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Might Guy Vs. Sanji

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Started: 4/9/2013 Category: Entertainment
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Rules for Might Guy vs sanji
Both enter the fight alone without any weapons, sanji has no knives guy has no nunchucks.
This will be a fight to the death.
We can assume that Sanji can use observation haki because the anime has shown brief moments of this.
Only cannon abilities.
I will be on the side of might guy.


Ok, I accept
Debate Round No. 1


Hello and thank you for accepting!

ok to start off my arguement on why i believe that might guy is the stronger fighter, lets look at basic abilities/skillsets.

Might Guy:
1.Extreme taijutsu ability. Guys hand to hand combat skills are very possibly the best in the entire Naruto series. He also uses his feet AND hands whiles sanji only uses his feet.

2: The 8 inner gates: Guy can open these gates inhancing his speed and power massivly. Against Kisame guy opened the sixth gate and was able to create fire from just his punches. Guys speed far outcalsses sanji's which will be a huge factor.

3. Morning tiger..... we know


Ok that's fine and all, but Guy's abilities really doesn't compare to Sanji's strengths and abilities.


1. Skilled tactician: Sanji has shown from time and time again in both the anime and manga that he is a skilled tactician. For example in the Baroque works arc he went to Mr. 3's hideout, while Mr. 3 and Baroques co. was trying to kill Brogy and the strawhats, tricked Sir Crocodile into thinking he was Mr. 3 and that the Strawhats and Vivi was dead. He also stole the Alabasta Log pose from the Unluckies. In addition he also helped the group escape Rain Dinners after posing as Mr. Prince. He also crippled Enel's flying ship by crippling the engine buying time. Sanji also deduced that Robin was captured, and that CP9 would leave through the train station. He left a baby den den mushi and a note for Nami. He also swapped with Usopp reminding Usopp that he is better suited for assisting Robin from a distance, while Sanji himself was better suited for front line fighting.

2. Black leg style: A suitable style for Sanji since he is a chef and what could possibly be more important to a chef than his own two hands? Before the time skip he couldn't even touch the Pacifisters which are are on par attack and defense wise with the tailed beasts, but after the time skip it only took a single kick to the neck to critically damage the pacifister. Diable Jambe the equivalent of Guy's sixth gate, Flaming kicks have a much higher strength than simple punches.

3. Durability: Sanji is an incredibly durable character. He can survive without a coating 5000 meters under water when he along with Luffy and Zoro fought the Kraken by using Blue walk a move that draws similarities with soru and geppo of the CP9. He survived after being hit by millions of volts of lightning from Enel. Sanji also survived Jabra's half Juushigan where five shiguns hit Sanji. He also took Kuma's Ursus shock without falling unconscious or dying. (If it were a major battle like the marineford arc, Kuma would have annihilated the Whitebeard pirate grunts instead of focusing on Oars jr.)

4. Speed: Sanji can keep up with Soru which is much faster than anything in Narutoverse with the exception of the 4th's teleportation jutsu. He can also incorporate the Superhuman Rokushiki techniques of the CP organization as he improved it with Blue walk and his own variant of Geppo, Sky walk. Since Guy can't fly by kicking the air we both know that he loses in speed.

5. Haki
While it is unknown if he can use Haoushoku no haki, he is a confirmed user of both Kenbunshoku and Busoushoku no haki. He can use Kenbunshoku no haki to predict Guy's next attack and plan accordingly. (While Haki itself isn't infallible, the best users can become near invincible like Silvers Raleigh Vice Captain of the Roger Pirates.) Luffy confirmed that Sanji can use Busoushoku no haki, but in the fight against Guy I don't think Sanji will need it too much.

Haki and the Black leg Style coupled with his insane speed and leg strength, (which unfortunately for my opponent actually surpasses Might Guy (before he opens the 7th gate) due to the post time skip enduring the 2 years of hell in in Kamabakka kingdom) is enough to win.

Lets not forget that the 8 inner gates takes a considerable physical toll on the users so once Guy tries to use the Gates he's screwed the moment Sanji evades Guy's attack.
Debate Round No. 2


I would first like to adress the argument you brought up, "Before the time skip he couldn't even touch the Pacifisters which are are on par attack and defense wise with the tailed beasts." The durability of the Pacifistas is no where near close to that of the tailed beasts. Taking a look at the feats of each we see that the Pacifistas where not able to take even one strike from Sanji's Diable Jambe which pales in comparison to the Bijuu Bomb. The lower tailed Bjuu's Bijuu bomb has been clocked at mountain level on many different sources. The Kuubi's Bijuu bomb was five times as strong as these normal Bijuu bomb( Naruto in Kyubi mode was able to equalize five bijuu bombs with only one of his thus his is five times stronger). The Juubi's bijuu bomb is even larger than the Kyubi which killer bee was able to block using his tails in naruto chapter 610. This proves that Pacifistas are nothing in comparison to bijuu.

