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Minimum Wage

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Started: 1/23/2015 Category: Economics
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Minimum wage should be passed because it would help people out of poverty. Try to debate me on it.


Hey man thanks and I'll try.
Time and time again the minimum wage has been increased.
Here are my main arguments

Job loss
When people want to increase the minimum wage, they tend to forget about the little guy. Its isn't just the enormous chains that are affected, its the small business owner. Granted the huge corporations can definitely pay their employes more, there are some that cannot pay more than they do now. While there are some who can, there are defiantly those who cannot. In fact a study that interviewed professional economists , found that 79% agreed that the job loss is real.

Price Increase
(Beware of simple math) In order for companies to pay for paying these employes more, they have to increase prices. If they have 100 employes, and now pay them 1 dollar more per hour, they now pay their work force 100 more an hour. If they work 8 hours a day, its now 800 per day. Now lets say that they work 5 days a week now that one dollar turns into and additional 40,000 a week. Thy also work about 3 weeks per month so 40,000 is now 120,000. Multiply that by 12 for yearly pay and you get.....1,440,000 that just for 100 employes and a one dollar raise. Granted that it is more or less, you must include bonuses, time off, overtime, more employes or if they raise payment by 2 dollars! Obviously it would be less due to current pay now/ variables that i haven't included etc. The only way that they could raise enough money to pay is for them to fire people, or raise prices! With raised prices some goods will become the same value in relation to how they were before!

Price of work
This is mainly opinion but does make a good point. If I pay a employee 10.00 to do a job that is really 5 dollars worth of work, is that fair?

In a recent study 60 percent of people living in poverty are not working. These new minimum wage laws would make finding a job much harder and only help about 40 percent of those in poverty, not a solution that would help the majority. What would help is more jobs, even at a lower price. If I could pay 5.00 and hour, it would be overall more beneficial because i could pay 3 people that wage instead of one man 15 for a job that merits 5 dollars.

Debate Round No. 1


johnnyboy555 forfeited this round.


Ok...In addition
With a lower minimum wage more people could participate in the economy. More groth/ activity i guess

All arguments are extended
Debate Round No. 2
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Posted by Economicsgeniusorsoithink 3 years ago
yeah i just realized my name is a bit of a boaster regret it.but pls just chk the merits of my argument.
second of all i know my argument is a bit liberalistic and hopeful but it is the way you'll developed.
Third of all this innovation may lead to you'll being in a mode of growth and development but that need to be continuous in nature or else there will be no use for said innovation or raise in the minimum wage. But a larger US economy helps you'll buy things around the world
so yeah you'll should still go for it

BTW i want to have a discussion on free trade.
those that keep shouting the merits of free trade(u will say this may be a way to decrease the reliance on minimum wage workers) should know it leads to the overall development of China. In the long run really long run like 40 years, the development of china leads the world economics towards china's currency and USA would lose its dominance thats if you'll do nothing. I know you'll have always risen to the occasion so let that be said.

The guy i was talking to debater409 not came back just want feed back if any.
Posted by Economicsgeniusorsoithink 3 years ago
After which you will realize profit of such a company would automatically rise, because of a greater profit margin.
This innovation(brought to you by profit margin)(will take place because corporates use profits to increase profits) and new tech would create a flurry of new jobs(mostly better paying because of the new nature of it and the surplus created by the savings such innovation has in the industry) replacing old jobs(burger flippers & yes burger flippers must study or be aware of such changes and get them) and developing the economic model of the united states.

But such innovation and growth must not be restricted in one single industry it should be in as many as possible. But even if it is not pan industrial innovation it will still lead to gross increase in money flow and increase and generate new jobs

also if you'll increase the minimum wage the number of immigration generally falls (down as there is no reason for having them to jobs that an american is ok having at the minimum price ....)(this is by the way assuming that companies don't go for illegal immigrants
Posted by Economicsgeniusorsoithink 3 years ago
Hi i have made an argument pro increasing minimum wage earlier i am just copy pasting it
pls correct me if i am wrong anywhere

hi debater409,
I am a new member to this debate society would love to tell you i am pro for raising minimum wage and i don't even live in america. i live in India but i study economics.
Your point that people need to stop flipping burgers(low paying jobs) and being higher paying jobs like teaching, engineering, law, medicine etc. but there aren't any jobs like that in the USA.

Those that are educated for such jobs are not recruited for them cause either they are not needed i.e. the current field is saturated.
Your country needs to innovate new things in order to create the new age jobs and the higher paying jobs that automatically come with it.

This is how a minimum wage increase will help
Further more, on the topic of just gross increase in movement of money that would take place on account of raising the minimum wage would increase your country's consumption.
This will lead to a net increase in available surplus cash in hand of companies(mind you i said it right). Who will spend on innovation. (i say this because cost of labor is not the full cost of producing a burger, it may be 22.5%)
labor is 22.5% of the cost of a company
raise by 20% of labor
labor increases to 27% of the product cost so cost of product is now 104.5(100-22.5+27)
so price will definitely increase by 20%(knowing american capital greed inc.)
The cost of other raw materials will not go up much as the minimum wage raise will not be applicable to them that produce it.
The sales will not be radically affected because those that are affected by the raise will automatically buy more of their own and those that are not affected by it usually either have a surplus(high paying jobs who will not stop at all) or not(lower paying jobs who will automatically cut down purchases not stop).
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