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Mighty Mouse V.S. Superman

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Started: 12/31/2014 Category: Society
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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I say that Mighty Mouse is MUCH Mightier then Superman is super.

You Skyangel seem to be the type cast that would back Superman as his name begins with the same letter yours does.


It is obvious to me that superman must be a lot stronger and also braver than mighty mouse because after all, he is a man. Everyone knows a man is stronger and braver than a mouse.
That's why people ask others " Are you a man or a mouse" when they are trying to encourage them to be strong and brave.
If you need evidence, just ask a man to pick up a mouse and observe ow easy it is for him. Then see if you can get a mouse to pick up a man.
My bets would be that the man could pick up the mouse but the mouse would be incapable of picking up the man, no matter how mighty the mouse thinks he is.

Therefore I believe I have debunked your claim that mighty mouse is mightier than superman is super.

I am waiting with anticipation to see you prove a mouse mightier than a man. LOL
Debate Round No. 1


I want to keep this simple and few of words.

Mighty Mouse can pick up a full size locomotive without breaking a sweat and MM is MUCH faster and better in the bedroom then Superman from various tabloid reports.

PLUS the BIG fact that Superman can't handle kryptonite. It gives him a headache, cramps and the runs.

MM is not effected by kryptonite in the least. Clear head, hungry belly and pellets for poo.


Superman can move a planet without breaking a sweat.

Superman is too busy saving the world to spend time copulating in the bedroom. That's why we don't have a lot of super babies in the world. He is one of a kind.

MM is obviously not effected by kryptonite. His weakness is cheese.
According to the media, limburger cheese actually makes him weak.
Some evil cat made a limburgerite bullet out of it, put it in a sniper gun and shot him with it.

That is real proof that Superman is more super than MM is mighty. Superman could have saved MM from death because he is faster than a speeding limburgerite bullet. MM should have believed in him and then he would have been saved.
Debate Round No. 2


That's a funny tune your playing., did you fall down and bend your harp?

That death of MM is just as factual as the earth being flat or the rapture doctrine.

MM doesn't suffer from the "human ailments" that Superman does.

MM is more like a rodent version of James Bond.

Superman is just another confused pro wrestler on steroids.

Saving the world?
HA I say to that. Superman is so stressed out from his day job at the Daily Planet and all the credit card debt that he has, in that DEBT FREE,stress free Mighty Mouse has to take up the slack when it comes to saving the world.

MM even has a cousin that can mend your bent harp.

Who would Superman get for such a chore?


I rest my case


Whether my harp is bent or not is irrelevant to the fact that Mighty Mouse was shot with a limburger bullet, believe it or not.
However, he might return from the dead when the author decides to write the continuation of the story.
Fans of Mighty Mouse can only have faith and pray to the mouse god for his return.

The facts currently are what they are. It makes no difference if you believe them or not.

Mighty mice suffer from various mice aliments created by Jeeses. I mean Cheeses. The stinky brands are the worst when it comes to being fatally odorous. They could suffocate any Mighty Mouse who was not wearing a gas mask.

Whether Superman is just another confused pro wrestler on steroids or not makes no difference to the fact that his superhuman strength is stronger than fiction.

Superman only pretends to be stressed out from his day job so he can make an excuse to take a break from typing boring news reports. He prefer to go and make the news. He likes to leave the reporting to Lois Lane so she can take the credit. He keeps a low profile in public for obvious super reasons.

Superman has no credit card debt. He has his very own currency. You should keep up to date with the media.
You can make him richer than he already is by buying his currency since it is sold for much more then its worth but hey, that's enterprise for you. It keeps Superman debt free but you might need to borrow some money from Uncle scrooge if you wish to buy what Superman owns.

Mighty Mouse is incapable of taking up any slack because he is dead.

If Superman had a bent harp, he would most likely get Tinkerbell to fix it. Everyone knows that a good Tinker she is. She can fix anything.

Superman is still alive. Mighty Mouse is dead according to the media. May he rest in peace. That proves Superman is stronger, mightier and super fit. The fittest always survive the game of the survival of the fittest.

I rest my case.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Electric-Eccentric 2 years ago
Never said I disliked the idea of debates. I just questioned the "quality" of what comes out when make believe and pretend subjects are debated.

My example was to make light of the FACT that there are few if any CONCLUSIONS, closure, NEW overall discovery and such.

What I see from where I AM, seems that most are more interested in the game of argument then they are on getting to a solution or conclusion.

Plus I was just playing make believe and pretend with my mate Sky so that she might have a bit of EE entertainment as she seems to enjoy it.

I also was just seeing how the "tools and such" of this part of snoddlerville operated.

I have NO further interest in playing make believe and pretend on a debate thingy like this FINE and excellent wonderful and super hero filled adventure. I will leave such matters the young of mind and spirit.

any and all are invited to visit and place their personal scribbles on this fine and dandy wall of cyber space.

and may the force be with you, Will Robinson...........
Posted by Ragnar 2 years ago
If you dislike the idea of debates, why hang out at a debate website?
Posted by Electric-Eccentric 2 years ago
the missing
Posted by Electric-Eccentric 2 years ago
Sky clearly showed just how silly the everyday normalcy of so called debating is around here and elsewhere.

We can replace Mighty Mouse and Superman with ANY other subject matter and we would end up with much the same.

When it comes to the world of so called normalcy, what is NORMAL is that those that choose to be of the MANY on the wide path just babble on like parrots as they try and confuse others more so then themselves so that they can better justify their deluded realities.

ALL so called debate that the normal advanced societies of all ages participate in is likened to a group of colorful "talking" parrots saying what they had been trained so they get their rewards.

The talking parrots haven't a CLUE as to JUST WHAT they are "talking about" as they are just brainwashed, programmed, trained sheep that follow the rattle in the feed pail.

well done Sky, your part in this play was well done. If they gave out rewards for such acting you would deserve the golden throne award.

The moral of the story:

Why be a clueless colorful talking parrot working for crackers when you can be of the FEW that are likened to eagles flying high above the clueless colorful talking parrots watching the PLAY with the GOD of the ay the Truth and the Life.

Posted by Skyangel 2 years ago
Add what you like and don't forget to vote for your favorite cartoon character.
Posted by WeirdWordsWhat 2 years ago
Can I add that Superman has actual powers? MM is just an overgrown mouse.
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Vote Placed by Outplayz 2 years ago
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Reasons for voting decision: "PLUS the BIG fact that Superman can't handle kryptonite. It gives him a headache, cramps and the runs." LOL Thanks for the laughs!
Vote Placed by 9spaceking 2 years ago
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Agreed with after the debate:--Vote Checkmark0 points
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Had better spelling and grammar:--Vote Checkmark1 point
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Total points awarded:02 
Reasons for voting decision: hmmm....if only con made the argument that cheese was far more common than kryptonite...both insulted each other's object of support, and both had flimsy assertion. Altho Con DID use sources...