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Miley cyrus's new "personality" is great.

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Started: 2/14/2014 Category: Music
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I think that Miley is smart for what she is doing. She was the number 1 talked about artist in the US, all of the crazy stuff she does was part of a plan... and it worked.

If any other female artist was doing this we would have no problem with it, its just that we can't let go of the old her. Lady gaga, Rihanna, Madonna, and Britney spears have all been naked in music videos and we had no problem with it.... so why should we care if Miley does it, people need to understand that she is grown up and she is her own person now.

Before one directions "story of my life" Miley Cyrus was the biggest artist in the US. Her hit song "Wrecking ball" hit number one in iTunes songs. She did some crazy things to get people to talk about her.... and now look, everywhere you go on the internet she is on there, every single talk show she was on the there. She did this purposely and it worked.


I think here I present a convincing argument as to why it's wrong:
Debate Round No. 1


Ok first of all, that little "story" was your opinion. There was nothing in there about how everybody else hated her, in fact you said everyone was cheering her on and loved it. Now if you would to pay for a Lady gaga concert you would have no problem with it, but now that she's grownup and everybody still is holding onto the old and young Miley. People change when they grow up. Also if you want to present a persuasive argument, your going to need to tone down the "curse words" and the fictional stories of the "demons" and "brainwashed".


Okay, yes I was trolling. And I'm probably going to lose this one. But this is your opinion, too, that her new personality is great. However, it doesn't look like she "grew up" at all. It looks more like she devolved into an attention whore. And what's worse is that she's setting a bad example for kids. A whole bunch of teenage girls are twerking at dances, getting haircuts like her, and basically idolizing her. The last part is probably the worst of all; I believe she's a bad role model, and saying that she just "grew up" isn't going to cut it and excuse her. Mature, responsible adults like us know better. Would you let your daughter behave like Miley Cyrus? I realize it's ad hominem, but this whole debate essentially is, too.

It goes deeper than just "personal choice." When everyone follows their own morals, the worst in people comes out. This is all just my opinion, of course. Back to you.
Debate Round No. 2


First of all you claim you are a "mature adult" but in the beginning you told me that you were "trolling" that's not what mature adults do.

Now, everything celebrity is a role model, and his/her fans will always want to look up to that person. "twerking" is just the newest dance faze and there will always be different ones till the end of time, and this one isn't the worst.... There has been way worse role models to look up to. Miley Cyrus was crazy in the beginning and she has been embarrassed about her little performance on VMAs, but she now is not acting like a tool in the beginning and is now a great artist and role model.


There's plenty of "mature adults" that like to troll, as long as they can hold intelligent discussions. And if you define Miley Cyrus's personality as "great", then our definitions of mature adults are probably different, too.

And also, since you made the claim, you have the BOP as to why she's a good role model. Personally, I think she's encouraging rebellion in teenagers, since she said herself that her music and concerts are aimed toward the younger population. (12-17 year olds.) She hasn't "grown up" in any rational sense of the phrase:

And she's into drugs now, by the way. So she is doing something illegal. You have the BOP to show me why her change is good and how she's a good role model if she's just encouraging kids to do what they want to without anyone judging them. If everyone did just that, our world would be in a bigger mess than it's in now.

Back to thee.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Pitbull15 3 years ago
Lol I trolled Pro and I'm still winning.
Posted by druminboy918 3 years ago
Yes, that is a good point and I'm not a guy for Hitler, he's a terrible dude, but he wanted to be noticed and he did.... but Miley is not killing people or even doing anything illegal,
Posted by Wylted 3 years ago
Hitler did some crazy things to get people to talk about him also it doesn't make it right.
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