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Minors and Tattos

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Started: 10/29/2014 Category: People
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The law forbidding minors from obtaining tattoos without parent/guardian permission needs to be changed. It is their bodies so they should be allowed to do what they want with it. Tattooing is their way of self expression, however they are being locked away into themselves.Tattoos hold symbolic meaning that matters dearly to all that "mark" themselves with one or more. Anything could hold meaning even just a simple little butterfly. The butterfly could be for their mother, who loves butterflies ,and died leaving them with nothing to remember her by. The tattoo is their a way of holding onto things that matter to them. People also get tattoos to tell who they are. It could be as simple as their name or something they believe represents them. To them a Celtic symbol could tell everything about them. It could translate to tree which to them tells how in the beginning they were simple ,but as they aged they branched out gaining new qualities and aspects. To each person every tattoo has a different meaning that tells much of who they are. In conclusion, minors should be allowed to get tattoos without parent /guardian permission. Tattoos are very meaningful to everyone ,so the represention they hold should not be held back by withdrawn permission. Everyone should be allowed to showcase their thoughts and feelings drawn out on their skin.


Minors shouldn't be able to get tattoos without their parents permission. A parent should know what is appropriate for a person of their age. Tattoos aren't something you can change anytime you feel like it; they stay on you for the rest of your life.
There isn't only the problem of appropriateness to adhere to, but also not all teenagers bodies are done growing yet. If you get a tattoo and then grow the tattoo will become distorted and warped. Your body isn"t ready for the ink. If the tattoo isn't something your parents think is good for you at that time, then you need to wait. Teenagers need to think long and hard about the tattoo before they get it. If it is something important to them then they can wait until their 18th birthday. It is important to wait.
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