right now of inequality is simply because we are in an industrial and post-industrial world.

Consider the graph below of a hunter-gatherer society and an agricultural society; less than 40% of those in the hunting and gathering society thought that men were dominant to women - and over 70% in the agricultural society thought that men were more important.

This means that there is a direct correlation between the amount of technology a society possesses and the amount of inequality between men and women in the world.

"How does this relate to exploitation?" you may be asking yourself. The answer is: women are more expendable under technologically advanced groups because they are less of a staple in the diet and culture in these societies. They simply are not as important (according to the society itself), and they are easily exploitable: making them work meager wages is okay because they are the submissive sex, making them your slave is okay because they are only here to appease the dominant sex. This is exactly what technology is making us think.

Women are more exploited world-wide because of the notion that we are in an industrial and post-industrial world; all linked together by globalisation, worsening the effect in honesty.

Debate Round No. 2


From a business stand point, all across the world, why would an employer whose first interest is saving overhead expenses on labor, hire men to do the same job women can do and pay them 20 cents more per dollar? Whatever statistics or reports claim this data, must not be looking at other factors contributing to this ie: experience, time in service, education, tenure etc. So to say women are undervalued as a labor force is not a really huge standpoint. [1] [2]

Talking about women and being exploited in the sex industry is the most harrowing and largest gap one can find in women inequality. A pandemic, I would say, that is very prevalent to effect mostly women. However, this is only one avenue of exploitation. Although a big one, a very big one. On the spectrum of social injustice across the world, that 90% figure is brought down in other areas such as: forced Labor where it levels out between genders. [3]

Sexual exploitation, the biggest proponent of women inequality, is only one avenue of exploitation. Whether forced, or not; exploiting a resource is exploitation. Nobody is generally forced to buy cigarettes but the Tobacco companies still exploit target groups. This is where I want to call attention to my argument. Aside from the statistics of sexual slavery. In what ways are women exploited, that men are not equally or more exploited for? Labor, dangerous occupations, anti-depressants, narcotics, drugs, military, crime, gangs?

According to labor research and workplace safety, women incur only 8% of work related fatalities; the primary reason being occupational hazards. [4] Although this statistic is drawn from countries that report organized labor, this huge margin, considering the vast majority of hazardous occupations in the world, makes the amount of men dying from occupational hazards a very large number. (It was hard to find a complete summary on a global scale so this fact is inferred based on reports from countries that report labor safety) This is an exploitation because Men are put into these situations because they are strong, physically built for the line of work they are doing. Labor companies use these Men's bodies to perform tasks that are very dangerous. Although, willingly consented, it's still an exploitation of men and their physicality. It's jobs Men are expected to do.

Men are 17% more likely to use a narcotic substance in their lifetime, and 10% more likely to abuse the substance over their lifetime [5]. Men are more easily targeted at young ages to engage in this behavior because it can be inferred what usually causes this behavior is child neglect and heavy community persuasion. Exploited Men to engage in drug abuse because it's easy. Narcotics stems from criminal behavior and gang related instances, where men are predominantly more prevalent in all nations.

Young men are also just as likely as women to be abducted into sex trafficking trade [6] Approximately 300,000 young boys are forced into armed conflicts in over 30 nations. [7] While older males aren't necessarily exploited in this category, boys can be easily manipulated and exploited because the social structures around them are failing. Threats and abuse, cause them to join just as much as it is argued for young females.

Just because some exploitation may not be as graphic or shocking as sexual slavery, exploitation is still not good. The problem in exploitation is men face it just same and in many areas have it much worse than women do; crime rates, suicide, depression, military causalities, all factors that effect men in very huge numbers. All of these because of stigma of Men being weak if not lived up to by certain standards. Men have much less value if they are weak when it comes to labor, and crime. To do drugs and be a "gang banger" you have to be a man. To work construction and industry intense labor, you have to be a man. You have hurt feelings? Be a man, get over it. This stigma of manhood, is why men are exploited. To challenge another man's masculinity, and looked down upon others for weakness.



I think that we really need to focus down what exploitation is, and this is a fine definition: the action or fact of treating someone unfairly in order to benefit from their work. It is the same as the common understanding, just a bit more refined so we can really know what we are talking about.

Pro's first and second paragraphs are worthless in both content and relevancy to this debate. Some women may be deities in religions; that doesn't mean that they aren't exploited more than men. Just because men love things about women doesn't mean that women aren't exploited. Disregard all of the sources and "arguments" from these paragraphs since they aren't even topical to the resolution; they just say that women are valued. So what? I can value oil but still exploit wells of it in order to make a profit.