Now onto durability. Sanji has some impressive feats when it comes to durability as you mentioned earlier, but this seems to vary since he was knocked out in one strike from an already beaten down Zoro. This attack was in a way a sucker punch but it still leads one to question Sanji's durability. Might Guy on the other hand has shown that his durability is actually quite high. Being able to open the seventh gate takes a HUGE toll on ones body yet Might Guy has opened it and been able to stand afterwards.

Sanji does have impressive endurance feats such as being able to fight many km under water in a small bubble but Might Guy clearly takes the cake in this category. Might Guy has dedicated his entire life to martial arts and seems to have a Zoro like training regimen. We have seen many instances of Might Guy just casually walking around the entire village many times on his hands, he also trains with lee quite often.

Speed is one of the key factors in this fight since both fighters clearly rely heavily on it. Sanji is one of the fastest characters, if not the fastest, on the straw hat crew. He has shown incredible feats such as kicking the air to fly. This technique is impressive but we have seen characters with very minimal speed feats accomplish the same thing, such as Kalifa. The argument you brought up about might guy not being able to do this technique was quite unfair seeing that they are in different universes so we can assume every ability in one piece will not be implemented into Naruto. However we know that feat wise, Might Guy is one of the fastest characters in the Naruto series. After around the 5th gate Guy moves so fast that it is nearly impossible to track him using only the human eye. When lee fought Gaara in part one of Naruto he was able to punch Gaara at full strength and appear behind him in mid air, he did this multiple times one after another. This was only in the fourth gate release and done by rock lee who is considerably slower than might guy. Never once has Sanji shown that he can achieve this speed at a consistent rate.

Sanji has shown huge ratings when it comes to strength, he was able to take out a Pacifista in a single shot. Might Guy on the other hand has much more devastating blows such as the afternoon tiger, one shot from that and Sanji going to have a hard time moving let alone fighting. Another huge downfall to Sanji's fighting style is the fact that he only uses his feet! Once Sanji and Guy enter close quarters combat and are attacking each other at these extreme speeds, guy will be able to string together much more effective combinations since he has twice as many limbs to worry about.

A strong argument was made in the previous round that Sanji is actually a very intelligent tactician. This is true but doesn't hold much weight in a one on one fight where neither of the fighters know a thing about the other. Guy has shown no such skill but he is clearly the more accomplished and well rounded martial artist. Sanji is a cook, a great fighter but still a cook. Knowledge is power especially when it comes to fighting and guy clearly takes the cake on that category. A huge difference between the two fighters is the ability to collapse in on any opening an opponent shows. Sanji may kick someone who isnt ready for it causing extra damage but gay will finish you off at the first opportunity he gets. If guy lands one punch to get sanji off guard its over, he will destroy him with speed and strength.


Over exaggerating the power of the tailed beasts especially the use of the Bijuudama doesn't really refute the Previous contention, or bolster your claim that Guy is better. The Pacifista lasers are just as strong as the Tailed Beast's Bijuudama as seen in the Marineford battle in the manga hence why they have the same power. Size of the Bijuudama doesn't matter since it is the total damage that it causes that truly puts the pacifistas with the Tailed beasts in terms of power. In terms of Defense, the Pacifista can handle a lot of damage as we have seen in the Marineford Arc.

Durability wise, you said, "Sanji has some impressive feats when it comes to durability as you mentioned earlier, but this seems to vary since he was knocked out in one strike from an already beaten down Zoro. This attack was in a way a sucker punch but it still leads one to question Sanji's durability" Simply because he was knocked down by Zoro after taking Ursus shock head on doesn't raise questions of Sanji's durability. In fact this was pre-time skip when Sanji's durability was less than the Fishman island arc. It is natural for him to improve his durability drastically given time like the timeskip and life on Kamabakka kingdom

Speed: the term quite unfair over Sky walk strikes me as odd as you boast that Guy's speed surpasses Sanji. If that were the case then in the Anime Might Guy would be able to do similar things regardless of universe. After all Minato used instant teleportation in the form of a jutsu, Goku could teleport at will, and Kuma can also simulate teleportation by traveling at extremely highspeeds. Shonen Jump also has a universal trait of supersonic speed. Unfortunately based on reading both Naruto and One piece, the Narutoverse falls on the lower tier when it comes to speed against the World of One Piece. Kizaru would beat everyone in the narutoverse in terms of speed, and even Kalifa, who was a weaker member of the CP9 can surpass Rock Lee when he is in the 4th gate because of her extensive use of Soru and rankyaku.

