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Minimum wage should be increased in the US.

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Started: 9/7/2016 Category: Economics
Updated: 1 year ago Status: Debating Period
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The minimum wage in the US should be increased each year to help provide a higher income to those working on minimum wage.


My opponent claims that those working on a minimum wage deserves an increased pay. But why so? What my opponent has failed to realize is that a simple increase of one dollar causes an increase of about 1.327 million dollars (per hour) for the US as a whole. Now let's be realistic. The US has a debt nearly the size of its GDP. The US is using basically stealing money from its citizens as it uses money from social security already piled up. Do you really and honestly think that we can afford increasing spending on minimum wage? Frankly, no. Even though it may be beneficial towards those working on minimum wage, as a whole, it would greatly impact the US.
Furthermore, if so many people are working on minimum wage, the most effective way to better the income issue would be to increase the education of individuals, therefore increasing the amount of opportunities coming their way. Instead of using whatever insufficient, excess money that the US has on increasing minimum wage, why not better the public infrastructure? When increasing public infrastructure, it allows individuals to have better access to education (for example schools and libraries), ultimately increasing the capability of citizens in the US. Obviously, once public infrastructure is bettered and mean tested welfare programs are back and running, we cannot allow for there to be any leeway for the increasing of minimum wage. Maybe, when the US gets it debt substantially lower than its GDP, then there may be a chance for minimum wage to be increased. Even then, it would most likely be better not to increase minimum wage annually but maybe every couple of years. But until then, no course of action should be taken.
Debate Round No. 1


One must ask you to clarify what you mean by "basically stealing money", How would increasing public infrastructure not "basically steal money" either? In an earlier statement it asks, "Do you really and honestly think that we can afford increasing spending on minimum wage?" This then contradicts a later on statement that says that the US should use the money for something other than minimum wage. Would that not be within the same predicament? If the first statement declares the US can't afford minimum wage, what would change that would allow it to afford anything else?
Towards the end of the last paragraph it is stated that there is no leeway for minimum wage to be increased, one must be asked to clarify what they mean by "leeway"? Does this apply to public infrastructure as well?
Also, one must ask you to further to explain what one means by "no course of action should be taken"? For the entire last paragraph it talks about what to use the excess money on, but then the closing few sentences state that "no course of action should be taken." What does one want to see happen? Should minimum wage not be increased because the money could be used for better things? Or should minimum wage not be increased because the US needs to lower its debt?
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Posted by Neolib0824 1 year ago
Economics are like Proportions. If you increase the minimum wage, the prices of everything else increase. Therefore people who work a minimum wage job won't benefit from an increase on the minimum wage.
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