Again, this is a resolution that is global in scope: arguments from the US or very specific regions are not relevant. We are talking about a worldwide scope of exploitation; not just what happens in the US.

This means that we can disregard pro's argument that men are exploited in that they have to sign up for selective service (the reasoning for this is because men are simply stronger than women physiologically - paying for less work, as my opponent says is illogical, doesn't make sense). Male children are exploited just as much as female children - that doesn't mean that male children are exploited more, just that they are exploited the same; thus, this argument can actually turn to my side of the flow in that you can negate the resolution saying that the two are equally exploited. Male children are recruited for war in the Middle East, I agree that this is a bad thing, but women are exploited for sexual trafficking in the exact same scenario - focusing solely on the ones that go to war is a warped understanding of the dynamics of war.

Men getting higher sentences isn't exploitation in the most broad sense of the term, so you can disregard this argument. Going to college less is NOT exploitation of any sort - I don't even know how this could possibly be relevant to the debate. Father child custody rights is NOT exploitation - it's irrelevant. Suicide rates is NOT exploitation.

All of pro's arguments are irrelevant except for: male recruitment in the Middle East. But this has easily been refuted in that women in the same scenario are exploited just the same if not more than men.

(Source spamming vs. content: pick one)
Debate Round No. 3


Before I continue, I must say that this topic is not the one I intended to talk about which is very much a failure of mine to establish more precise parameters on the discussion. I didn't want to discuss exploitation because as clearly it is an issue that can't be argued against in terms of quantity. I wanted to argue that men are less valuable than woman concerning gender inequality. Which I had geared my whole initial argument before realizing that I made an error in what I actually wanted to debate about. I am new to this format, so now I understand for future reference to be more clear and precise on the intentions for the debate, and have learned a great much on the subject matter presented. However I agreed to the debate so I must still offer a counter argument and conclusion.

My counter argument I don't really have one concerning exploitation. My conclusion, I need to understand the dynamics of debating on this forum for future reference. Since this debate is pretty much irrelevant to the topic I proposed, I would just like to say to Con, I do believe that Human Trafficking is very wrong for all gender's. I do believe that forcing persons in to Sexual slavery is not something I remotely agree with, or believe from a quantitative stand point that men have it "worse" contextually speaking. Sorry I flopped this debate hard, but I will hopefully get another chance on a different topic maybe? I was not really prepared to argue for the topic, since I had geared my focus evidently on something else entirely. Thank you for this learning experience.


Sorry for making this debate more geared on exploitation - based on the words you used in your argument, I thought you were strictly talking about exploitation, that's why I had argued that you didn't meet your burden or whatever.

You're fine, just for the future make the debate as clear as possible in the first round. I have to pass this round due to time constraints but thanks for the debate nonetheless
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by whiteflame 2 years ago
>Reported vote: soccerisfun// Mod action: Removed<

5 points to Con (Arguments, Sources). Reasons for voting decision: This was a really close round and both sides had a lot of good arguments. But I agree with neg that aff forgets what the topic is about. Men are arguably worse off than women, but they are not exploited more, and that is what the debate is about at the end of the day. Sure, more men die in workplace accidents, but they aren't exploited - they take the jobs themselves. With a different resolution, I might vote aff, but in terms of exploitation women are worse off. Also it is important what society we focus on. In contemporary America maybe women are better off, but in more backwards societies they are certainly not. So aff, good job, but wrong topic.

[*Reason for removal*] The voter doesn't explain the source point allocation.
Posted by JernHenrik 2 years ago
In Russia young army recruits are exploited by force into making gay porn
Posted by ax123man 2 years ago
JR, if I may:

1) you have like 5 debates open right now. Don't do that. I mean lexus AND zaradi at the same time?

2) if instigating, you could try restricting access a bit depending on how much you've prepared. Might even be better to not instigate initially, as it allows you to assess instigators profiles

3) prepare, then prepare some more. Reading prior debates on DDO is helpful

4) be very careful about definitions and rules in round 1. The word "exploit" is highly contentious and is going to garner a lot of attention from your opponent. Fuzzy words WILL be .... exploited :)

good luck!

caveat: I am not a top level debater.
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Reasons for voting decision: Due to the fact that Con had to pass the final round conduct is awarded to Pro. This debate was an interesting read and pro and con did a great job on their arguments. What lead me to finally vote con was due to the fact that pro essentially conceded in the final round and accepted that the debate should have been made clearer on their part. What I found bizarre is that Pro said that he would provide a counter argument in the final round and then said that he didn't have one. Since the BOP was shared and Pro conceded that he had no rebuttals to make this means that con wins the debate despite having to pass on the final round of the debate.