Strength: Did you know that Black leg style used by Sanji is a combination of Capoeira, Taekwondo, and Savate? Did you notice that all of Sanji's opponents with the exception of Bon Clay used their hands and feet before being beaten by Sanji? Did you know that in terms of raw strength the demons of Kamabakka surpass Might Guy because of Ivankof's recipes? Of course if you add the demoralizing effect of creepy cross dressers and superhuman strength of Hormones (Ivankof's devil fruit) then voila instant kill due to revulsion. Sanji has obviously overcame his "disability" of not using his hands otherwise he wouldn't have been able to handle fights. He can although its not emphasized use his hands to support his body in handstands (like in the very beginning when we first encounter Sanji at Baratie and every time when he fights his opponents), but over all he carries himself in a way that diminishes where Guy can strike him.

Even if Guy hits Sanji, Sanji will still stand after all if he can't survive a barrage of punches Guy then he wouldn't have been able to survive 5000 meters under water, not get burned by his own moves, survive after being shocked by millions of volts, and take severe punishment from all of his enemies. Guy is comparable strength wise to Absalom, sure he does Zoroesque training, but Guy does not go around beating up tailed beast level sea kings for food. Thats what the Straw Hat crew do when they run out of food.

Listen Afternoon tiger isn't as impressive as the Anti-manner kick course, or Hell's memories. Diable Jambe has a larger reach than Guy's flaming fists so in the end Sanji wins hands down in connecting first. Simply having more limbs doesn't mean much in a fight anyways. Take a look at Hachi and his fight against Zoro. Hachi had more limbs than Zoro, did Hachi win then? Nope in fact Zoro destroyed Hachi so in the end its not about the amount of limbs that count its the specialization of skills. Considering how Sanji repeatedly crushed martial artists its easy to predict that this fight will be a good match up, but end in Sanji's win.

Debate Round No. 3


To finally put the notion to rest that pacifistas are even close to the strength of the bijuu I'm going to show some calculations from
The pacifistas maximum destructive capacity is large building level. Sounds pretty strong right? The bijudama has been clocked in at 1.95 gigatons... This FAR surpasses anything seen in one piece. To put this in perspective the bijudama could completely vaporize a large mountain.

Now back to the main topic at hand. Striking speed isn't even close when it comes to guy vs sanji and this is a fact. When guy goes into sixth gate and uses morning peacock he is able to punch so fast that the air ignites. When Sanji shoots fire it's a completely differant story, it's the "flame of his heart" that produces these flames. These two abilities counter each other pretty well so we can safely assume the fight will be decided in close quarters combat.

Close quarters combat
Clearly this is the area in which these two fighters truly shine, but who has the upper hand? Lets take a look at each of their strongest techniques. Sanji has his infamous diable jamble while guy has morning tiger. To see which ability is stronger we just need to take a look at the feats of both abilities. Sanji has used his flame kick to burn a huge krackens tentacle. He also incinerated his opponent on fishman island. Sanji has also used his anti-manner kick to K.O. A fodder crocodile and Orz while he was on one leg about to fall down... Non the less this is still a very powerful kick. On the other hand we have might guy and his afternoon tiger. If you pay close attention to the fight against kisame you realize something peculiar... Kisame one of the legendary seven swordsman, the tailless Bijuu, the man who steals others chakra while in battle,(samhead drained killer bee relatively quickly) this legendary nightmare of a creature got ONE SHOTTED!!!!! I mean we are talking about someone who had chakra levels that actually matched naruto's! How in the world did he get one shotted? Morning tiger ladies and gentlemen. The move that creates a hurricane simply from the speed of Might Guy's punch. Lets not forget that when guy goes into the sixth gate underwater, the water is violently shot up forming a massive pillar of water while guy remains dry due to the amount of energy he is exerting. Yes Might Guy did indeed pull a Moses.

