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Minecraft vs. Terraria

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Started: 1/23/2015 Category: Games
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I think that terraria is better because it has more bosses.


I prefer minecraft because it not only involves creating your own world but controlling everything, and quite frankly I don't think terrier was all that fun. I'll isn't just about killing things and as much fun as that is (BOOM! Head shots!) creativity is more applicable in the real world, plus minecraft is nearly twice as popular even if the pixelation is a little weird. Creepers, spiders, and skeletons will always be one of the first things to come to mind who video gaming is mentioned.
Debate Round No. 1


It that mind set, terraria is better. There are more monsters, plus, what fun is there in minecraft compared too terraria? I mean, sure, you can build with unlimited blocks in creative, but so what? It gets boring quick. So does survival in minecraft, because once you beat the ender dragon that's it. I n terraria, there is endless fun. Creative is overrated In my opinion.

Con're talking like a hipster....just no.

Alright, true that there are more monsters to battle in terraria, but don't say you don't enjoy making impossible creations on minecraft. I also find it quite idiotic you say technology will ever out rule creativity. Technology is materialistic and bugged, but the human imagination is infinite . Anyway, minecraft also has mods and applications on which you can build fun team games and interact with others. I myself always find it amusing when I stumble over an NPC village....(and maybe burn it to the ground) ...but in this game you can also be a bad guy if you want. Either way you swing it minecraft may be low-Rez and simplistic but that's the best, so goes with the gaming rules if the world.
Debate Round No. 2


In terraria, you get access to unlimited weapons, unlimited boss fights, and unlimited crafting. The "enchanting" is better, as in you actually use stuff you farm from mobs. And besides, terraria was designed to have endless fun, and it does. It was also designed when made to be a multiplayer game. There is a lot more costumization in it, because you can dye any of your armor, not just leather. You make your own character, making you you. You don't have to buy a skin maker to do so. Popularity has nothing to do with quality. Minecraft has been around a couple years more, so it's fan base is obviously going to be bigger. And head shots, really? It is almost impossible to get crits in minecraft. Terraria displays crits way better.


We'll what's the fun of playing if you don't have to work for any of your supplies? And while I must acknowledge the comment of the skin creator, I can't say I advocate the crits comment. It was a nerve meant to be a high resolution game or to display things in the open. Minecraft was designed to make you search for your supplies and to build up your knowledge of the game. I can agree that on some terms fan base does have a link to age of the game, but that doesn't mean every single fan would switch from one game to the other in a heart beat. The high technology of games like Terraria undermine simpler and more caustic games like minecraft.

I'm afraid I'm going to have to fight a little dirty here, and (after a moment of looking up player reviews and statistics) about 34% of anyone who played Terraria said they didn't like the game or that the controls had bugs in them, while even though minecraft can run slow or spaz out occasionally only 19% of minecraft player were inclined to give it a bad review. Plus about 57% of gaming 'rages', which often end with something of value to be broken, are caused by more violent games or newer games, such as Terraria.

I beg you, display an argument.
Debate Round No. 3
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