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Microsoft VS Apple

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Started: 12/17/2010 Category: Technology
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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My opponent left a long RFD on a debate which I was recently in on this topic and gave my opponent (Mac) 7 points.
Well, since I don't think my opponent in that argument made any arguments at all, I would like to challenge this fellow to the same debate.
The debate is not limited or restricted to any particular hardware or software, or any particular era.

Good luck to my opponent, if he chooses to accept this debate.


Since my opponent didn't make any arguments, I will wait for the next round to post mine. Just to be clear, I am arguing in favor of Apple Computer, and you're arguing for Microsoft. Right?
Oh, and nice comment. I didn't post yet because i didn't have time.
Debate Round No. 1


Gah, I meant to make this five rounds. Anyway, I think my opponent and I have equal burden of proof in this debate. It is our job to prove that the Company we are arguing for is superior to our opponent.
With that, these are my resolutions:
-Windows XP Service Pack 3 is superior to OSX10.5 Leopard
-Windows Server 2008 is superior to OSX10.6 Server Snow Leopard
-Windows 7 is superior to OSX10.6 Snow Leopard
-Office is superior to iWork
-Zune is superior to iTunes
-Zune is at least equal to, if not superior to the iPod
-PCs and Laptops are superior to Macs and Macbooks.
-Microsoft as a corporation is superior to Apple as a corporation.

I can provide arguments and evidence to support all of these claims, but I'm interested to see how my opponent retorts to them first.


So just one last clarification, you are arguing in favor of Microsoft, correct?
I'm not arguing three different Windows system to three different Mac systems. Pick one. I will argue that as a whole, Mac is better, but not every system individually. It takes far to long.
For your Office is superior to iWork comment, have you ever used any of the iWork programs? If you have, then you've used a Mac, and more likely then not, own a Mac. That would be very contradicting to your argument. Anyway, I have used both Office and iWork many times, and I will choose iWork apps any time. They are much easier, in my opinion, and they can do just as much, if not more, than Office apps can.
I've never used Zune as opposed to iTunes, so I can't really argue that right now. I have to ask around about Zune and do some research. You can post your arguments for that, drop the topic, or just leave it until I next enter, and have more research done. Your choice.
Now, onto Zune vs iPod. Read these articles please.
Now, they may seem contradictory to my point at first, but let me explain. The lack of landscape mode, buying music where you can get a connection, customizable backgrounds, FM tuner and all that fancy stuff no longer applies. I can't find a current enough article with this written in, but most people know these several facts I am about to tell you. iPod now has an FM radio, music can be downloaded with a wi-fi connection, there is now scratch proof glass, IOS4 saw the arrival of custom backgrounds, game center, multi-tasking and many other things, a landscape mode, and plenty of other wingdings. Therefore, the iPod has more than the Zune. Plus, the iPod is compatible with all computers, the Zune is not.
Macs and Mac Books are PC's and laptops. An Apple desktop is a PC seeing as how PC stands for personal computer. Therefore, just so long as the computer isn't available to the general public, it is a PC. Next, Mac books are laptops seeing as how the are computers that sit on "TOP" of your "LAP". Please clarify this argument.
I'll let the stocks speak for Microsoft vs Apple as corporations.
Apple is currently at $323.60.
Microsoft is at $28.30.
The drastic difference? It's due to more people buying Apple products than Microsoft thanks to the superiority of Apple.
I think my opponent has everything covered, so I await a response.

Merry Christmas to all.
(or a late Happy Hanukah)
And a Happy New Year.
Debate Round No. 2


====Microsoft Windows 7 versus superior to Mac OSX10.6 Snow Leopard====
Since my opponent doesn't want to argue the merits of three different Windows/Mac OS's and asked me to choose one, I've simply chosen the latest releases. Obviously I can't argue against OSX10.7 Lion, since it hasn't been released yet.
Here are some ways that Windows 7 is superior to OSX10.6
-Windows 7 is available in 32-bit and 64 bit versions, both on a single install disk, while OSX10.6 is only available in 64-bit. This puts a massive premium on ram on the Mac system. It also prevents the user from using a lot of legacy hardware and software.
-Windows 7 is clearly the victor when it comes to desktop management. Compare the much more customisable desktop (with gadgets and themes) and start menus (completely customisable) compared to Mac's line of all available programs.
-Windows 7 dominates OSX10.6 when it comes to gaming and blue-ray multimedia play back.

====Office is superior to iWork====
-Office ships with email software (Outlook) while iWork doesn't.
-I think the comparison between Word and Pages is a good indicator of this competition-at-whole. Microsoft Word is the king when it comes to compatibility and widespread market percolation, while Pages looks ‘cool', but ultimately fails in usability..

====Zune is superior to iTunes====
Simplicity is king. The process of getting MP3's on to your iPod is long and painful, while the Zune is simply drag-and-drop. This allows you to store your music however you want in the folder structure of Windows as opposed to the oppressive hold that iTunes has over your music library.

====Zune is at least equal to, if not superior to the iPod====
The argument here is that despite iPod having a massive majority of the mp3 market, the Zune is an equally good piece of hardware. Considering Microsoft is mainly a software company and Apple is mainly a hardware company, this is very important to the overall argument. Here is a very detailed review from CNET that calls them even.

====PCs and Laptops are superior to Macs and Macbooks====
I think my opponent missed my point here. PCs and Laptops are everything that isn't released by Apple. That's Dell, Toshiba, HP and every other hardware company that ships with Windows, not OSX preinstalled. Considering the overwhelming choice of hardware one has if they don't get a Nazi-Mac, this is an obviously win.


blackhawk1331 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3


My opponent wants to restart this debate in the new year (see comments) so I won't post any further arguments.


blackhawk1331 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by dinokiller 7 years ago
Kentucky French Cows ftw
Posted by blackhawk1331 7 years ago
You can start the redo whenever now. I think we should just copy and paste the posted arguments, and then pick up from there.
Posted by Koopin 7 years ago
Posted by tvellalott 7 years ago
Posted by blackhawk1331 7 years ago
Can we start this debate over after New Years please? I'm really busy with family stuff, and don't get a chance to post new arguments.
Posted by blackhawk1331 7 years ago
Annhasle, I don't care if you support tvellalott, but don't let your bias influence your vote. I hate when people don't even read the debate, but just vote for who they agree with. So pleeeeeease let the debate decide your vote, not your opinions on who you want to win.

And to tvellalott, I changed my vote a little, and it may change further. So I don't have a biased vote. I also sent a message, so you'll already know this if you read that, and you'll know what areas are changed or under consideration for change. You can also check that debate if you don't believe me.
Posted by tvellalott 7 years ago
Posted by annhasle 7 years ago

I mean... Go both of you!! * cough, cough, TV, cough, cough *
Posted by tvellalott 7 years ago
Come on, Mr. RFD. Put your money where your mouth is.
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