Lets not forget one of the most decisive ways an anime crossover battle can end. The speed blitz. While sanji may have some extremely powerful kicks, he has never truly done a speed blitz that's even worth mentioning. On the other hand we have guy who beat kisame in their second encounter using a speed blitz known as Asa kujaku. If you watch this fight you will notice something interesting... Might Guy uses a technique that exactly resembles sanji's diable jombe! Wow it seems like sanji has less and less of a chance as we go seeing as guy can use most of his abilities. And look at this same fight, guy kicks kisame with his flaming kick and kisame is sent flying upwards. Guy is in midair and all of the sudden appears in front of kisame. Sounds like he used the same technique as sanji once again just much much faster.

If sanji gets caught by any of Guy's wide range of abilities, can he endure the blows and continue fighting? All evidence from both series clearly shows that once sanji get caught by something of this magnitude he pretty much is done for. Take the lightning for example, yes sanji lived (along with ussop and nami who clearly have low stamina) but he was knocked unconscious and was not able to continue fighting. Saying that guy is around the same strength as abolsom is just ignorance towards the manga. Abolsom was nearly fodder and his only strength came from his devil fruit and cannons hidden on his arm. Plus these cannons were barely strong enough to take out a wall. Tell me do you believe that those cannons would even phase someone as durable as kisame? The answer is a definite no.

Addressing what you said about sanji using his hands for things such as handstands to make himself harder to hit him in an effective area, does It matter? No matter where afternoon tiger hits sanji it's pretty much game over. Hits him in the leg? It's blown off. Hits him in the cheat? Sanji's finished.

Now to address the very valid argument of, the gates injure the user while they are open. This is clearly true as shown in the manga but it won't be a huge factor in the fight. This fight wouldn't last any longer than three minutes because of how explosive sanji and guy are. The final trump card that guy has is the most deadly move he knows. Eighth gate release. As stated in the naruto wikia if guy were to ever enter the final gate, his combat skills would become kage+. Even though the ultimate price to pay for opening this gate would be death there is absolutely know way that sanji would live any longer than 30 seconds after the gate was activated. Even without the eighth gate guy would be able to over come sanji in battle.

The final point I am going to address is soru. There seems to be a misconception that soru gives users speed greater than might guy or lee. Lets take a look at the speed feats for both. Soru makes the user move extremely by running on air. The fact of the matter is, it's not even close to the speed that lee achieves during his fight with gaara. When lee uses his final move that he was saving for neji, you cannot see him. You can only see gaara bouncing around like a pinball hitting invisible walls. I have seen no such feats from any soru user. This clearly makes Guy faster than any member of cp9 AND sanji.


This has kind of devolved into a mini-debate over who's better pacifista's or tailed beasts. It's good to know I'm debating someone who's passionate about Naruto, but dude seriously chill out. I mean you really don't have to go look for the neet website of falsehoods (who has the spare time to post random stats of manga/anime character's battle stats) on battlestats to prove that the tailed beasts are superior to the Pacifista's for several reasons. First Narutoverse would lose in a straight up fight against One Piece that much is a given (sorry but its the truth). Second Narutoverse maintains a balance of power against the world of One Piece with its genjutsu users like Itachi, and Kakashi, who using Kamui can easily beat anyone who doesn't have Haki. This is because Narutoverse trades off power and speed for highly effective genjutsus instead.

The CP9 are skilled assasins who don't waste energy for flashy moves like the pinball gaara shown by Lee. Instead they use Soru and Shigun to move in close undetected and deliver an instant kill and vanish without a trace. Why do you think CP9 has a notorious reputation in the underworld of One Piece? Because they are that good at what they do, and its assassinating people. Also because they were so good at assassinations, they became pompous and were eventually beaten by the Strawhats who possessed more tenacity than CP9. Just like how Akatsuki members kept losing to the Shinobi of the hidden leaf village. So in the end Sanji is still faster than Guy.

Kisame's power is comparable to Jabra which is impressive as the CP9 are actually to a varying degree comparable to Akatsuki with the exception of the Genjutsu specialists and high ranking ones like Tobi/Madara/Obito, Itachi, Pain, and Konan. Sasori is equal to Blueno, Hidan and Kakuzu are comparable to Kaku, Deidara is comparable to Kumadori and Zetsu to Fukurou. So Guy can one hit KO an enemy who's on par with Jabra, nice but I still think he can do better.

Listen GiantSpoonMan, Thanks for stating the obvious 3 rounds later after I said something similar 2 rounds ago about Diable Jambe and flaming punches. (slow on the uptake I take it?)

