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Modern Art

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Started: 12/4/2013 Category: Arts
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I start round 1, against what many people think about modern art. People whatch at this pictures and paintings: ( and they say that it seems it was made by a kid. But what tose person dont' unterstand it's wath the colors and the lines transmit.

And i think they are forgeting this kind of painting: ( honestly i look at this and it's so greet that i can hardly say if it's real or not.


I am an artist, and I can understand modern art. I do believe firmly that the "lines and colours" hold certain, deep, and unforgettable memories or thoughts for the artist, but modern art is being taken too far. Art is for viewing, and in the case of modern art, there is nothing there to visualize, to compare to.
Picasso's work's are generally considered the first of modern art, and in his art, you can clearly see a scene, but also follow is train of thought throughout the piece, as if a surreal dream, in the context of modern art that you have been describing, there is no basis for the viewer, and therefore, there is no connection to be made, between the art and the viewer.
My points are clear, and ideals driven, I deeply love "modern art" and hate it at the exact same time. In any sense, what are you hoping to accomplish with the title of this debate being "Modern Art"? Is this debate, a manifestation of art too?
Debate Round No. 1


With this discussion I intended to find out the majority of people who think that modern art sucks. Of course we also understand that there are people who can not understand the art itself, for example, do not know or understand the feelings and sensations that are transmitted by the traces and the colors. and do not understand what the artist wants to convey. I honestly do not think that's the fault of the artist, as a good connoisseur of art has to perceive the basics of drawing and painting.


I am not sure what point PRO is trying to get across here.

Art is for the viewer, not the artist. No matter how much praise the artist gives the piece, the final judge shall be the people.
I think that PRO should consider other's opinions when speaking in such matter, as to say that the majority of people cannot even attempt to see how beautiful modern abstract art is. I think that PRO should restate his point in his topic and also learn to accept other's opinions.
Debate Round No. 2
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Posted by devin.cooper64 4 years ago
Romanii, art is a subjective thing, its meant to be interpenetrated in different ways by different people. You may see modern art as nothing more than a quick glance, but others see it as a form of beauty with its own meaning.

You have no place to dictate if modern art is good or not
I have no place to dictate that either
Its nothing more than what the eye of the beholder wants it to be.
Posted by Romanii 4 years ago
Modern art sucks. Period. No one cares how or why the artist painted it.
They want to see something that they can actually pause, look at, and enjoy for a few minutes.
Most modern art warrants nothing more than a quick glance.
Posted by YoungTurtleBear 4 years ago
Bro, fix your case... I agree with Josh_b.... Also, you need better spelling. This isn't text messaging someone. Actually type with correct spelling. Your already losing a point...
Posted by Josh_b 4 years ago
I'm not sure what you are wanting to debate. Is is art or is it not art? Is it enjoyable or not enjoyable? are you wanting to debate the artistic nature of the entire movement as a whole? Are your wanting to specifically contrast these two pictures?
Posted by devin.cooper64 4 years ago
When using images, right click on them and select "Copy Image URL" and use that link for when linking an image, what you did is slow and makes a huge mess on the debate page.
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