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Mitt Romney would have made a better president than Obama

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Started: 6/13/2013 Category: Politics
Updated: 4 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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I would like to argue that former president elect Mitt Romney would have made a better president than current president Barrack Obama. There will be four rounds, the first for acceptance, the second for opening arguments, the third for rebuttals and the fourth for concluding arguments. The burden of proof is shared, this is my second debate so my skills may not be to sharp, good luck to whomever my opponent may be!


first round is just for accaptance right so I accapt.

The specific position you will see me debate however will not that Obama in any way can be called a good president, as I am not an Obama fan or supporter but very Conservative as most people know I am.

and several months ago you might have caught me engaging in rhetoric that would suggest I actually agree with the resolution, but it was an election year then......that election is over, we are no longer stuck wit Mitt and its time to stop cutting the Mormon so much slack.

I look foward to my opponents opening round of arguments.
Debate Round No. 1


1. Obama has proved to be an inadequate leader
This first reason is very simple, Obama has simply failed as a leader in a president. While the unemployment rate may have made a slight improvement from 8.2% to 7.6% under Obama this is solely because there are half a million fewer people in the work force, this means half a million people have given up on looking for work in the Obama economy. Obama has doubled the national debt, and along with this more people have been added to food stamp rolls under Obama than any previous president, and if this wasn't enough Obama has risen Federal spending to unprecedented levels. Along with all these other losing traits the recent eruption of scandals, including one in which the IRS has admitted to targeting conservative groups only further show Obama can't be trusted. When groups opposed to the president are targeted by a government agency along with disgusting expansions of infringements on the people's privacy one should realize it's hard to get worse than Obama and his 1984-esque administration. Obama has failed with our economy and his administration has proven itself to be corrupt, his policies of throwing billions of dollars at the economy with failed stimulus and regulations have proved to be failures.

2. Mitt Romney knows how to fix things
Mitt Romney has a knowledge of buisness, he knows what creates jobs, he knows how to balance a budget. Mitt Romney was at one point in charge of a company known as Bain Capital, they were a company that helped start businesses and created jobs, and it was something they were highly successful at, Romney helped create success with businesses like Domino's Pizza which currently employs around 100,000 people, and the office supply store giant Staples. Outside of government Obama was a community organizer, and a professor, which does not stack up nearly as well to Romney's resume. Mitt Romney also has a history of successfully cleaning up economic messes, the prime example being the 2002 Winter Olympic games, when Romney came in they were around 300 million dollars in debt, he turned that around into a multimillion dollar surplus, a far cry from what Obama's done with our economy. Mitt Romney has also proved successful in government, during his tenure as Massachusetts governor he helped create 50,000 jobs and by the end of his term had successfully balanced the budget to the point where it was producing surpluses. Mitt Romney has proved time and time again successful, and would have made a much much better president than Obama.


As I said before as a strong conservative you are not going to hear me say much Good about President Obama. So I really do not see much need to address my opponents case against Obama.

I commend my opponent for giving us a recap of all the stump speech campaign selling points of Mitt Romney’s that failed to get him elected in the end. And all these factors about Romney’s past experience as a Governor, and a Businessman is a normal thing to use to try and speculate what Romney would do and how well he would perform it once in the office of the president.

I challenge though that this approach is uniquely hindered when trying to use it to take a serious guess about how Romney would act if he were elected president. His name has been synonymous with ‘flip-flop’ since the 2008 primary when he lost to John McCain and for good reason. He is a RINO republic-crat from Massachusetts. He never held a gun in his life until he ran in a national republican primary race, his position on social issues like abortion and gay marriage has changed to be whatever is convenient in getting him elected in a liberal state like Massachusetts and then in a conservative primary later in the future. His main stump speech in 2012 was he would repeal Obamacare, but back when he was Governor he STARTED Obamacare. The health-care law that is going to drive our nation into even more massive debt would not exist if it were not for Mitt Romney. Needless to say anything Romney promised in his campaign that he would do as President has greater reasons to not be believed than statements from any of our other nations leaders. He said things to get elected, none of those things have ever proven to have bearing on what he would actually do once elected.

So since Romney’s own past is so subject to flip flop and change with whatever is most convenient, and could not possibly be used to predict where he would flip flop too once made the president, We should instead turn to a more general History of the nation than Romney’s personal History.

