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Mental hosptal doctor (con) vs anti-mental hospital criminal (pro) rap battle (improved)

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Started: 8/2/2016 Category: Music
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Opening statement: Since most blacks and whites hate the word "bro" -- my opponent must pretend to hate the word "bro" :D. And I don't mean like the guy said comparing "bro" and saying "f@g" as though I'm contradicting my masculintiy, No you have to make fun of the word "bro." Also by Spanish, I don't mean surnames ending with -ez or Sephardic Jewish names or Catalonian names like Ferrer, Tucci, Colon (Catalonian are Germanic). So when mock insulting me in this battle, use surnames like Rivera, Delgado, Santiago, Rosa, Santos (stick only to those names, cause it would take forever to say all the names that are not Visigothic). But you can refer to me as Guzman (disrespectfully) since that is my dad's last name, but that's the only exception. Refer to me as Rivera (since that's the side of my family I side with more) when talking about me as much as you can :D

Check my style out, broses and sisses
You're listening to the one Latino bro rapping in the house
Giving a shoutout to all my bros and sisses out West, in California
Check my style out

To hell with the mental hospital system
It's about time for me to bust some heads
Talking about how types that think differently are crazy
You get one in the teeth if you try to mess with me
Trying to drug up a Latino, Latina, bro and sis
Try to drug me and you'll end up with a fist
My lyrical style is too intense for the doctors
It's like HIV out to infect the next mental hospital doctor
Trying to lock us "differentg thinkers" like me
Beaten with a hard, stone pole
The lyrical maniacal mental hospital-hating bro
Who's style is so hard-hitting is can drug you like it's dope
Wanna talk crap about us while you work?
Prepare to end up beaten and drugged like dirt
Sis (I insult the mental hospital male doctor's lack of masculinity), what are you'se fruitcakes and fagg#ts
Always talking all feminine and acting like you like some head
It's about time we bust war on these scumbags
These fruticakes, these homos and f#gs


I accept. My opponent seems to be against mental hospital doctors, when in reality mental patients are detrimental to society and they are ill. They must be given treatment, as a societal and moral obligation because otherwise, a person with a mental illness may cause physical harm to others. Enrolling a person in a mental hospital is simply to ensure that they will not cause any further unforeseen damage. They will not be successful in society anyway, because they are not competent to make rational decisions themselves. Therefore, it is the best course of action to offer them treatment, instead of imprisonment, to make sure they are able to support themselves, and be useful to society.

I will now construct my argument in the format that my opponent desires.

You are deluded enough to find yourself in a mental hospital
I diagnose that your retarded rap is proof that you psyche deteriorates, little by little
Your pathetic inflated ego may be the reason why you're so noncommittal
Ever try to wonder why your here? Maybe next time, try not to f*ck an animal...

Guzman, oh Guzman, get out of your fantasy and face reality
Don't face off against me, I already stabbed you in your thoracic cavity
Your little revolution failed, you never stood a chance against the bourgeoisie
Rap like a banshee, weak as a lil flee, don't rape your ape of a mother, let her be!

We gave you a place to eat, we gave you a place to sleep
Quit being a lil b*tch, and next time, don't be such a creep
I'm getting paid a 6 figure salary, go back to your cell and weep
Your nothing more than a drugged up pile of trash heep

You insult the hospital doctors for being feminine
You upset cuz you were never able to stick it in a real Mexican?
Call me Edison, I'm always innovating, I'm always in my element
I already cut you up, you've been destroyed, I guess that's what you call medicine.
Debate Round No. 1


Bro, I'm crazy, but who's the one taking crack?
Dumb African, eating garbage on the street because of a bum rap
Of being drugged up and sentenced to a life of destitute
Because you messed with a Boricua bro and sis with the attitude
Sued up the butt with nonstop damages, blasted
Dumb f@g, I heard you like getting some head
Got you humiliated, degredated, humbled, and ashamed
You tried to drug a "crazy", bro, but now who's got the fame?
I'd rather be "crazy"and smart than be a drug-using loser
And last time I checked you were the drugged up sucker
Don't mess with a couple of a Latin bros and a broish sis
We can all steal your women and brag about it, you bitch
I'm vile like the Antichrist but this ain't a hip hop gimmick
My style is golden, ruthless and pierces the bones like a fist
I am the remorseless killer known for killing whites including, Visigoths (Visigoths are LOpezes, Tuccis, Rodriguezes, Sanchezes, Gomezes, all descended from the Visigoth tribes)
Jews and I ended up having sex with your mom
If you are African, you fight like a buncha bitches
Against real Latinos and Latinas you'd end up with snitches
We're not talk, we're about action
I could care less that you love "Seinfeld" like I do
Cause against me, my style is detriminental to your being like a two (two is slang for a type of gun gangsters in the street use, for those who don't know)
Don't try to drug me, bro, cause you'll end up regretting it
You'll end up snuffed up by a group of "bro"-saying bros and sisses


Nurse! This f*cker was faking to take his Chlorpromazine!
Don't worry Guzman, you'll get better soon, you'll be just fine.
But I'll need some corporation, or you'll never get out, you'll never see the sunshine
I'll need to know why your "bros and sisses" never got out of the poverty line...

