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Mindless rap battle.

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Started: 12/18/2012 Category: Arts
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I do love deep raps but.... Even slowmo homo Lil Wayne has some decent raps if we analyse MINDLESS raps which simply are defined as raps that just make no sense but are epic :L


I'll give it a try, though I don't know how much "mindlessness" I'll have. Just warning you, my raps might actually make sense D:
Debate Round No. 1


Sorry, you didn't make the directions clear, I thought this was a battle for original rap, I made this rap so anyway:

rationalmadman (huh?), you should take an aspirin (ok), cuz this is gonna hurt like watching your daddy f*cked those gay men. (what?!)

One day a s'xy ME said: now man listen here, I wanna make some sh!t clear, I want us to be friends, heres an apology beer. (thanks)

are you drinking that sh*t? (yea why?)

well before you went full throttle, chuggin your baby bottle

I kinda pissed in there, alittle-ok alottle! (aw sh!t!)

ha yea I know how you feel, sometimes things don't come out the way that they should. Like you, look at you, the little gay kid that could :D

Lemme guess-you was teased, bullied, picked on, but made it through school. Just in time, for me to make you a stupid-a$$ fool!
Debate Round No. 2


So you want originality?
Okay then, I'll write a rap with brutality,
No mercy for your tiny penis,
Men come from mars but you were kicked outta Venus,
You used to have a pu$$y, now you have a d!ck,
You just act like what you used to have, when you grow up you shall regenerate your tits.

Your life is a series of sh!t,
With a sprinkle of diarrhea on the top of all of it,
You want a mindless rap?
Then perhaps you should have written that poetic crap,
It's so bad, were you tired? Should have taken a nap.
Were you intoxicated, had you just masturbated to your dad?
Sheesh motherf*cking kebab you fail at pretending to be mad.

Madness is me,
It always will be,
I'm the insane centre for rationality,
Conquering me is like tearing down any sense of legality,
I'm unstoppable when my flow's on the go,
I'm like a snowball rolling, gathering more snow,
I'm like a momentum gaining yo-yo,
Ready to spring at any time like a ninja from his dojo,
B*Tch I'm a powerpuff girl you Mojo jojo,
They kick his a$$ all the time like I do to you now, you male hoe,
I did your mom last night, her pu$$y was tight and fo sho',
That's due to the tiny penis of your father that you inherited you insecure homo.

When I put my mind to the game,
The rap comes out like a flame,
My emotions be the oxygen,
The fuel to my vision,
The vision of a poem that destroys my competition,
That eradicates my opposition
and deep into their soul makes an incision,
I'm a f*cking surgeon,
And every single time,
I write my rap into a different version,
It's the finest piece of art when I rhyme.

I got rhythm,
I got flow,
the beast within,
Is ready to go,
I'm not too clumsy,
Nor too slow,
I'm perfection in the form of a poet,
I'm a rapping genius and you're just a no hope average Joe,
You're merely a guest to my life, and my life be an award-winning show,
I been to places you dream of being at,
I done this and I done that,
I'm a rapper and you're a fool,
Your brain is a waste of space, Mine is an indispensable tool,
You're a merciful coward, I'm the pinnacle of all who are cruel,
I show no mercy, have no heart,
I'm a monster, I'm a demon, swallow my semen and breathe my fart.
I'm your dominator, the very opposite of a liberator,
All you are is a lowlife, no-wife masturbator,
And that's all you'll ever be,
For eternity,
A slave to society,
Getting by quietly,
As my rage, any age, will make you inferior to me.

Badabing badaboom, Bad-DUM-TISH,
Drum roll for the fact that I just owned you b!tch,
Mfext time you bend over to pick something up,
Make sure your big daddy aint about to penetrate your butt,
The rap is over, like your life, you should go get one if you wanna survive.



Uuuum, you called your self a power puff girl and your calling ME gay?
while I could laugh at that all day, Id like to writing a big boy rap ok?

Id like to wish my opponent, the absolute best of luck.
you know, before I drop these rhymes on he's as$ and he's f*cked!

Definition: battle rap: not your piece of Sh*t.
Definition: winning: not what your doing with it.

All your cheap shot remarks, are those suppose to scare me?
Sh*t, you got those lines from a rhyming dictionary!

May I remind my opponent that this doesn't have to be,
that drawn out, but not thought out, form of sh*tty poetry.

But just do what you do, and think what you like,
but no one wants to read that long a$s sh*t, am I right?

Bitch I got the light bulb going off in my head,
while this motherf*cker resorts to weed instead.
I don't know if he knows that sh*t'll make him brain dead!