Guy loses in terms of speed and attack (attack is due to range) against Sanji, but He definitely does have better defense compared to Sanji. After all bearing the heavy burden of the gates is by no means an easy feat so Guy has better defense.

Now you say that its the speed blitz that finishes a battle right? Well in the Manga there are plenty of times where Sanji uses his superhuman kicks to deliver massive amounts of damage in a speed blitz. Seems like someone forgot Sanji's Extra Asshi, Boire Frire Spectrum to name a few, and for a comic finish how about the combo leading up to Parage shot, a speed blitz attack that'll alter Guy's face into something better.

You seem to have conceded on the Haki so I will take it as a concession.
Debate Round No. 4


There seems to be some confusion on my stance when it comes to manga. I love One Piece, it has proven to be a better all around series than Naruto. I am definitely not just a Naruto fanboy who doesn't enjoy other series. I also think that if the entire Naruto verse were to clash with the entire One Piece verse It would be an extremely close battle, One Piece very well may win. Yeah I agree that this debate has drifted off course with the whole pacifistas vs bijuu but the claim just doesn't make sense. The last thing I am going to say about it is the manga holds the proof.

Now looking at cp9 Vs Akatsuki these battles don't stack up well for your cp9 members... The problem with the Akatsuki is the fact that most of them can defeat people who outclass them. Keep in mind you are comparing many of the weaker members of Akatsuki to cp9, but I will go over this briefly because why not? Dei-Dara Vs. Kumadori. Chopper defeated Kumadori using his giant form but was nearly able to win without it. Dei-Dara defeated Kazekage Gaara and held his own against Sasuke Uchiha. Dei-Dara could just us c4 dragon to bomb him from hundreds of feet in the air. Sasori Vs. Blueno. The fact of the matter is Blueno has no way to create an antidote against Sasori's poison. Sasori only needs to scratch Blueno one time to inject the lethal dose of poison, keep in mind there are hundreds of puppets with the poison that bleuno needs to watch out for plus the third kazekage's puppet. Hidan + Kakuzu vs. Kaku. one drop of blood from kaku and its over. The problem with this fight is Kaku has no idea these two are near immortal, when he goes for the finger stab of doom he will be in range of Hidan's scythe. Kisame vs. Jabre. This fight is actually quite interesting since they are both super strong. Kisame is probably much stronger but Jabre takes the cake when it comes to speed. I am going to give the advantage to Kisame simply because he has more options, Brute strength, samahead, creating large bodies of water in an instant, and once he is around water he gains Hordy like speed( in his samahead form). I think we both agree that Rob Luchi isn't on par with Obito, Madara, Itachi, or pain/nagato.

The only reason the fights that I posted above are relevant is just to get an idea of how strong each set of characters are. Oda has made it clear that Sanji is able to use Observation Haki but not on par with someone like Dark Rayleigh. The over all speed of Guy would make it hard to predict any of his moves, since they are coming so fast with little space in between.

Range isn's a huge factor in this fight simply because of the speed of these fighters. Sanji may be able to kick fireballs but guy in sixth gate would be able to reach Sanji before the fire got anywhere near him. The Naruto anime doesn't give justice to the overall greatness of Guy when fighting Kisame. Looking at chapter 506 when they have there confrontation guy is able to hit hundreds of water sharks with morning peacock while keeping an eye on kisame. When guy reaches the seventh gate the amount of force being exerted on the water around him is tremendous. When guy hits kisame using the afternoon tiger kisame has his massive shark bomb to dampen the blow, he wasn't hit unguarded and it still one shot him. Just look at the shockwave produced, it's far greater than sanji's Hell memories, just look at it compared to the huge tidal wave on page three of chapter 507.

Sanji is a great opponent for Guy and would be able to hit him with some massive attacks, they would both take heavy injuries no doubt. But once Guy enters seventh gate the fight is pretty much decided, the strength and speed of Afternoon Tiger is to much.

I would like to thank my opponent for this debate, it was very fun! i hope we can debate again sometime. And to the voters, vote for Might Guy and his springtime of youth!!!


Ok, glad you clarified that you like both One Piece and Naruto. I would also like to say thanks to my opponent for a great and fun debate.

With the slight digression of comparing the CP9 with Akatsuki, the Akatsuki members really didn't take down anyone who outclasses them. With the exception of Obito, Zetsu, Pain, and Konan, all members of akatsuki were S class war criminals. So as their title of war crimes suggest, their abilities should be able take out the tailed beasts and jinchuuriki. However, they were eventually afflicted with hubris much later after almost succeeding with capturing all the jinchuuriki. Hence why the Akatsuki fell later than the CP9, since the CP9 were already arrogant to begin with. Now that CP9 actually tasted failure, CP9 has become the ultimate assassination team in One Piece, (until Oda introduces better ones).