You see Mitt Romney is Mormon Businessman, that was his main selling point on why we should elect him president, the business experience. Rick Santorum argued that is a fallacy though because the president is not ‘the CEO of America’. While this is all wonderful speculation to enjoy listening to people on exactly what having a businessman as president would be like, do we have any history to draw from to know for sure. In fact we do, America has had just one Businessman as it’s president in the past, and it just so happens he was part of a cult denomination like Romney is.

It was Herbert Hoover. The president poor ghetto ‘hoovertowns’ was named after, the president who is blamed for the Great Depression. Business experience is not what America needs when it goes through economic troubles, as proven by the presidency of Herbert Hoover.

To make a further case that makes a big deal out the Mormon issue, there are only 2 presidents in the past that were part of non-Christian churches like the Mormon church, Herbert Hoover and Richard Nixon, both part of the Quaker ‘Friends’ church. Abraham Lincoln said the office of the president has a tendency to bring out your better angles, however when it comes to Nixon historians say it clearly did the reverse for him and brought out his darker demons. He was a paranoid man before he became president but that paranoia was far worse once he was in office. I blame this on the fact that Nixon was not a Christian, but rather a Quaker.

Say what you will about President Obama’s parents religious beliefs, or Obama’s pastors radical America hating anti-colonialist statements, but at least Obama seeks out God through Christian churches, at least Obama has stated before his beliefs on how Jesus is the divine son of God who was resurrected from the dead and saved us from all our sins in one of his Easter addresses letting us all know who he turns to for spiritual help. Mitt Romney believes Jesus did not save anyone from hell because no one is going to hell, and he believes he himself is going to become a God one day, Mormons are arguable as idolatrous as the Quakers are and that spiritual problem has been the root cause of all of Israel’s problems in the past as recorded in the Bible.

With Mitt Romney as our president we would get the worst of both Herbert Hoover and Richard Nixon. How could we expect anything else to happen, considering all of histories examples of what would happen when you get a president like Mitt Romney are consistent in what they say will happen. America made a mistake in the past when it elected Herbert Hoover and Richard Nixon, and if those mistakes would be repeated then the same consequences will surely follow.

That’s my opening round can’t wait to see how my opponent responds too it, good luck! J

Debate Round No. 2


Mcscrewdriver97 forfeited this round.


My opponent forfieted the last round, obviously because he can see I made an airtight case from History as opposed to political opinions. Every President that has been like a Mormon or a Buesnessman has spelled disaster for the U.S.A. in the past, and there is no reason to think Mitt Romney would not continue the trend as 100% of the presdients like him in the past have done.

Vote for Con, if only because I did not forfiet but finished this debate.

Also do not allow that mormon political influence again, in 2016 we cannot let the moderates get away with making him the GOP canidate again. Band together conservatives, and vote for Rand Paul, or Ken Cuccinelli, assuming with hope that we will have at least one of them running in the GOP primary in 2016.
Debate Round No. 3


Mcscrewdriver97 forfeited this round.


my opponent conceaded in the comment section that you should all vote for me this debate

and as a natural consequence of that, to never vote for any Mormon, JW, or Quaker again in the future in any primary race.

after the primaries we all understand your stuck with whoever your side gave you......
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by Mcscrewdriver97 4 years ago
I found it very interesting actually, the way you approached the argument was very different than how I would have done it, and I mean that in a good way though, it would have been hard to attack.
Posted by Marauder 4 years ago
well Camping is a great experince to make sure you enjoy while you can, I wouldn't trade any of mine with the Boy Scouts for a night of finishing a debate on a computer. I hope you had fun on your camp-out.

did you find my argument approach interesting at all?
Posted by Mcscrewdriver97 4 years ago
I would like to apologize to my opponent for wasting his time and forfeiting this debate, I had left my house to go camping and didn't have an opportunity to post my arguments for the third and fourth round. Vote for con.
Posted by jzonda415 4 years ago

How would Romney have made it worse?
Posted by MassiveDump 4 years ago
Then accept the challenge if you dare.
Posted by KristenKoogleBoogle 4 years ago
Obama is definitely way better then Romney would've been. Romney would have made the discrimination against homosexuals even worse.
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