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Minecraft is the best game

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Started: 12/14/2013 Category: TV
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Minecraft can teach children things and lets children expand creativity. It helps with knowledge about the real world and shows lots of nice people and is good for your brain.
You have freedom to do things
Expand your own creativity
Multiplayer action
Battling steps
Awards mojang staff have
With the new xbox version minecraft is suitable to play.
A child friendly game that has appropriate content
Minecraft is a game recommended by many game critizers and has more awards then staff so it is able to be one of the best games with more creativity and teaches more things like
- clay to rock/brick
- Survival instincts
- Creative mode
- Crafting ideas
-And much more


I would like to start by saying that I agree with my opponent to a certain extent. Minecraft does expand creativity for kids and is fun and easy to play, but that doesn't exactly make it the best game. Like just because it has creatity, and it is educatinal doesn't make it automatically the best. There are tons of games like that, all over. Sure most of them aren't for kids but I mean what does this game teach kids that they can't learn by (oh I don't know) going outside? Not being on a screen 24/7? Maybe if children stopped looking at screens all the time, we wouldn't depend on them to teach kids survival skills and creativity. And the other thing about the "creativity" is that it takes forever to build something normally, and kids are just no patient enough for that. If they're a tween, they're either going to make pixelized genitals or just play call of duty and be homophobic for no reason. If they're a teenager or an adult, they already know about creativity and such. Sure they could be creative mode, but that would get boring after a while.

For me, I don't really have a personal favorite video game. In my opinions something like tetris is immediate entertainment and actually helps develop hand eye co-ordination.

And about the survival skills thing, when is a kid who depends on a video game to learn survival skills going to need survival skills?

Most games in the stealth game genre allow for a player to come up with entire ways of comepleting an objective. The best example of this is Hitman: Blood Money, which although it's violent it has an incredible amount of ways to go about beating a level, and the more you replay a level, the better critical thinking will be for you. You'll come up with new and creative ways to get something done. And before you argue kids would just use the run & gun technique, that technique is actually really difficult, and the game makes a point of saying you should be stealthy. And it's not like kids would play Hitman Blood Money either.

Also, it's not like the big reason kids play video games is to learn creativity.
Debate Round No. 1


Minecraft is not a bad game reasons why
1.It has more awards then staff and get many prizes t even start with
2. Many mods which lets the user play and install many games they would like into minecraft like naruto mods and one piece mods and stuff like tiger mod
3.There are not a lot of noobs
4.The graphics are not bad you all are just saying that cause its in 16 bit
5. On youtube it has many suscribers currently Skydoesminecraft has the most out of all so all does likes are from minecraft fans so that means minecraft is popular
6.Minecraft is better then call of duty
7. Just because you people think a kid was influenced to bring a gun to school does not mean minecraft is a bad game so stop placing blame on the best game


"More awards than staff"
Awards aren't exactly a message of quality, most award shows are political in order to help sustain popular entertainment mediums. For example, ever wonder why Argo won best picture? The story was popular amonsgt Americans and the film was known as an American hero story, so the film itself became huge. Thus it won best picture over the more deserving Django Unchained, which was known as slightly racist and almost insensetive to some people.

"Lots of mods"
Mods are also not a classification fo quality, that's content created by someone who wasn't the company. If we're going to talk about the quality of the game we talk about the base game, no mods.

"Not a lot of noobs"
The skill level of other players isn't a quality of the game itself but of the online community. Again, we're talking about minecraft.

"The graphics aren't bad, theyre just in 16 bit"
I am saying that because it's in 16 bit, because that's the truth. I don't mind it and think it's a cool style I'm just saying technically speaking the graphics are bad.

"Yotubers like skydoesminecraft"
Youtubers playing minecraft isn't a quality of minecraft, it's the youtuber. We're talking about minecraft.

"Minecraft is better than call of duty"
That's a matter of opinion, I was saying I'd much rather have immediate fun than have to wait a long time building a castle to have fun.

"Kid influenced to bring a gun to school"
Okay i don't know where that came from. I never said anything like that, like at all. You might be confused I was talking about run & gun technique in video games that kids use all the time, and it takes away from the experience of hitman. I'm firmly against the beleif that school shooting are caused by video games.

But more to the point, most of my arguments have been that we're debating if Minecraft is the best game. Yet you keep bringing up things outside of the game as quality. A logical explenation could be that Minecraft itself just isn't the best game and requires other people who aren't Mojang staff to make it better. That's not a sign of quality, that's the opposite of a sign of quality actually.
Debate Round No. 2


Dragonduelist forfeited this round.


And the other thing, why is minecraft the best game? What makes it great? Mind you nothing outside of the core game itself (mods, other players, youtube playthroughs), there isn't anything to make it the best. Some may say the game is endless entertainment, but endless entertainment can't rely on gameplay updates and mods and multiplayer to keep it fresh. Gameplay updates keep coming because mojang needs an audience, but that's not the core game. That's a new thing added. Mods aren't even from mojang so yeah, and multiplayer is just an extension of single-player. The fun is only in the fact that there's other players. A good "endless entertainment game" can keep a player occupied for what seems like forever with stuff to do. Case in point, anything Bethesda produces. Their games are huge, and if you play them for reasonable hours then they last you a while. If you're playing a game for more than 3 hours a day, then the problem isn't that a game doesn't include enough content to keep you entertained for long enough, it's that you're simply playing video games for way longer than is A: nessecary, and B: healthy. Video games are just entertainment, to some people they are more and I get that. Movies are my personal passion, but regardless I don't usually spend more than 3 hours watching movies (unless I have marathons with my friends). There is no reason for someone to play video games for longer than 3 hours.

And before everyone goes off on me for being anti video game by saying too much is unhealthy, i'm not anti-video games. I think video games are fantastic. But like with movies, tv, even sports, there's only so much the human body and mind can handle before it needs a break. Physically, video games can cause carpal tunnel (I've had it happen a couple times) but can also cause muscle issues and in very rare (but not rare enough to be ignored) cases, organ issues. Psychologically, they can make a person really anti-social, or make them go a little nutty. I'm not saying video games are to blame for school shootings, but here's the thing, if someone shot a couple students at his school, and he also sat for hours and hours on end in front of a screen, it's probably a little more than a coincidence. I'm not saying it was the cause, not at all, but I'm saying it didn't help.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to be anti-video game. More than 3 hours is too much though. And there's a whole plethy of games that can entertain for months as long as you play them the right amount. Minecraft isn't as good as these games, and is just bland.
Debate Round No. 3
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