Quick and to the point, thats all I do and I won.
But I bet you 10 bucks, this motherf*cker aint done.

He'll come back without even responding to this, like the pu$$y he is.
You say I'm a pu$$y but thats cuz I am what I eat.
But your a f*cking pu$$y cuz you can't take this heat!
Debate Round No. 3


The only line I was happy after reading was the last,
After that bad quality rap was over all I did was ask...
The lord up in heaven why he let you be born,
Why the only thing you can rap about is some gay porn,
Fantasies of you and me, dude if you want me in your booty then just ask me cutie ;)
Being gay aint an insult, it's the life of a sinner,
I'm not trying to bet better than you, not rapping to be a winner,
Saying I rap to win is like saying that I wanna win every time I fart,
Rap and poetry are linguistic, beautiful weapons in the form of art,
The aim isn't to write swear words on a page,
It's to write form the heart, express sorrow and rage,
And that's what I'm about to do...
So sit back, relax 'cause Imma increase the skill of my old rap by the power of two.

I was that guy, who was rejected as a kid,
Neglected, Isolated for what he said and what he did,
I was broken-hearted daily by the bullies in my school,
All I grew up understanding was that humanity's cruel,
I was a good boy, scrawny geek yeah I followed every rule,
I wasn't hot but on the social thermometer I was neither cool,
I was nothing, I was no-one I was outcasted like a freak,
I was lonely, cried my self to sleep every day of the week.

Then puberty hit me, and I grew in stature and mental ability,
I rationalised and I opened my eyes to every possibility,
I said "f*ck you" to the bullies and gave up any need for humility,
I became that guy who was weird as hell but who had no worry of any bully,
You know that guy who is weird as heck,
Who receives a ton of piss-takes and disrespect?
Yes miles right back at his haters and like a DJ on his deck,
Mixes wit, sexual prowess and originality into a beast with no regrets.

Now I'm that guy who's crazy, who's hyper yet so lazy,
Who generally is dormant but at random times is hella hasty,
Who women half want in them half want to stay away from,
I'm like a DVD posing as a CD-ROM,
Shoe me your mom and imma turn that b!tch right on,
I'm imperfect but I never get sh!t wrong,
Because I've realised there's no wrong way to do a thing,
Whether you steal it or purchase you have ea diamond ring,
Whether you kill the old one or get voted in you still a king,
I just understand everything,
I'm a philosopher, I'm a super ninja,
I can injure anyone you throw at me, blonde brunette or ginger,
Or black haired, I don't care, I might not even wear underwear,
I'm over here, I'm over there, I look away, give you a death stare.

I'm a self-contradictive metaphorical, paradoxical inexplicably understandable beast,
I have no religion, no true morality, I'm nice one minute the next I go from west to eat,
I'm practically bipolar, unstable, schizophrenic, insane,
Okay so what? If I made that up it rhymed in rhythmic time I've got a monster of a brain,
It can process the best plans, come up with the best scams,
If my brain were a celebrity, It would rape and molest fans,
It has no qualms, no limits, Its boundaries are infinite,
It's indefinable, indecipherable,
My life story will be a better seller than the Holy Bible.


Ok I'm not gonna lie, or make up any crap so:
You did a good job, that sh*t was phat yo!

I can clearly see that these raps are going in another direction.
Speaking from the heart instead of tuning insults to perfection.
We really aren't that different, from what I can tell.
I mean we'd be able to bring down an army, long before we fell.
I may not be, as old or as clever as you,
but from what I see, we are both part of an elite few.

I feel like a puppet master, always in control.
I call it, they raise it, I raise it and then they fold!
B*tch I'm going for the gold
No way I'm gonna stop
You've now been told
Care to join me on the top?

"To go fast go alone, to go far go together"
Screw that! Imma hold up a metal rod up in any kind of weather!
I have a "f*ck the rules" mentality.
I'm sure I'm not the only one.
And I like your personality
I think, with the world, we'd have fun.

Like I said, imma rule everything one day just wait.
There's room for you on shore, now watch me reel 'em in with bait.
Land of the free and home of the brave.
The place to make anyone become your slaves,
if you know, I think I do.
And I also think that you might too.
This is an official invitation,
to join me in ruling a nation.

Maybe you don't think its important to get a rap battle win,
but when it comes to the real world, what do you say, you in?
Debate Round No. 4
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by RationalMadman 5 years ago
Posted by jayteescout 5 years ago
Haha, cuz we're so similar
Posted by RationalMadman 5 years ago
Why did we have to get on so well :(
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