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Metal is better than Rap

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Started: 7/23/2013 Category: Entertainment
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Hear me out, I do like some Rap stuff: Mostly Japanese stuff due to Anime I watched. I'm talking about the popular type Rap found in America. That out of the way, this debate is also about why people think Rap music is 'Badass' or thought as good rather than Metal. Here's the ting: Metal has more badass lyrics: example Sword Chant by Ensiferum or Into the Battle by the same band, heck even Metallica got some epic level songs in the 'Ride the Lightning'. Reasons why I like Metal is basically this: cool fast-tempo songs, lyrics tell a story and different singing voices from Growling (Listen to Amon Amarth.), to no-growls like Iron Maiden or the female voice with Nightwish. Also, I do like the way the music feels 'heavy'. Okay, I think the Rap artists are trying to act way too tough with their constant use of bad language. Metal bands act tough with their lyrics that tell of Heroics and sometimes very gory stuff and War. Again, I want the opponent to think why this kind of music Undergroun1d and why Rap is 'Cool' and for the 'Tough guys' and to answer well. Oh also, I haven't found a rap song that may be emotionally effective like some Metal songs. And if the answer is something like 'Great bass!' for Rap, I'm listening to Metal songs which have just that with great lyrics.


As my opponent has taken the stance that rap is not as tough. Let it be noted I listen to Metal regurlarly and I love it. But the reason why metal can never be as tough is because it is stereotypically impossible to acheive the things sung in metal. You cannot become a guitar weilding metal god of death. It is awesoke but not realistic. Rap appeals to the fact that it is realistic, and a common way of life for certain people. You also say that metal has bette r lyrics. This is pretty opinionated, and we can say that rap is more likely to have good lyrics. See as it is composed almost entirely of them. We can't make assumptions that one genre's lyrics are better than another's esspecially since most time will be spent on rap lyrics. They may not appeal to everyone in the same way. You also say that metal is much more deep, but this is alao a personal reaction. Someone who is going through what a rap song may convey will arguably side with rap. Plus to say that rap doesn't have deep songs or lyrics is not true either. There are many songs that convey conspiracy theory, tirades against society, and tirades against the government. I believe I have made an effective argument. I await pro's rebuttals next round.
Debate Round No. 1


Okay, more 'realistic' means lots of lyrics about gangsters and crime. Well, yeah you got that point right. But let's compare our favorite song lyrics! And which is seems more cooler. Also, some of the Folk bands sing about Vikings.

This is from: Into the Battle by Ensiferum

"We left our homes behind, now we're following the wolves' trail Through the deepest forests, beneath the stars we ride I can see the moon glowing red like the blood of warriors There's a prophecy that tonight many men will die."

See? This is what I'm meaning with intelligent lyrics.
Rather than something random lyrics about love in a club or drugs or boasting how awesome they are, this happens quite often in Rap lyrics and I never saw crime as something 'cool/badass'.


I thank my opponent for his rebuttal. I am also not sure about your request for a lyric. I am confused as to wether you want a rap or metal. I will provide both.

Metal: Go forth and Die (DethKlok)
"You'll be eaten by the the blackness of your rotten mind that's dying. You're consumed with sharpened wings that penetrate your frightened dying."

Rap: I Cry (Ja Rule)
You and I then made a killin and stuck together. In this land of forbidden treasure, love is the only evil seed that could sever such a tied between us. Not the love between us, but your love for the dough

I personally don't like a lot of rap. But this is too opionated to go one way or the other. Also your last statement about crime isn't tough. That is opion as well, because others may see it as boldness.
Debate Round No. 2
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Posted by Redclaw 5 years ago
Nah, this is 'why is Rap considered tough/cool' and why Metal isn't.
Posted by Shadowguynick 5 years ago
I'm assuming that the debate is about which is the tougher of the two, or why oje should be considered tougher than the other?
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Reasons for voting decision: Con should have provided some examples earlier on in the debate. I like his argument that which genre of music is better is ultimately subjective, but he doesn't do a good job of arguing against Pro's claims that rap has poor lyrics or that metal is a higher quality.