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Minecraft is better than Terraria.

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Started: 5/9/2016 Category: Games
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Minecraft is way better that Terraria... Terreria is a 2D sandbox game that has bad controls, but I still accept to play because of my love for sandbox...
This is my first debate so I need a new debater too...


I accept. I will state opening arguments for my side.

Let's begin with definitions.

Minecraft: A 3D Sandbox crafting survival game, with no defined story or goals, and a very large world.
Terraria: A 2D Sandbox game with no story or goals, and a large world.

Let's agree that 1) both games are capable of modification, and 2) that both games have the possibility for equivalent enjoyable hours of gameplay, no matter the player.

Now that these have been laid out, some contentions.

1. Terraria is better because it's crafting system is better than Minecraft.

When crafting in Terraria, recipes are provided to create items. All one needs are the resources to create them. But in Minecraft, recipes are not readily provided, in fact there is no guide that dictates where things must be placed on the crafting table. Instead players must spend hours of time crafting items as opposed to playing the actual game. In Terraria, crafting items takes far less time, which allows for far more gameplay that is about action to take place.

2. Terraria has advanced weaponry built into its base game, but Minecraft does not.

In the vanilla Terraria these weapons are craftable: swords, guns, bows, axes, drills, pickaxes, lightsabers, laser guns, and even more. In vanilla Minecraft, the only weapons that are craftable are swords, bows, and axes/pickaxes. The weapon selection is severely limited.

3. Terraria has a far more useful cave system.

Because the map is two dimensional, navigating caves in Terraria is like watching an ant colony in one of those glass exhibits. It is as far easer to visualize and conceptualize what caves will look like. It also makes cave exploration more fun because drops in caves become a large factor of cave exploration, so the height differences that real caves have, is far more prevalent than in Minecraft, where caves are largery just branching, rambling pathways with little understandable order for how a cave works.

When one explores in caves in Terraria, it is easier for them to anticipate what they will experience and this is useful because it allows for resource gathering much faster. In Minecraft, the caves are so unpredictable that one can spend hours in a cave that has almost nothing of worth in it, and that wastes the players time.

4. The resource system of Terraria is far more in depth.

The amount of raw metals one can take in Terraria is far more than Minecraft. In Minecraft, only about 5 ores have use (coal, iron, gold, diamond, redstone). In Terraria, the number is about 20 ores that have useful value (Tin, Copper, Lead, Iron, Tungsten, Silver, Platinum, Gold, Crimtane, Demonite, Meteorite, Obsidian, Hellstone, Palladium, Cobalt, Orichalum, Mythril, Titanium, Adamantite, and Chlorophyte.)

Also practically everything that is gathered in Terraria has pragmatic value to furthering ones ability to survive with some exceptions for aesthetic purposes. But in Minecraft a much larger number of blocks only hold aesthetic value, and little pragmatic value.

5. Combat in Terraria is far more advanced.

This is not because of weapons alone. There are many more mobs in Terraria than in Minecraft that are hostile in nature. I don't think I need to provide numbers on this disparity yet, but I might in a later round if necessary. However having played both games, the number of enemies in Terraria leads to a more enjoyable experience due to the numerous different scenarios for how to combat enemies.

These are my opening contentions, and I hope for a great debate!
Debate Round No. 1


I agree with you...

But now I will explain the wrongs to your 5 reasons...

1. Terraria has a better crafting system than Minecraft.

I agree that Terraria has the crafts there for the user. But you have a choice in Minecraft PS4 Edition if you want to do the classic crafting where you can craft without instruction or have it to where you can craft with the layouts of the object you want to build. You can not do that in Terraria.

2. Terraria has advance weaponry.

In Minecraft you are like a medieval man. There are no guns because there are bows and arrows. Guns are just the modern version of bows and arrows. And the Terraria is just technology based.

3. Terraria caves systems are far more useful.

This opinion is great. But if there is a cave then how are finding ores and other objects a challenge to the player. Most gamers always look for a good challenge. It is harder in Minecraft because you can have the challenge of finding gold, redstone, lapiz, and diamonds.

4. Terraria has more resources.

That is true but why do you need so many resources to find when you have a small inventory? There is really no other thing for this reason.

5. Terraria has a better combat system.

Before the 1.9 version of Minecraft came out I would agree with you but it came out so here goes. In Terraria you can spam wood and other objects, but in Minecraft 1.9 you can't spam and there is a rest that involves your hunger bar.

So that's my Round 2, and I hope for you good luck, and lets have a great debate...


