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Men shopping options are too little compared to the Ladies

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Started: 5/21/2015 Category: Funny
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Seriously, just take H&M for example; The female section can take up to 3 levels of space, whereas for the male section, shared with one level of the female section. Even the female lingerie has a bigger space than the male section. COME ON. This shouldn't even be a debate


PRO has claimed that the male/female ration of shopping options are too heavily weighed in favor of women. I disagree and will argue that, in general, the balloted square footage of retail space is appropriate when viewed from a male vs. female perspective.

PRO's Example

PRO has noted that in an H&M there is more square footage allotted to women's apparel than to men's apparel. Although I question his stated proportions, I do not doubt that women have greater space for their clothes; however, this is appropriate. Women buy more clothes than men [1]. Therefore, it makes sense for retailers to devote more space to women's clothes.

Another reason women have more retail space than men is because, when it comes to clothes, women are more likely to buy as a form of “retail therapy” [2]. Also, the way men and women shop plays a role. Women like to spend more time browsing, while men like to simply walk in and buy [3]. Both of these are reasons that retailers are not wrong to allocate more space to women's clothing than to men's.
Wrapping Up

PRO has claimed that retailers give too few options to men as compared to women. However, I have demonstrated that these retailers are making smart business decisions. Therefore, PRO's argument does not hold up.





Debate Round No. 1


Wycliffe forfeited this round.


I have demonstrated that the ratio of male to female options when it comes to shopping is appropriate. PRO has failed to demonstrate his resolution, and he has forfeited final round. I would like to thank PRO for the opportunity to participate in this debate, and wish him continued success here on DDO.
Debate Round No. 2
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Reasons for voting decision: Pro obviously loses conduct as a result of the forfeit, and Con obviously wins sources because he offered sources to Pro's unsupported claim. I give Con arguments as well, because he formed a supported argument explaining why women have more shopping space compared to men, demonstrating that the options of men are not "too little."