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Milk and other dairy products are in fact healthful and beneficial for humans

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Started: 12/1/2010 Category: Health
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Voting Period
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Milk has been a part of the human diet for centuries. It is the best drink to consume for re hydration besides water. Milk deficiency can lead to osteoporosis. Milk supplies the body with a good source of calcium and vitamin B and D. Milk is good for the skin which is why it is an ingredient in most lotions. In addition, it provides protection for the enamel on teeth and prevents decay.


Good luck, Pro!

Counter Arguments

1) Okay... what you basically said is true. No counter arguments can do that.

1) However, cow milk, what we drink, has 59 active hormones, which is very disgusting to think about.

2) Cow milk is useless because they lack magnesium.

3) 87% of milk is water, which means there are less than 13% of real milk.

4) Cow milk has feces. The feces are a major source of bacteria. The bacteria doubles when you leave it at room temperature for 20 minutes.

5) The cholesterol in three glasses of milk is equal to 53 slices of bacon.


Additional Comments

Good luck, Pro! This might be your first win, but I'm still going all-out!

I rest my case and thank my opponent.
Debate Round No. 1


Counter Argument...
1)Cow milk may have active hormones, but so do other things that we eat such as burgers and chicken. It may be disgusting to you but that doesn't automatically correlate to any means of harm to the body.

2)Milk does have magnesium along with vitamins A and B, zinc, riboflavin, carbs, and protein.

3) Milk high content of water molecules actually makes it beneficial for it is a good source of re hydration. Drinking milk is healthier than drinking unnatural juice, soda, and iced tea.

4) Cow milk has feces and bacteria that is destroyed during the pasteurization process. Milk is not supposed to be placed at room temperature to begin with because to much time out of the fridge can cause the milk to be tainted. Milk should always be in the preserved in low temperatures which is why supermarkets always have milk in the cooler.

5) The claim that the cholesterol in mil is equivalent to 53 slices of bacon is far fetched. Eating two strips of pork bacon is unhealthier than consuming three glasses of milk. Milk contains about 20mg of cholesterol. 53 strips of bacon far exceeds that. In fact the Teagasc Dairy Products Research Centre has conducted recent research on the utility of milk in neutralizing the cholesterol content in the body.



This basically summarizes my arguments and counter arguments:

"Dairy foods can be high in fat and, therefore, calories. Low-fat dairy foods, such as skim milk and low-fat cottage cheese, have had most of the fat skimmed off and they can still be good choices for calorie counters. But all the good stuff, like cheese, ice cream, and butter, can be diet-busters."

"In higher fat dairy products, most of the fat is saturated fat. Diets high in saturated fats can raise your cholesterol levels and increase your risk of heart disease."

"Dairy products contain lactose, a type of milk-sugar that many people have difficulty digesting because they lack the digestive enzyme lactase. If you can't digest lactose, eating dairy products can give you a rumbley tummy or worse. Lactose intolerance affects between ten and twenty percent of the population. You are much more likely to be lactose intolerant if you are of African, Asian, or Native American heritage. Lactose-reduced dairy products or lactase tablets can allow lactose intolerant people to eat dairy with fewer difficulties."

"Although cow's milk allergies are fairly rare in adults, many babies and small children are allergic to milk, and experience symptoms including ear infections, skin rashes, and digestive problems. Avoiding dairy products can alleviate symptoms."

I thank my opponent for this debate.
Debate Round No. 2


IntellectualRichard forfeited this round.


Great debate, Pro.

Let's begin:

"Drinking milk is healthier..." Well, juice is actually healthy. You can find many dairy products, but there is not much citrus fruit in the world. Therefore, juice is more healthier than a milk. 87% is milk.

My round two arguments have not been refuted. Therefore, my argument stands. You did not refute about allergies, sugar, and saturated fat.

In response to the cholesterol argument, this was from Technically speaking, bacon does not have more cholesterol. I believe that you are confusing it with sodium.
Agree before: Pro
Agree after: Pro
Conduct: Pro
Spelling and Grammar: Con
Convincing Arguments: ???

I thank my opponent for this wonderful debate!
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by ethopia619 7 years ago
I think I might lose...
Posted by IntellectualRichard 7 years ago
I mean healthy as in beneficial to us in some way. Not all dairy products are healthy such as milkshakes and ice cream, but besides that I believe that milk and other dairy products are indeed halthful.
Posted by blackhawk1331 7 years ago
I think this would be hard to argue because milk is proven to be a healthy drink to consume.
Posted by 1stLordofTheVenerability 7 years ago
I would contend the point with you, but I'm uncertain what, "Healthful" means. Does it means, rather than being healthy, one is filled with good health and cheer? Egg nog at Christmas time fills all with cheer - I would hope, anyway.
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Reasons for voting decision: Leaving conduct alone, due to annoyance with con asking for sources and S&G. However con takes the argument, largely due to pro missing such a vital point in the argument.