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Michael Myers Vs. Jason Voorhees

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Started: 9/18/2011 Category: Entertainment
Updated: 6 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Michael Myers is an unstoppable force that could not be stopped by anything and would crush Jason Voorhees


= Opening Statements =
This seems like it will be an interesting subject to debate, and despite the fact that I haven't really watched a scary movie in quite a while (and honestly I've never watched a scary movie by choice at all) I decided "what the hey! I'll do it!"

= Debate & Clash =
Now then, based on the debate topic my opponent has chosen, as well as my opponent's opening remarks I can safely assume that I will be defending Jason Voorhees in this debate. Furthermore, in order to win I don't necessarily have to prove that Jason Voorhees is better than Micheal Myers, I simply have to prove that Micheal Myers isn't better than Jason Voorhees.
The reason being; first, because these two characters (Micheal Myers and Jason Voorhees) are not in direct conflict with one another (i.e. there is nothing to say that both cannot be equally liked, or equally as powerful.)
And second, my opponent's initial claims do not specify this to be a debate of mutual burden. Instead it is assumed that my opponent believes that Micheal Myers is better than Jason Voorhees, and wishes to hold this debate to validate his opinions.
However, as not to skew the ground of this debate, this argument may be rejected if my opponent can provide adequate reason to believe otherwise. Unless he is able to do so, we must stick with the framework that the Con offers in this debate.

This being said, as of round one I have no burden to prove, as my opponent's initial statements are unwarranted. Nor do I have any burden to offer any constructive arguments myself, as shown through my prior offered framework.
Furthermore my opponent simply offers us a claim of opinion, which has no place whatsoever in any legitimate debate beyond the "nuh-uh uh-huh" realm.

= Conclusion =
until a substantial argument can made by my opponent to validate his claim; you must vote Con by default.
also, so I can say I've used evidence in this round, here are some links to a few Wikipedia articles on [1]Michael Myers and [2]Jason Voorhees.

= Evidence =
Debate Round No. 1


First of all, this if the two fight each other would win like freddy vs jason and second of ifu havent seen the movies and only read about it u have no good evidence


= Rebuttals =
Sadly my opponent hasn't attacked my arguments whatsoever. Also, based on their responses last round I can only assume they only read the first few lines of my argument before responding.
That said I have a few points I would like to clarify before I extend my prior stated arguments.

1. I never said I hadn't seen the movies, I said it has been a while since I've last watched one. The women in my family (particularly my grandma and my aunt) love scary movies of any genre. Slashed, Psycho thriller, Paranormal you name it. Accordingly from the time I was very little and had to watch the movies with them, to even now when I no longer have to watch these movies with them, they watched plenty of these movies. Again that meant as a young child, I often watched scary movies. Everything from Friday the 13th to Freddy v Jason to Chuckie and arachnophobia. I watched them and then had trouble sleeping at night.
Just because I don't like a movie, doesn't mean I haven't seen it.

2. In your opening statements you said, and I quote "Michael Myers is an unstoppable force that could not be stopped by anything and would crush Jason Voorhees". This hardly does anything to substantiate a clear framework for the debate. Meaning that my responses are more than viable, and are accordingly left as unrefuted. furthermore, you never attack my argument that these two characters are not in direct conflict with each other; which can only be taken to mean that if there is no clear clash of argumentation in this debate (which can only happen when you present your constructive arguments) the vote must go to me.

3. You offered no arguments in your first round for me to even respond to, and even now you haven't made any argument for me to argue against. We aren't even able to have Freddy v Jason debate if you don't make any arguments to validate your initial claim. I could have accepted this debate and said nothing; and so long as you hadn't made an argument to warrant Freddy being better than Jason; I would win by default.

= Conclusion =
My opponent hasn't made any arguments to validate his side of the debate, he has completely ignored all of the arguments I've presented, and there is only one round left in the debate.
There is absolutely no reason whatsoever to vote for the Pro in this debate; meaning you mus vote for the Con.

I'm very sad to say that this round will be closing without any real debate, and I ask that although I was not able to present any arguments through-out the course of this round, that you give me the "arguments" voter all the same.
Debate Round No. 2


Republican14 forfeited this round.


Vote for me and stuff?

Yeah, do that.
Debate Round No. 3
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