Hows it feel like knowing your "bros and sisses" never got a proper education?
Hows it feel like knowing your "bros and sisses" got kicked out of this nation?! (Reference to illegal Mexican Immigrants)
You dumbf*ck, your army of impoverished mexican immigrants step foot here, and they'll all get amputations!
Your delusional, psychotic, a stupid f*cking criminal, you're in this hospital because of your utter desolation.

Es su mama y papa esclavos del trafico de drogas ?
Your mother was probably a drug mule, explains the major birth defect, that's you
Did her swallowed cocaine pill break open in Texas, and that's when you came through? (Smugglers preferred to use pregnant women as mules, since they were spared the rigorous searches used in airports.)
You had your whole life ahead of you, too bad you had a loose screw.

Don't get me wrong, your raps baffle the medical institution because of your mental incompetence.
You're completely weak, you have no defense
In order to benefit humanity, the judge should have tried you for capital offense.
Stick with your retarded "bros and sisses" cuz next time, don't try to jump the fence...
Debate Round No. 2


You claim that I'm nothing but an uneducated idiot
But how come you can't get my nationality right, sis? (calling him "sis" cause he's effiminate)
I'm goddamn Puerto Rican, bro, not Mexican
Say I'm Mexican again and I'll bust your head
From the looks of it, bro, you're the Lopez Mexican
Hopped across the border, so some f@g can give you head
Visigothic loser. Oh wait that's right, you're black
Anyways, I put your life on blast, brotha (and I say "brotha" in a mocking tone)
Drug mule? I'm sorry you must got my mom confused
It's your mom, not mine, that got her head need a tube
That explains why you look so deformed, bro
Your momma was crackhead and a drug-using whore
Back to the mission, you dumb stupid "Friends"-watching scumbag
You're messing with some "bro"-saying "Seinfeld"-watching bros and sisses, f@g
My sis, Gina Sciorra, is more of a man than you'll ever be
She stole your girl and your manhood you dumb wannabe



Puerto Rican?! No wonder you're being so easily Beaten!
So, go back to your rice and beans...oh, nvm, its drugs your gonna be eaten.
I'm only here to make you feel better, but getting there is gonna require a beating
Get back in your cage , finding a cure to mental retardation is gonna require some bleed'en

You're deluded, your rhymes are weak, you speak of beating me up, but your brain (or lack thereof) is antique
You're starting to bore me, you screaming in your cell wasn't enough, now your raps sound like a bathtub toy squeak.
Your comebacks are bleak, and your mother most certainly was the drug addict's sex boutique
Because, then that explains your extra chromosome you motherf*cking freak!

Oh well look at the time, its time for your bath, so step in the shower
You'll be bathing with 4 other black guys, so you'll be in there for about an hour!
Get some education, just because your mom always couldn't do it, try getting off that flower
Get off the street, and lie down on the highway, call me Eisenhower.

Since you won't coorperate on your treatment, my methods will be more unorthodox
Go on to the male fertility testing section, and lick the floors, cuz right they are as white as an arctic fox
That's all your good for, do that or slit your wrists vertically, or go back into your box
Your worthless to humanity, you can't be cured, your raps are proof that your head are like the boondocks
Debate Round No. 3


Worthless to humanity? Bro, what mental hospital-doctor led administration has been successful?
Cities run by your type have created losers, drug addicts like you, welfare abusers and hellholes
My lyrics bring knowledge like the book of wizards
Step to me, bro, and you might end up getting hurt
Stop your tired and lame raps. They don't impress anybody
Your getting paid a 6 figure salary, bro, but I'm getting love and respect by celebrity royalty
Here I am on top of the world, living like a king, with all the mansions, the girlies, where are you?
I'm the king, bro, and you're a goddamn worthless peasant
Keep up with your lame rhymes and the result won't be pleasant
Bro, gonna step to us "bro"-saying bros and sisses? Gonna step to me?
Gonna try to stop the Puerto Ricans and Italians, bro? You and what army?
To hell with you, Africa, carribean, the South and you goddamn worthless East Coast gangsta
When us and the West Coast black folks gang up on you, we're gonna crush you like a cocaroach, f@g

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Debate Round No. 4
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Debate Round No. 5
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