First of all you agreed with me, and consent can be a reason to vote for me, but I believe you were just showing courtesy, and I am letting the voters know that they should not vote on your first line in their RFDs. Let me address all arguments in order of appearance.

Definitons. Both of my definitions were agreed to by you, which is good and I appreciate that.

The two points of agreement. Because you did not respond to these, you clealry agree that both games are fully modable, and fully enjoyable by anyone.

Why agreeing to the two points of agreement is detrimental to you will be examined later. But first your responses.

1. Minecraft on the console has a crafting system like Terraria's

This was basically your assertion. That on the PS4 edition, you can craft with preset recipes, like you can in Terraria. But my response is that the crafting system in Terraria is better not just because of the recipes, but also becasue of the depth. Unlike in Minecraft, the amount of craftable items in Terraria is vast, and far outnumbers Minecraft. Combine that with the recipes that are available, and it is seen Terraria has a better system, and a more in depth system.

2. Minecraft is not meant to be advanced in weaponry

Your last sentence under this point made little sense, but it should have because the point obviously was incomplete. You are arguing that Terraria is just a more modern tech range. But that is simply not true. You neglect the fact that in vanilla Minecraft, no guns, or futuristic weapons appear in the game. But in vanilla Terraria, guns, futuristic swords and laser guns, and ancient weaponry all make an appearance and use, within the same game. So clearly my point still holds here that Terraria is better.

3. The challenge of finding ores in Minecraft makes Minecraft caves better

I disagree (surprising). In Minecraft, let me repeat what I said earlier. Some caves go on for ages, and if you are unlucky, never hold any ore. This is a problem for all those who want to progress in the game at a reasonable pace. Not spend hours of wasted time collecting no ore. In Terraria on the other hand, it is still a challenge to find good ore, but caves are always littered with common ores, meaning that no mining expedition is ever useless. This is a huge benefit to Terraria over Minecraft, because it prove Terraria usefully benefits the player's time.

4. You don't ever use all the resources of Terraria

That is essentially what you argued. A couple problems. First, you conceded that Minecraft has far fewer useful ores, which makes that game less fun. Second, you progress through a tiered ore system in Terraria. If you have ever played the game (I think you have) then you know that mining copper is only the start. As your character gets better, you progress into the level of mining Orichalchum and the like, and by that point you will have dropped copper completely off your concern radar when mining. So while you make think of the hotbar as an inconvenience, I view it as a way to get the most progression out of the game possible.

5. 1.9 Minecraft makes Minecraft combat better than Terraria's

How is 1.9 Minecraft combat that different from the rest of Minecraft combat before? I mean, what serious difference does spamming or not spamming attacks even make? In Terraria, you spam attacks on ores, blocks, and mobs because that is how you destroy them. If you hit one hit at a time, the game is built to make you lose combat like that. Now why is this better than Minecraft's new one hit system? Because Minecraft has combat that is too simplistic, and clunky. If I shoot a skeleton, then have to wait to do it again a couple seconds later, the combat feels realistic maybe, but not smooth. However Terraria's combat operates like a 2D version of Gungeon. You fire multiple bullets at once, because it is intended to be a fun experience, not a death threatening tedious exercise.

Alright now lets examine why exactly agreeing with my second assertion under the agreeable assertions, is so important. I asked you to agree "that both games have the possibility for equivalent enjoyable hours of gameplay, no matter the player." You agreed. What position does this put you in? It means you agreed that the standard on how we would weigh the word "better" in the resolution, was through whatever tipped the enjoyability factor of either game in its favor through the arguments we presented for each game. So all our arguments must uphold the standard of enjoyability to win in this round. Now after my responses, my arguments of 1, 2, 3, and 5 all clearly uphold a higher enjoyability of Terraria. I still consider whether or not more resources to be enjoyable, up for debate. But the rest I believe have been substantially settled, unless you have good responses to them.

I appreciate your willingness to hold a long debate on this topic. This topic honestly has been the talk of the internet for ages, and I finally believe we are doing it some academic justice which is magnificent. Best of luck in your final response.
Debate Round No. 2


KaiTheDiamondDragon forfeited this round.


It seems I win on forfeit. However I believe my responses would have won me the round as well.

Debate Round No. 3
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Reasons for voting decision: Forfeiture. Even if pro didn't forfeit, essentially conceding points like "Terraria has a more in-depth crafting system" and "better weapons" for pretty shifty answers is not good, and had you stayed in the game, I would have voted on the fact of just these two concessions -- I am never given a weighing mechanism tho, if you prove a way to vote (be it through per-point or overall) then you may have more ground.