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Michigan State is a better football team than Michigan.(All Time)

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Started: 10/9/2014 Category: Sports
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First round is acceptance last round is conclusion. The rounds in between are the debate itself


Thank you Pro for creating this debate.

I gladly accept, and will be taking the Side of Con.

I will be arguing that the Michigan Wolverines Football Team is better than the Michigan State Spartans Football team, throughout the entire course of their existences.

Michigan Wolverines Football (Founded 1927)

Michigan State Spartans Football (Founded 1896)

Good Luck!

Debate Round No. 1


First of all thank you to my opponent for accepting this challenge and may I say good luck to you as well.

Michigan vs. State first game year 1898. The last game played was 2013. The total number of games, as of right now is 106.Even though altogether Michigan did beat State with 68 wins, 33 loses and 5 ties. Altogether Michigan has, out of 1,267 games, 910 wins and 321 loses.

State has a total of 1228 games played. They have 658 wins and 437 loses.

I'll be the first to admit Michigan does have a higher win/lose ratio for all time but State has more titles than Michigan with 18 for State and 11 for Michigan.

At the start of the trophy game series, Michigan Stated began a nearly two-decade period of dominance. From 1950-69 MSU had a 14-4-2 against the Wolverines.

Finally this season Michigan has a 2-4 win ratio and State has a 4-1 win ratio.


It would seem my opponent has spent half of his last round defending Michigan.

As my opponent has stated, on my behalf:

-Michigan has a better Head-To-Head record vs. Mich St.
-Michigan has a better All-Time Win Pct. over Mich St. (.732 to .598)

Now according to the Wikipedia sources both my opponent have I have used, this is the breakdown of key statistics:

Michigan Wolverines:
National Titles: 11
Conference Titles: 42
Heisman Trophy Winners: 3
Concensus All American Players: 78

Michigan State Spartans:
National Titles: 6 (4 recognized)
Conference Titles: 10 (8 of which were part of the Big Ten)
Heisman Trophy Winners: 0
Concensus All American Players: 31

Currently in the NFL Michigan has 33 players active on NFL rosters, while Mich. St only has 24.

Michigan has been to 43 Bowl Games, with a record of 20-23.

Mich. St has been to 24 Bowl Games with a record of 10-14

My opponents two points FOR Mich St. is a period of "dominance" over Michiga, simply because Mich. St had more wins over Michigan.
To that, I respond Michigan has had dominance over Michigan St for the entirety of their Rivalry.

Also Michigan went on a bearly 4 Decade stretch of dominance from 1970-2007 with a record of 30-8 over Mich. St.

Michigan held a 14-game win streak over Mich. St at one point, and Mich St. has only held a 4-game win streak over Michigan.

All-Time Record:68-33-5.

Lastly, my opponent claims this year's performance should be factored into the discussion. To this I respond, 100 years of dominance over Michigan St is not at all shaken by 6 games of this current season. A season in which these two teams have not even played against each other yet.

The history speaks for itself as Michigan is the much more dominant team over Michigan St, as well as a much more dominant team over the NCAA than Michigan St. is.

Debate Round No. 2


My opponent has excellent points in his argument so I shall yield to him. Any one who chooses to judge you may give the match to him, and to my opponent Domr your sir are an excellent debater congratulations and I'm sorry if I have wasted your time at all.


I very much appreciate that Carriead20.

I will do my best to quickly move this debate along the final rounds by posting

"No Round as Agreed Upon."
Debate Round No. 3


Thank You for being a gracious winner and may you win your next debate.


No Round as agreed upon.
Debate Round No. 4


No Round as agreed upon.


No Round as Agreed upon.

Thank you Pro.
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by Domr 3 years ago
Are you referring to just this year, or all time?
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