With the battle between Akatsuki and CP9, the fights are actually closer. Deidara could try to bomb Kumadori from the sky, but Kumadori can just use geppo to reach him, and Rankyaku is a ranged move with greater power than shigun so it is a close fight. With Blueno and Sasori, the fight will be a close one hit finish, Blueno has the door door fruit which allows him to create a door out of anything and enter his own little dimension, coupled with tekkai, which sasori can't penetrate without the third kazekage puppet, allows him to unpredictably attack and defend at will. With the fight between Kaku v Hidan and Kakuzu, I deliberately put them together because, while Hidan and Kakuzu are near immortal, they are nowhere near as fast as Kaku, Kaku can also use his 4 sword style (2 swords and Rankyaku) to defend and attack with range. Kaku can definitely kill Kakuzu (4 fast paced shiguns), but with Hidan Kaku will have to rely more on his speed and swordsmen ship to incapacitate Hidan before he (Kaku is injured). I'm glad you came to the same conclusion between Kisame and Jabra, but I'm going to give the advantage to Jabra, since Tekkai Kempo is a well rounded martial art that uses the rokushiki style extremely well. Also Rob Lucci is definitely stronger than the Akatsuki members that I compared the CP9 to, but he isn't as good the higher echelon of akatsuki mainly the genjutsu specialists of Obito/madara, itachi, pain/nagato/yahiko, and conan.

Now back onto the main course
Actually, Sanji can predict Guy's moves since kenbunshokuno haki allows the user to predict the move before it is used as seen by Enel's mantra, Gorgon sisters use of Haki, and a few others. While he can't use it like Rayleigh Sanji definitely does surpass Enel when it comes to using Haki. So Guy would have a hard time even hitting Sanji.

While it may seem like the chapter doesn't do give Guy justice, it only shows that Guy can one hit ko someone who is just as strong as Jabra. Given the post time-skip, Sanji could do also one-hit ko Jabre of two years before. Once Guy enters the seventh gate, the playing field is practically evened out since Guy would move at a level where Sanji's use of Haki is a split-second decision, and one false move would be Sanji's end. However, Sanji could just use sky walk to evade Guy's gate rampage and then go in for the finisher once Guy tires out, or Sanji could just Hit guy while he's in any of the Gates as Guy is essentially ripping his muscle fibers to shred causing the heavy toll on the body which Guy has to endure. Guy's use of the gates reminds me of the Alabasta arc where some royal guards drink this water that grants the user immeasurable power inexchange for their life shortly after. What sucks then is that their opponent was crocodile a logia user of sand where normal attacks couldn't hurt him. Drawing on this comparison, if Sanji evades Guy's attacks, then Sanji would win hands down because Guy would be too weakened as a result of the gates, but even if Guy does win and beats up Sanji, Sanji can recuperate and recover from broken bones while Guy would be crippled as a result of tearing the muscles extensively.
Thus Sanji has the better advantage and would win in a fight against Guy.

So my fellow readers, vote for Sanji and his love hurricane.
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by Ragnar 4 years ago
I don't know the common referent to this debate, and it failing to explain itself makes me unable to vote.
Posted by GiantSpoonMan 4 years ago
Until sanji is shown to be a mountain buster he Isn't on the level of the tailed beasts.
Posted by BillyTheKids 4 years ago
Rayze has now had a really good post..... I love One Piece and Naruto, also Guy would not open the 8th Gate because it is known as the gate of death giving him the power of a Tailed Beast while he has shown that Sanji can beat a Tailed Beast. Just wanted to point out, a Jinjuriki is the carrier of the beast not the beast
Posted by BillyTheKids 4 years ago
I hope it goes to someone completely different that is like Sabo, who is coming back according to Oda
Posted by GiantSpoonMan 4 years ago
The Mera Mera no MI is most likly going to Rebecca the undefeated gladiator. I would like to bet that she will also join the straw hats. :)
Posted by BillyTheKids 4 years ago
Sanji all the way... Rayze, I was wondering if you would like to argue with me about who should get the Mera Mera no Mi or something like that, I like your arguments and I follow One Piece the most.
Posted by DanT 4 years ago
Might Guy obviously
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